Sweet sweet sleep

Sweet sweet SWEET sleep.  From just before C turned five months till now (8 months and 3 days), she has only slept through the night once.  O N C E. Mike and I wanted to die. Between being sick non-stop, to teething, to traveling and growing pains… Sleep and time have been nonexistent.
Crankiness and foggy brain hardly describe my past three months.  I was literally lucky if I got to shower, brush my teeth, blow dry my hair and put on makeup.  Mike used to chat me at work and ask if I was able to do any of those things that morning before I left.  THAT is seriously how bad life was in the thick of waking up every half hour because she was teething or feverish.  Sigh.  Oh and the BEST part of all these teething pains?  NO TEETH.  Not even a little white peeping through the gums.  Doh.

Anyway, after about three straight nights of sleeping upright with a very congested Charlotte, we came up with the best frigging plan everrrrrrr.  C liked the warm wrap of being in our arms while she slept and if we put her down in the crib she would flip out.   Since she was so stuffed up and feverish we couldn’t even try the “cry it out method”.  Ugh.

With stuffed up babies you are supposed to tilt the crib so that they can drain all the mucous.  And to make the bed more cozy like we were holding her, I put two pillows like a V shape underneath her.  So basically I made a little rocking bassinet in her crib and it worked like a friggin charm!!!  Ever since we tried this, C goes down at 8pm and wakes up mayyyyybe once or twice (she is still sick after all).

I cannot tell you how alive Mike and I feel.  We have actually watched TV together, we have had CONVERSATIONS together without being interrupted… oh man.  there is FINALLY light at the end of this cray tunnel.  *fingers crossed* that this sleeping streak continues and she FINALLY gets better and sleeps through the night again.  one can only hope right???

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