Charlotte at 9 Months

HOLY CRAPPERS.  Where did the time go???  My tiny little babe is already 9.5 months old and not so tiny anymore. =(

The last 9.5 months have been a dream.  Even with the intense sleep deprivation C is the best and most adorable baby I could have ever asked for.  At 9 months, Charlotte can stand, walk, crawl, laugh, clap, eat solids, play tug of war with Lucy, eat her socks, sleep through the night, babble, say “baba” for milk, “umma” for mom, “ahba” for dad.  She is 80% sleep trained and is the most active baby EVERRR.  Charlotte is 97% in height, 84% in weight and 50% in head size.  She is one monster of a baby.  hehe  Oh!  and she has one tiiiiiiny tooth at the bottom.

C is the happiest baby ever and I’m SOOOO in LOVE. <3

how AMAZING is this moment???  Lucy and Mike were really into watching C eat blueberries/raspberries.  I seriously can’t get enough of this perfect fam of mine. <3  (lucy is only watching b/c she hopes C will give her some.  See her blurry paw?  she keeps waving at C to remind her she’s there)Love watching C scoot around on this thing!  (i only have these sad blurry dark pics >.<)

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This is the first meal I’ve cooked from scratch since… maybe before Charlotte was born.  Uhh… that is sadly at least 1 meal in 1 year.

First off, I’m not a great cook.  I can do my best in the kitchen but I just don’t have the patience for it.  Second, Mike is just a much better chef that I am~ he also ENJOYS cooking for the family.  Whereas I just want to freaking eat it already.

About 7 months after having baby C, Mike and I slowly started to feel like we were finally hitting a rhythm and getting back into our daily routines.  One big thing we have yet to get back into is cooking regularly each night.  When I was making this, Mike brought C into the kitchen and said, “whoa we’ve never seen this before?!  What is mommy doing?”  =(  sad.  hahaha I would hope that C would grow up knowing we eat organic/healthy.  I always cook her something delicious for dinner but it’s easy to make a tiny meal for a 9 month old.

Major props to all the working and stay at home moms who cook every night (or several nights a week).  This has been my biggest challenge and something I’ll need to work harder at.  Sigh.  Anyway…Here are some great links that I’ve found to help make it easier for a working mom to cook!

Easy Dinners for Working Moms

Recipes for Busy Moms

Easy Recipes

The Working Mom in a Cooking Rut

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Valentine’s Day Weekend

This year VDay fell on President’s day weekend and it has been sooo relaxing and fun.  I seriously wish every weekend was a three day weekend. :(. Sigh.

Some highlights from the last three days…

mike and i had a lovely dinner baby-free~~~ M is a big Vday guy so he brought home tons of delicious desserts, we went on a couples massage and had dinner at a local hidden gem.  i finally got a pic of c’s first tooth!!!  you do NOT know how hard it was to get this pic… weeks in the making.  it was also C’s first vday!  we didn’t do anything fancy with her but i did manage to put her in a ridic/cheesy vday outfit. =D
  took C’s 9 month photos a little late…  someone loves vday just as much as her Ba-Ba!Monday I had the day off (THANK GOD) and the three of us played in bed in the morning.  You’d be amazed at how busy those two were with 1 water bottle, 1 remote, 1 baby monitor and a pack of baby wipes.  It allowed me to lay in bed and watch 2 episodes of a korean drama.  hehehe
  mike installed this smart tv for me in our room.  ohhhhh man.  it has been a dream come true.  we always had a TV in the room but we had like 5 channels that didn’t work all the time.  in the last month we got a new king size bed (and a twin for c’s room), we re-arranged our room (boo mike’s work desk) AND installed this bomb TV.  i can now watch netflix, hbo go, showtime, and youtube from the comfort of my bed.  i half joked with mike that he would never see me again.  THAT is how much i love watching tv in bed.  C at church. =D  this is her second time in the play room and she LOVED it.
  This pic is random but my bestie gave me this lunch box his freshman year in college and I’ve had it all this time.  In the last year we used it to hold all of C’s milk with ice packs but it recently began to rip. =(  So before I tossed it, I thought it would be fun/special to have her take a pic with it and remember that we had it for this long!  
baby sat beautiful ms emery~~ our friends live in our apartment building and we traded off vday dates!  Mike and I went out Saturday night while they watched C and then we watched E while they went out.  Such a fun weekend and new way to have date nights! =)  

mike brought home so many delicious treats as a surprise!  These are just 2 out of the 4!  loll  my vday gift to mike.  hehe


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Starbucks Coffee Mug


This is the strangest post but I just have to share how excited I am about my new coffee cup for work.  LOLLL  I saw this cup a bunch of times but never bought it b/c… come on, who buys a starbucks mug on purpose?  LOL  uhhh ME that is who.  I couldn’t get over how much i loved the size, shape and the fact that it was CLEAR.  I debated and overly thought about this mug for about a month before deciding to buy it.  I sound like a crazy person but I could not be more pleased with my new desk accessory.  Coffee Addiction Enter Now.

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First Birthday Outfit Ideas (For the Mama)

i know it’s important to plan for Charlotte’s outfits… but mine is important too right??  I need to make sure i look super cute in all of our photos.  hehehe

here are some ideas i’m looking into from nordstrom.  i love each dress so much!  i want something classic and chic so when i look back at the pics it’s timeless not trendy.  For shoes… I wouldn’t mind something more fun. =P  +

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Hobby Lobby

Holy Mecca of crafts…hobby lobby is now my new obsession.  It is like a Costco sized Michaels and I wished I could have bought $10,000 worth of random things.  Sigh.  

It took me two years to convince Mike to go to this store with me and, I have to say, it was well worth the wait.  😀   I think we spent two hours there shopping for C’s first birthday.  C def had two ha get/bored meltdowns and Mike wanted to die but I was on cloud 9. 🙂

Mike asked if I wanted to move to Burbank and be closer to this place (along with a bunch of other suburb-y stores) and I said Yes.  Lol. Hobby Lobby is my new JAM :).  I even asked Mike for a monthly budget there.  Puhahahaha

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Sushi Party!

Last week I went to the most bomb omakase style sushi party ever for my friend’s dirty thirtyyy at his house!  I haven’t had that much to drink on a weekend night in so long.  Felt like I was in my mid-twenties 🙂



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Spring 2016 Shoe Envy

Just purchased three new pairs for spring and I’m exciiiited.  With these new big feet, one perk is that I get to buy new shoes again!  I’m excited for these bad boys to come in the mail. =)  BTW Nordstroms carries a lot of shoes for wide like me~

  1. B.P. ‘Luminate’ Open Toe Dress SandalBP Luminate Open Toe
  2. B.P. ‘Tripp’ BootieBP Tripp Bootie
  3. Sam Edelman ‘Dawson’ Lace-Up SandalSam Edelman
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This one sentence is not going to emphasize it enough but…I LOVE podcasts.  LOVE.  My obsession with them is just… out of this world.  Mike will often catch me on my phone at night and when he asks what I’m doing, I will respond, “Organizing my podcasts”.  HAHA

I listen to podcasts in the shower, when I do dishes, at work, and while I’m driving.  I wish I knew other people who were as obsessed as me… but it’s kind of an embarrassing thing to bring up.  I feel like I learn SO MUCH from them and I want to bring them up in everyday conversation but it’s just plain weird.  I went to a baby shower recently and brought up an idea I heard in a podcast and I feel like I was judged as a weirdo.  =T  sigh.

Oh and a quick tip IF you like listening to podcasts… I like to listen to them a 2x the speed.  They freaking talk so slowly and overly enunciate so I love listening to it fast.  It also helps end the podcasts faster so that you can listen to 2x the amount in the same time. =D  This is also one of mike’s pet peeves.  He thinks hearing it at 2x the speed is like nails on the chalkboard.  puhaha

Anyway… out of the 25+ podcasts I listen to, here are some of my all time faaaaves.

  1. Serial–each season this podcasts covers one unsolved crime/mystery.  SO FREAKING GOOD.


  2. LadyGang–These ladies talk about EVERYTHING under the sun and most of it is fun and superficial.  It’s like listening to hilarious girlfriends talk about stuff after several bottles of wine.  lolladygang

  3. Heather Dubrow’s World–I’m obsessed with Heather and her podcast.  I learn a lot from this podcast!heather dubrow's world

  4. Documentaries (by BBC)–This covers lots of really fascinating topics around the world.  oh and the British Accents don’t hurt. =)BBC Documentaries

  5. Straight Up With Stassi–I hated her on Vanderpump Rules but am obsessed with her podcast.  She talks about the most hilarious, superficial things.  It’s super easy to listen to and she is self-deprecating and REAL which is what I love.straight up with stassi

  6. TedTalks–Who doesn’t love a good TedTalk?tedtalks

  7. Freakanomics–Cover really interesting and diverse topics.freconomics radio

    I also listen to a ton of podcasts about marriage, being working mom, parenting, owning your own business, finance, branding, random facts, people telling stories about their lives, how to learn korean, etc.  gahhhhhhhhh I wish I could seriously convey HOW MUCH I LOVE PODCASTS… lol

    Anyway….if you’re as obsessed as me please let me know!  I’d love to talk about obsession and trade recommendations and organization strategies.  LOLLLLLLLLL


  8. VOTER APP (not a podcast)–HOLY CRAP, this app is AWESOME.  Lots of people have ideas on who they want to vote for this upcoming Presidential Election.  But it could be based on biases that you don’t know about.  This app tests you on topics and then matches you to the Politician that closely matches your stances.  I am NOT a Hilary Clinton fan and wouldn’t vote for her in theory but she was a 67%+ match for me.  =T  Hmm…voter app


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C’s Firsts in Hawaii

LAST HAWAII POST!  lol  This was in my drafts box and it’s just too cute not to post. =)


During our trip to Hawaii C was able to experience a lot of firsts.  It wa so fun to see her in a different environment and see how she reacted and processed these new moments and milestones!

First time seeing and touching seashells 

First Hair Cut!

First time at the Dole Plantation     First time at Zippys
  First one of these =)
  First time touching grass–she was not a fan

First time at a Luau

First time in a hanbok and celebrating her first Korean new year  First Chang Family photo with C
  First Christmas!  First time rocking shades in Hawaii (this one is lame but i love her in these glasses)
    First time flying
  First time meeting my dad <3  First time seeing a coconut and trying to drink from it
    First time seeing a candle (and trying to touch it)
  First time trying new purees with my mom

(side note: my mom LOVES cooking and went all out making C’s baby food while we were there.)

  C’s first time trying pineapple (she also tried papaya for the first time there too!)
    First time at the beach and in the ocean (or just in water!)

Hawaii was SOO SOO memorable for us as a new family.  I feel incredibly blessed to have my family there and I can’t wait to take Charlotte back this year.  xoxo

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Sushi Party!

Last night I went to the most bomb omakase style sushi party ever for my friend’s dirty thirtyyy at his house!  I haven’t had that much to drink on a weekend night in so long.  Felt like I was in my mid-twenties 🙂  



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Christmas at home

C’s final Christmas celebration was at our home after we came back from Hawaii :). The tree was super dried out, pine needles were everywhere, and yet c and Lucy had the best time opening up gifts!  Lol. Lucy literally helped unwrap with her mouth, it was adorbs. 🙂 


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New Year’s

 For New Years this year we all dressed up in hanboks and celebrated a very traditional Korean New Tear. This was the first time I had done this since I was a kid.  It was really fun to start this tradition again with baby C.  🙂

After our New Years bows we played Yoot for a cash prize!!  Hehehe it was way too hot to wear the hanboks while we played so we all changed and my dad cracked open coconuts for us to drink :).  (One of my Hawaiian to-dos while I was there)  
  Annoyingly…Mike and I lost :/.    BTW I do NOT like losing…Our first family photo of the Changs!  


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Chang Family Photos

While we were all in Hawaii together we took our first set of Chang family photos. :). And they came out so beautifully.  These below are shot from my iPhone~~   

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Holidays in Hawaii

soooo i’m super behind on posting about our trip to hawaii.  sigh.  so this week i’ll be posting overtime about what we did last christmas, new years and more.  lol  excuse my late posts and the random order they are posting in :).  



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Mele Kalikimaka

C’s second Christmas celebration was in Hawaii with my fam bam.  It was our first Christmas with my family since Mike and I started dating so this trip was extra extra special for me.

C wore an adorable Hawaiian dress that her auntie bought her and tore open the gifts just to play with the wrapping paper.  Lol 
On Christmas we walked to aka moana beach (my parents live two blocks away) and experienced c’s first time in water and on sand!  She loved the water…was NOT a fan of sand (good girl ^^).  

Lucy was with a pet sitter while we were in Hawaii and they sent us photos daily.  Lol. Here are the ones from Christmas!  Hehehe. I left a bag of treats for Lucy to “open” on Christmas.   

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Christmas Eve

I realize I already posted about Christmas and now I’m posting about the day before… sigh.  Let’s roll with it tho shall we?

I’ve been to Hawaii for Christmas before but this was my first time going to the City of Lights event!  C had no idea what was going on but it was fun to share this experience with her and see her stare at all the brightness and hustle and bustle of the crowds. =)

I’m not sure why but I love love love this Hawaiian Santa.  Hehehe I look forward to seeing him every Christmas. Xo

one VERY disappointing thing was i didn’t get to eat leonard’s donuts =(  there was a circle of food trucks and food stands but the lines were so crazy that i didn’t get to eat anything. =(  wahhh.

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Oh baby baby

This past weekend was filled with babies and celebrations.  We went to a birthday party where c experienced her first music class!  She LOVED banging on the drums and playing with the drum sticks.  So, now we are looking into Gymboree and music classes for her.  ^^  The sweetest part of it all is the Mike wants to take one morning off a month to take her.  I love that they could have this super sweet memory and ritual together. <3

this tiny cupcake was this toddler’s FIRST taste of sugar.  holy crap.  #momgoals  i’m not sure i can do that but i’ll definitely try!

next i went to the cutest baby shower for Mr. Samson Lee!  soooo excited to meet this new little guy.  just thinking about him gives me INSANE baby feverrrrrr.


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