things that make me happy

  1. turkey pesto paninis on campus.  this was ironically one of the few things i could eat during the first 5 months of pregnancy. IMG_0005
  2.  Sparkling rose 
  3. Cocktails and moms night out!!!!  It feels so NORMAL and good to be out with girlfriends and in HEELS! 
  4. I love watching c’s and mike’s relationship grow.  This is such a random pic of both of them sleeping but I love soaking up every second of these small moments.  C was feeling sick so Mike slept with her all night.  ðŸ™‚
  5. Planning c’s dohl!   It’s been both fun and stressful coming up with a theme and venue…  
  6.  I’m trying to take more pictures of myself and Charlotte.  Before now I felt so gross I didn’t want to be in pics w adorable c.  But a friend told me I would regret not having any pics w her.  So…I’m working on it.  Not doing so well but I love to look back at our pics together now :).   

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