The Magic of Tyding Up

so before i start this post i have to admit to two things:

  1. i did not read this book
  2. i am seriously “cleaning” all the time (sigh)

no joke, mike and i are always “cleaning”.  it is so annoying and i’m sure you hate reading about it all the time too.  blah.  but freals tho…the struggle is real.  we are not the type of people who put everything back in their exact place after using it.  so during the chaotic week where we are running around like crazy people, can you imagine the chaos?

now insert the book “the life-changing magic of tyding up”.  people around me have been reading this trendy book and given me lots and lots of great advice on how to organize and clean our home.  bottom line… you’re supposed to LOVE every single piece of clothing, furniture and home decor item in your sanctuary.  at first you’re like “duh” that should be obvious.  but then when i looked around, we had a TON of things we were keeping b/c it was a gift or b/c we had had it forever, or we just… had them.  all not good enough reasons to keep an item.

we’re only about halfway done with our place but you wouuld be shocked at how much we have given away~ even more than the purge before baby blair came.  mike cleared out about 60% of his clothes, we got rid of a TON of home items i had just been keeping to keep, and as we move through each room in our house it feels GREAT.

 Now…if only baby stuff didn’t take up so much space…sigh.  How can a 20lb human take up an entire household?   The nursery, our room, the guest bath, the entire living room, most of the kitchen counter space and a whole cupboard????  Oh and TWO storage bins in our closet.  Cray…

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