Pregnancy and Post pregnancy…

IMG_2215many of my friends are pregnant or having newborn babies around it’s bringing back such a flood of memories for me that i had forgotten about.  it’s so crazy how quickly i forgot about all the aches, pains and discomforts of carrying a baby to full-term, giving birth, and then recovering from it with a new babe.

as much as i still want to have 4 kids, some things i’m REALLY not looking forward to:

  1. the morning sickness.  i was sick for 5 months and then it came and went until after i gave birth.  bleh.  some foods, smells and people will never be the same to me again.
  2. hello water weight.  i THINK this could be b/c i don’t normally drink a lot of water, but my body just retained a TON of water and i was a beach ball rolling through my 10 months + post 6 month recovery.  sigh.  i need to focus on sweating more the next time around.  longer walks, light hikes, etc.
  3. big feet.  my feet grew TWO shoe sizes with charlotte.  i’m so scared of them growing more with each baby. >.<  wahhh
  4. carpul tunnel.  i slept in a recliner for the last trimester of my pregnancy and had to wear splints on my wrists 24/7.  i think it’s b/c i was fat + super swollen that led to the crazy CT but man… i do NOT look forward to that kind of pain/numbness.  esp while dealing with a little one.
  5. ACNE.  ohhhh i had TERRIBLE TERRIBLE face and back acne.  shudder.
  6. my energy levels were insanely low during pregnancy.  i don’t look forward to that + not being able to drink coffee.  wahhh.
  7. labor.  it took forever, i looked NASTY afterwards and the recovery could have gone much smoother and better.  i’ll be sure to be super diligent about this one post second baby.
  8. the first 100 days-4 months after a baby are so special.  i was pretty obsessive and crazy during C’s first few months but i feel like babies are so gentle and fragile during that time.  i was scared w c and doing anything to hurt her during that time.  i think the second/third times around i’ll remember to enjoy it more and just love on my precious newborn.  i’ll definitely be more assertive and vigilant about asking everyone to wash their hands, not breathe too close to the baby and just look from afar.  PUHAHAHA.
  9. working out.  i did none of that before, during or after pregnancy.  my stomach is a hot mess.  i gotta prepare better the next time around. >.<
  10. breastfeeding.  i didn’t eat oatmeal this first time b/c…i hate it.  but with my limited milk supply i will be super duper vigilant about eating it and other BF friendly foods.  joy.

man… what’s so funny is that even after writing this post about the things i hated…i want another one!  lol  puhahaha

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Easter Bunny

How cute is this???  I totes forgot to post it last week.  Since C is a little bigger I thought she would have stranger danger and cry when I put her down on the Easter Bunny’s lap.  Hehehe NOPE.  She waved at the bunny, smiled in his lap and then went on her merry way after it was ovah.   <3  

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This Easter was SUCH a special day b/c our little babe got baptized.  I was BEYOND stressed about this day and just nervous abotu the entire thing.  I wanted each detail to be PERFFFECT, yet there were so many variables I couldn’t control.  sigh.

In the end this was the most perfect weekend and day and I am SOOOO proud of Charlotte!  I got really teary eyed as I saw our Pastor (The same one i met in high school, who did part of our marital counseling, who married me and mike, who was now baptizing my daughter…) put water on c’s head.  it was something SO SPECIAL, so intimate, and something i valued more than i even realized.  I have so many hopes and dreams for C as she gets older and through it all I hope that Jesus is always at the center of her world.

I don’t personally think of Easter as a special holiday or something to go all out for~ but coupling a Baptism and Easter together was…BIG.  Ok enough of that babble.  Now onto the cuteness of the day.  I only have a few pics on my phone but when I get more from our SLR I’ll post those up!


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Confessions of a First Time Parent

C is 10 months now and well… this whole baby season did not go the way i had anticipated… i’ll have to do a post about what i do and do NOT look forward to for my next pregnancy… but this one is just about all the craziness of this new life and my new body.  sigh.   when i was pregnant, i totally thought i would be CHILL af and things would just all work out~~ go with the flow bro.  umm… yea that’s a huge NO.  it’s laughable actually.  i turned out to be a super intense, obsessive, tiger mom with OCD up the wazoo.  i have never been so stressed out in my life.  my shoulders and neck hurt 24/7 b/c of it.  joy.

after c was born i obsessively disinfected and cleaned.  OBSESSIVELY.  like the little nappy that touched her mouth could not touch ANYTHING ELSE.  um… now those wipes touch her boogers, her sticky fingers, spit up on the floor mat… my new rule is now “baby fluids only”.  that’s a little better right?

c is teething and well… it’s an ADVENTURE.  i SWORE up and down that i would NEVER give her teething tablets.  those are chemicals and i was NOT going to give my baby anything that wasn’t natural.  i was so naive.  when C’s first tooth was cutting through, there was seriously a point where i thought i was overdosing her on teething tablets.  oops.

during this foolish first run of teething i also tried SO MANY of the mommy blogging “natural” ways to help her with teething.  EFF THAT SHIT.  mike and i have this adorable penguin cooler things to keep drinks/food cold.  uhhh we just started giving those to C and she LOVES them.  they’re tiny so she can hold them, they have interesting shapes/textures for her to gnaw on, and it’s cold so it feels good against her gums.  i’m pretty sure i would never give it to her in public but in the house when she is being a terror b/c of her sore gums~ we just take one of the penguins out and give it to her.  you would not believe how peaceful the house is after we do.  and she only needs it to soothe her gums for about 20-30 seconds.  huge sigh of relief when she feels better.

for the most part i believe that we should engage, play, stimulate and teach C constantly during her waking hours.  but there are times where… i am TIRED.  T I R E D.  i have found some ridiculous ways of keeping her busy and giving myself just 30-60 seconds of peace so i can lay on the ground and stare at the ceiling.  how absurd does that sound?  but LITERALLY, 30 seconds of laying on the floor while c plays around me is like a slice of heaven.

anyway… i’m sure all mommy blogs would judge me for some of these but for a few seconds/minutes of quiet… i give her a HUGE piece of bread to chew, play with and spit out (dude that thing keeps her BUSY), HUGE korean crackers bigger than her head (same idea), lots of weird shaped plastic things she can gnaw on or touch, we cleared the house so that c can crawl ANYWHERE~ so now i can lay on the ground, stare at the ceiling and use my “listening ears” to hear her in the kitchen, the bathroom, the hallway, etc.  There have been moments where i lay down a huge pile of (clean) socks for her and lucy to play with so i can watch a little snap chat on my phone or scroll through some instagram.  weird how just a tiny bit of “me time” helps recharge me for the next hour of engaged play.

charlotte and lucy both had their first m&m the other day.  *sad face*  i was cleaning the play around (aka our living room) and when my back was turned, C somehow found a fun pack of peanut butter m&ms, opened them and put 1 in her mouth.  i turned around from putting toys away to find her face covered in green and she had something in her mouth.  i didn’t know whether to scream, cry, laugh… it was just SHOCKING.  i’ve been a nazi about giving her sugar, salt, anything bad… so to see her eat a piece of candy WHILE I WAS IN THE ROOM just blew my mind.  i must have turned my back for 2 seconds MAX.  in my state of “i’m the worst mom ever” moment, lucy started munching on the bag and ate one too.  sigh…. worst mama and puppy mama moment.

well… is that worse or is it worse that i’ve caught C eating lucy’s food several times?  siiiiigh…. btw that also happened while i was in the room.  i was cleaning the toys and putting them away and when i turned around both lucy AND charlotte were eating from the dog bowl.  whhhyyyyyyyyy.  we hid lucy’s food and water bowl under an obstacle course of things but C somehow army crawls her body under all the obstacles and manages to eat the little kibbles of food.   =(((((((((((((((((  now we keep lucy’s food in the kitchen with a baby gate at the entrance.  the gate has a little dog hole so lucy can go in and out but charlotte can’t.  let’s hope this works!

i was SUUUPER sick three times in a row within 6 weeks.  my body called it quits and i fell asleep (and drooled) on the ground while i was supposed to be watching C and L.  uhhhh that could have been so bad.  i woke up really startled and LUCKILY found C and L fighting (as they always do) over toys, treats, socks, wipes… etc.  but ohhhhh man that could have been bad.  being sick when you have a baby is the absolute worst.  i swear it’s worse than army boot camp.

i snore SO LOUDLY now that mike often will sleep in the baby’s room or on the couch.  how sad is that.

anyway i probably have 100 more things i could write but this post is getting ridic already.  hope that little snippet gives you a nice insight on the whirlwind of my life.  i have to say tho, as hard as it is and as tiring as i am~~ i obsessively love every single second of it.  i can’t imagine a more perfect little family than the one i have right now. <3

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Day Bach :)

a few sundays ago i went on a super fun day bach in LA.  it was so fun to discover new places with girlfriends and celebrate one of the kindest and sweetest people!

dude this coconut water… really is the best.  i heard so much hype over it and i totes agree~~ deliiic.  brunch at faith and flower~ gorgeous
  Rosenthal Wine Tasting Room in Malibu

-such a great place for parties and a lazy sunday hang out! img_7013

dinner at Salt Air in Venice

–one of my top 10 faaave places to eat in LA
    pea soup in a cup!   the final group pic of the night.  this sunday is the wedding and i can’t wait to celebrate the happy couple!

  hehehe just me being cway =P 

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Spring lipcolor 

my favorite lip color this spring!  it’s a matte pink~~   

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Target Easter and Spring Style

How cute are these pieces I picked up from target today??  I can’t wait for the weather to get a little warmer so C can wear these 🙂  

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Easter Dresses for Spring 2016

I went to The Grove yesterday and picked these four dresses out for Easter and for Charlotte’s 1st Birthday.  I couldn’t decide between these four so I’ll have to make a few game day decisions~ but how pretty are these??  I’m obsssed with this color theme right now!  Gold, Blush, Cream and Green are C’s birthday colors.  lol

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Easter Outfit Ideas

also we got Easter Bunny picks at The Grove yesterday.  How ADORABLE is this??

RGa63f_001 (1)edit

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Lust List for C

ahh these things are so stinking cute!!  why am i not a professional baby shopper??

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

lust list

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7 tips for road trips with a baby

Man oh man, our little family (Lucy included) took a road trip to Sacramento last weekend and it was 6 hours each way.

Back in October we took a road trip with Charlotte for my friend’s wedding and that was a horrible experience. Charlotte cried bloody murder most of the way  and had the most ridiculous blow out in her car seat.  It was horrendous.

So last weekend when we went to sac for another wedding, I was suuuuper prepared.  Here are some of my saving grace tips for a road trip with a baby/toddler!

1.  One parent should sit in the back with the babe.

–normally we try not to sit in the back with Charlotte but driving for 3-6 hour stretches is too much and too long for C.  we also can’t easily stop on the site or pull into a parking lot when we’re on a highway without a rest stop nearby.  so to make our lives easier, we always have one parent in the back for damage control and entertainment.

2.  Have a bag of toys at the ready.

–i had a tote bag of toys ready for C to play with.  they were different kinds of toys so that each would hold her attention for a few minutes each (noise makers, crinkly toys, teethers, ones that light up, etc).  as C would dump one toy, i would pull another one out and keep the dumped toy in the bag for later.  once i ran through the 10-15 toys i had in the bag, i would start the lineup again.  by the time i brought the new toys out, she had totally forgotten about it and played with it again.  it seriously made SUCH a huge difference for us this time around.  it also gave me the opportunity to zone out a little and have some down time while handing her toys and taking the discarded ones back.

3.  Have a basket of snacks at the ready.

–sometimes when c is super cranky, a little cracker or puff will make her happy.  i brought a few different kinds of snacks (different flavors and textures) to change things up if i needed to.  i also don’t normally feed charlotte those baby food pouches (heard lots of mixed things about it), but the idea of trying to spoon feed her in the car and keep that all in a cooler was just not happening.  the pouches don’t need to be refridgerated and i can feed her directly from the pouch.  i bought a few organic happy baby veggie pouches and they were a huge hit all weekend!  i bought three different flavors, had the spinach and kale puffs AND yogurt meltables (all from Happy Baby!).  Ironically Lucy also goes NUTS for all the happy baby snacks/pouches so any spills or crumbs were taken care of immediately by our little fur vacuum. =P

4.  Have some activities prepped that you know your babe will enjoy and will hold their attention for 5-10 min each.

–C loves songs, motions to songs, stretches, massages, playing with the wipes container, etc.  I kept those in my back pocket when the toys and snacks weren’t working.  It definitely bought us some time to find a rest stop so she could stretch her legs.

5. Plan the trip according to your baby’s nap/play schedule if possible.

–Sooo… this one was an experiment we tried that worked BEAUTIFULLY for us.  on Saturday morning we left at 430am (when C would be sleeping).  we dressed her in a onesie and socks and pants the night before so that when we woke her at 4 we could just carry her down to the car and tuck her in for the rest of her sleep.  she slept in the car from 430am-7am when she would normally wake up.  That meant that we were already halfway to Sacramento by the time she woke up.  SUCCESSSSSS.  No need to worry about entertaining her in the car for the first three hours.  We planned 2 stops after C woke up so that she could run around, get her wiggles out and stretch her legs.  Since we had lucy it was also perfect time for Lucy to take a walk and pee.  Each stop was about 15-20 minutes on the way up and it really helped take the edge off of being in the car seat for so long.

dunno if your babes are like this but C HATES the car seat.  >.<  the last 30 minutes of the drive C had a meltdown and none of my normal tricks were working.  that’s when i pulled out (tip #7) my cell phone and let her watch some porroro episodes on youtube.  i don’t normally show her any shows or my phone, but we just had a tiny stretch left and the shows were just enough to calm C down until we arrived at our destination.

on the drive back down to LA from Sac, we planned that around C’s napping schedule as well.  she was running around at the wedding with different kids and friends which exhausted her.  she slept in the car seat for the first 2.5 hours and then i went through my routine of toys, snacks, toys, activities, snacks, break.  We took a 30 minute break at a rest stop where both lucy and c could get their final wiggles out before the last trip home.  we let c run around, touch everything, look at tons of strangers, wave her heart out at them, and let her bang on the table.  That 30 minutes of high energy tired her out enough to nap for another 1.5 hours on our final stretch home.  then the rest of the time i used my toys, snacks, activities, toys, etc routine.

6. Know your route, your time frame and emergency stops that can be made along the way.

–mike and i have traveled this route MANY times and knew the two major stops we wanted to take and had a few extra rest stops in mind in case there was an emergency.  we knew where we would fill up on gas and what extra activity we could do with C & L while that was happening.  being prepared with those really helped when we needed to have an extra pit stop for someone (mainly me… i had to pee so many times this trip!)

7. Worst case… have a phone or tablet with baby/toddler appropriate apps or videos.

–again, we don’t normally show C the phone but we know 1 chanel that we like and we show C those videos when desperate.  the shows mesmerize her and keep her happy for a few minutes (and after).  usually porroro sings songs and after we play a video i try to sing the song and do hand motions for a few minutes to hold her attention.  if it looks like she’s having a meltdown then i’ll play another video and repeat.  that way we’re not just showing her 30 minutes of straight videos.


sigh… ok so all of that kinda sounds exhausting but i swear it made such a huge difference in our roadtrip!  we were super prepared, we knew what to expect and each time we were able to curb meltdowns and potential meltdowns. =)

anyway, these are great tips that worked for us so i’m just sharing and hoping they work for you to!  if you have any other great tips please let me know!


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Snapchat filters 

I am SOOO obsessed w snapchat filters.  I make Mike, Charlotte, Lucy and my brother do them all the time. 🙂

Since some people think these are embarrassing to post, I will just post some of my selfies 😛

Anyone else as obsessed as me?????

Happy Friday!!!


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First Birthday Ideas

i’ve been obsessing over Charlotte’s First Birthday and here are a few fun pics that i’m doing/copying for her big day. =D

hawaiian collage il_570xN.899746171_4297 IMG_6471 IMG_6473 simplyCapture Capture2 haw hawaiian-22

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Fun Things

whoa i wrote this back in October when C was 5 months!  image
this month’s thoughts for you =)  a little bit more towards motherhood and my feelings about it.  enjoy. ^^

  1. i’m doing some yoga moves to stretch out my neck/shoulders.  CLUTCH.  i’m so sore from holding the baby and looking down all the time.  i also sleep in weird positions next to the crib/bassinet.
  2. mid-october mike and i decided to move c’s bassinet into her room and have her (or us) get used to being in different rooms.  that pretty much failed miserably b/c i ended up sleeping on the ground next to the bassinet in case she cried or needed help.  some nights both of us slept on the ground…but mainly me.  i guess i’m having the most separation anxiety huh?  C sleeps without any problems and has no idea whether i’m there or not.  my back, neck, shoulders all hurt in the morning but i still can’t get myself to sleep next to mike in bed.  even LUCY doesn’t sleep on the ground with me.  she sleeps next to mike in our comfy bed.  >.<  wahhh.
  3. it has been 6 months since c came into this world and well… i think i’m doing a kickass job at being her mama.  i may not follow the normal patterns or books, i may do things other people gasp at, and i miiiiight take lots of short cuts~~ but she’s the happiest baby with incredible motor skills and her growth is off the charts or in the 80%+ groups.  i’m sooooo proud of myself and of mike for getting this far.
  4. my relationship with mike has for sure changed.  we don’t get alone time, we rarely spend time together without the baby, and we’re soooo tired all the time.  but it’s been so beautiful to see us both love and obsess over this mini-me of ours.  she is so perfect and when i see her and mike having a moment together i melt inside.  my heart swells.  i love mike more than ever and am so thankful for all that he does and helps with.  more on that below…
  5. every morning it takes teamwork to get things done.  i get up at 6am to pump, get ready and take care of the baby’s things for the day.  mike gets the baby, feeds her, changes her diaper and plays with her until it’s time to go.  then he helps me take C and my 10 bags down to the car and sends us on our way in the mornings.  he then gets ready, walks lucy and goes to work himself.  on the days that he’s away for his business trips i do it on my own and i appreciate his help SO MUCH when he’s around.  single moms out there… well done.  it’s the hardest job ever and doing alone takes a very very strong woman.
  6. the emotional roller coaster i went through during the first 3 months post baby was quite insane.  i’ve never been so upset with mike or so angry about how he washes bottles/cleans her diapers/etc.  when i’m angry i don’t yell, i ignore~ i have never ignored him so hard in our 7+ year relationship than in those 3 months.  LOL  just so ya’ll know…in the blair home there is only ONE way to wash bottles, fold c’s laundry, change her diaper, bathe her, play with her, etc.  LOL  that one way is my way and if you don’t do it that way…duck and cover ya’ll.  i’ll ignore the crap out of you until you do it the “right” way.  puhahaha sowy mike.  my brother has been doing a lot for c lately as well and he has gotten the same memo~do it right! =P
  7. naturally i’m not much of a perfectionist.  as much as i wish i could be…i’m just so lazy and careless that i can never be perfect or almost perfect.  i’m also messy and a total disaster some days.  ironically…those things save me as a parent.  with c our whole life is chaotic, messy and imperfect.  b/c of who i am and who i was before c, i’ve been able to handle things better.  like the new disasters of our lives and the imperfect way we are raising c is ok with me.  i’m stressed to the max all the time but i dunno…i’ve been able to handle it all a little better than i would have thought.  it’s ok that our home is cray.  it’s ok that her bottles aren’t sanitized after every feeding.  it’s ok that sometimes she wears clothes 2x too big b/c we haven’t done laundry yet.  it’s ok that lucy licks her when we’re not looking.  it’s OKAYYYY to mess up.  c is growing beautifully and i’m so proud of her and us!  i’m learning to let the stress roll off my back and enjoy the positive things.
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The Bachelor: Ben Higgins

I am OBSSESSED with this season.  I normally do not watch this show or this series but all my friends and the podcasts I listen to kept talking about this season.  

Gahhhhh so freaking good.   

Quick thoughts:  lace is hilarious and sad.  Olivia is cway.  I didn’t even know Leah existed until the episode where she pulled shade on Lauren B.  I love caila but she doesn’t make it.  Mike thinks I love her only bc she is Asian.  Rude.  She is so cute and bubbly.  I hope JoJo wins.  She is gorgeous.  Lauren B is obviously cute but I dunno… Something about her bothers me. :T

Random story:

I was thinking about how far I would make it and I thought episode three or four.  Mike thinks 23 year old Esther would be sloppy drunk the first night, not even talk to the bachelor and get sent home.  Rude.  >.<

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Black Looks for Spring

Post Baby I’ve been really into the all black or nearly black look. ^^  My current obsessions…

black looks for spring

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

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Formula X: Relentless

 Picked this color up while I was in Hawaii and I LOVE it.  It is so happy and bright.  :). Application was smooth, color pigment was nice and opaque… I totally recommend this brand and color!  

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Monday Blues

Here are some fun links to help you get through your monday blues~~

Which Successful People Share your Personality Traits?

-take the personality test and see what you get!

Which of these 5 traits are you?

-i’m a mix of #1 and #3.

Fashion Bloggers making over $1 mil

-HOLY COW i seriously researched this topic for a while after listening to a podcast about it.  i cannot believe fashion bloggers are making over 1 mil!!!!

Etsy Necklace for C

-how cute is this?? i can’t wait for her to get into the dress up phase of life =D

Cake Topper

-i’m obsessively looking through hundreds of etsy pages for the perfect bday decor.  i’m not using this but how cute is this cake topper??

Karen Walker Sunnies

-omg i want these so bad… this is the second summer i’ve been lusting after these so i figure…it means i should get it right?!

Farrah Abraham has a podcast!

-need i say more???????????  o.O

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Girls Day/Night Out

Last week and weekend I had a rare girls night out three days in a row.  I stayed out till 330am, I drank responsibly, spent lots of great time with out of town friends and then needed a solid 7 days to recover from my excursions.  I am old.  BUT having said that I had the time of my life letting loose, actually singing at karaoke and spending much needed time with my girlfriends.  <3


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Current Faves for C

I spend a ridic amount of time browsing online sites and stores for C.  So I thought I would start sharing some of the things that I’m currently lusting after for her… lol

baby wishlsit for 9 months

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

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Neutrals for Spring

Really Loving Neutrals Right now.  neutrals for spring

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

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