2016 Good Vibes and Energy

2016 is in full swing, the blair family is sick (once again), and life could not be busier.  sigh.  BUT it feels great knowing that we have a whole year ahead of us and lots and LOTS of fun options/possibilities to discover and experience.


  The past two weeks C and L have been playing together a lot.  It’s been REALLY REALLY fun to see them interact.  They don’t love each other and they don’t know how to really play together but b/c they like the same things~ they end up being partners in crime.  ie: snacks, ripping up magazines, ripping up toilet paper/napkins, playing with wet naps, eating snacks, playing tug of war, etc.
  what i look like most days… and what our new relationship is becoming.  haha  my face is a ground for exploration.  lately with sick days, holidays and the weekends… it’s been REALLY nice soaking up every second at home with C.  i love watching her play all day and singing her songs and reciting the alphabet  C’s second Laker game!  But freals tho… this girl doesn’t care about anything except crawling and exploring.  So sitting in crammed little stadium seats where you can’t broach other people’s personal space was NOT chill.  Luckily just walking around and letting her see the lights, people and stadium kept her happy as a clam. <3


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