Lucy and Lottie at 8 months


Oh man this new stage of Lucy and Lottie is SO MUCH FUN.  Lucy at 2.5 years and Charlotte at 8.5 months…they have exactly the same interests, needs and wants.  Lol.  I hope they really bond and become close friends.  Hehehe

Fun facts…

L and C both love things that crinkle.  They fight over everything and have equal strength.   Lol.  C thinks it is so funny to fight w L.   L, not so much.  She is VERY bothered by C. 

L and C are obsessed with C’s socks.  Not sure why but both love to put them in their mouths and fight over them.  L insists on claiming both while C is happy just to hold one.  Seeing them fight over two stray socks is HILARIOUS bc as soon as Lucy steals a sock C is happy to go after the other but then Lucy freaks and grabs the second sock, releasing the first one ~ which then C goes for.  Lol

C is in a stage where she loves to share.  L is in snack HEAVEN.  When I give C a bowl of meltables or Cheerios the first thing she does is grab a fistful and hand it to L.  Hehehe.  She also loves to knock the bowl over which L dives into.  I’m excited for C to eat more things so we can see Lucy waiting patiently under her high chair.  ^^

C is learning to be “gentle” with her hands and pet L nicely (instead of grabbing L’s fur).  These days the moment C even touches L’s fur, she will jump and scream like someone hit her.   Lol.  What a dramatic dog.  C won’t even get a chance to grab fur before Lucy starts crying.  Puhahahaha 

C is obsessed with L and crawls around the house following her or tries to shuffle her way across the furniture to be close to L.  L on the other hand would love it if we could return C and be the solo queen of the house.  Hehe
I can’t wait for the next few months to see their relationship and dynamic develop.  ðŸ™‚

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