2015 Recap and Photodump


[my best 9 on instagram for 2015]

2015 was a big big year for the blair household.  without having this post be 10 pages, i will try to keep it all very brief.

-mike and i celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary and 7th year together as a couple.

-our little lucy bear turned 2

-we had our first baby, charlotte.

-mike and i kissed sleeping, dating, and relaxing goodbye after that.

-our marriage was definitely put to the test with no sleep, my raging post-baby hormones, my desire to keep everything PERRRRRFECT for this baby, and a crazy life/work schedule.  thankfully lots of little chit chats here and there has kept us solid and sane.  plus spontaneous date nights thanks to family and friends! xoxo

-i learned a lot about myself this year.  lots of things that perhaps i subconsciously knew but it came out full force after baby c.

-i have never gotten sick so many times in my life in one short time-span.

-i fell in and out of love with breastfeeding many times.  #breastisbest is no joke… quite the commitment… =T

-self-image wise… this year wasn’t great.  2016 i hope to get my pre-body baby back, feel better again and start toning up!  while pregnant i was so sick i always felt blah, and now i feel blah b/c i’m so sick all the time.  here’s to hoping next year is better and i’m healthier!

– i have never loved holidays or milestones more than this year.

-my career goals and milestones and paths have totally changed.

-TV is no longer the most important thing when I’m home… shocking.

-shopping for myself is not nearly as fun as shopping for C (and L if they can match… lol)


2015 was so much fun and i cannot WAIT for what 2016 will bring.  here’s to hoping mike and i get to sleep a LOT more, we get to enjoy more of C’s fun milestones (hello WALKING and TALKING), we find more ways to glorify God with our family, and lastly…we just make the most of it all!  we have been blessed with SO MUCH~~~ i just can’t wait to see what God has stored for our next year.


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