Sunday Funday

Last week Mike and I went to a wedding for exactly 1.5 hours. :(. C was home sick and the baby sitter called bc she was being quite the handful.  Wahh. This was seriously one of the most gorgeous weddings E V E R  and it looked like the Korean Buffet was gonna be B O M B.  

Sigh. Alas we didn’t get a chance to even smell the food before we had to leave.  I will always be sad about that.  

Anyway, here are the gorgeous details of the wedding.  If I could do it all over again this is it~~ every last detail was perfect.  This wedding took place at Millwick in downtown LA.  Simply gorg for the greatest bride and groom! Xoxo

  Wedding details :). Lace and leather.   Gorgeous nooks and crannies 



The beautiful bride and groom <3  

The wedding took place across from our old church, which was held at the art share for a few years.  Such great memories.    

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