things that make me happy

  1. turkey pesto paninis on campus.  this was ironically one of the few things i could eat during the first 5 months of pregnancy. IMG_0005
  2.  Sparkling rose 
  3. Cocktails and moms night out!!!!  It feels so NORMAL and good to be out with girlfriends and in HEELS! 
  4. I love watching c’s and mike’s relationship grow.  This is such a random pic of both of them sleeping but I love soaking up every second of these small moments.  C was feeling sick so Mike slept with her all night.  ūüôā
  5. Planning c’s dohl!   It’s been both fun and stressful coming up with a theme and venue…  
  6.  I’m trying to take more pictures of myself and Charlotte.  Before now I felt so gross I didn’t want to be in pics w adorable c.  But a friend told me I would regret not having any pics w her.  So…I’m working on it.  Not doing so well but I love to look back at our pics together now :).   
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#Brannasun get married!

Wedding season was last fall and I’m just getting around to posting about it…doh!  my college roomie got married on 10-10 in the most GORGEOUS wedding EVER.  everything about the weekend, the big day and all the tiny things leading up to it were perfect.  here are a few pics of the beautiful day and the most amazing couple!

IMG_5805 IMG_5807 


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Top Chef

Recently market and I were lucky enough to get invited to a  very special home~ that of top chef Eric Park and his amazing hostess wifey Mir.

This day was one of the most fun and relaxing days Mike and I have had for a while.  We are so go-go-go lately that it felt amazing to sit, stop and enjoy a lazy Sunday with friends.   


C trying her first solid.  She was not a fan. Lol  

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Fong Wedding <3

My bestie got married back in October and I am so late posting about it!!  Here are pics from that weekend.  The wedding was magical and seriously so perfect in every way.  
    c’s flower girl outfit!  how adorbs???




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2016 Good Vibes and Energy

2016 is in full swing, the blair family is sick (once again), and life could not be busier.  sigh.  BUT it feels great knowing that we have a whole year ahead of us and lots and LOTS of fun options/possibilities to discover and experience.


  The past two weeks C and L have been playing together a lot.  It’s been REALLY REALLY fun to see them interact.  They don’t love each other and they don’t know how to really play together but b/c they like the same things~ they end up being partners in crime.  ie: snacks, ripping up magazines, ripping up toilet paper/napkins, playing with wet naps, eating snacks, playing tug of war, etc.
  what i look like most days… and what our new relationship is becoming.  haha  my face is a ground for exploration.  lately with sick days, holidays and the weekends… it’s been REALLY nice soaking up every second at home with C.  i love watching her play all day and singing her songs and reciting the alphabet  C’s second Laker game!  But freals tho… this girl doesn’t care about anything except crawling and exploring.  So sitting in crammed little stadium seats where you can’t broach other people’s personal space was NOT chill.  Luckily just walking around and letting her see the lights, people and stadium kept her happy as a clam. <3


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The Magic of Tyding Up

so before i start this post i have to admit to two things:

  1. i did not read this book
  2. i am seriously “cleaning” all the time (sigh)

no joke, mike and i are always “cleaning”.  it is so annoying and i’m sure you hate reading about it all the time too.  blah.  but freals tho…the struggle is real.  we are not the type of people who put everything back in their exact place after using it.  so during the chaotic week where we are running around like crazy people, can you imagine the chaos?

now insert the book “the life-changing magic of tyding up”.  people around me have been reading this trendy book and given me lots and lots of great advice on how to organize and clean our home.  bottom line… you’re supposed to LOVE every single piece of clothing, furniture and home decor item in your sanctuary.  at first you’re like “duh” that should be obvious.  but then when i looked around, we had a TON of things we were keeping b/c it was a gift or b/c we had had it forever, or we just… had them.  all not good enough reasons to keep an item.

we’re only about halfway done with our place but you wouuld be shocked at how much we have given away~ even more than the purge before baby blair came.  mike cleared out about 60% of his clothes, we got rid of a TON of home items i had just been keeping to keep, and as we move through each room in our house it feels GREAT.

 Now…if only baby stuff didn’t take up so much space…sigh.  How can a 20lb human take up an entire household?   The nursery, our room, the guest bath, the entire living room, most of the kitchen counter space and a whole cupboard????  Oh and TWO storage bins in our closet.  Cray…

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My new kicks post pregnancy and I really love em!  I’ve been wearing them to work more than I probably should… Lol   But they are so easy to wear with anything and super comfy~~ 

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2015 Recap and Photodump


[my best 9 on instagram for 2015]

2015 was a big big year for the blair household.  without having this post be 10 pages, i will try to keep it all very brief.

-mike and i celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary and 7th year together as a couple.

-our little lucy bear turned 2

-we had our first baby, charlotte.

-mike and i kissed sleeping, dating, and relaxing goodbye after that.

-our marriage was definitely put to the test with no sleep, my raging post-baby hormones, my desire to keep everything PERRRRRFECT for this baby, and a crazy life/work schedule.  thankfully lots of little chit chats here and there has kept us solid and sane.  plus spontaneous date nights thanks to family and friends! xoxo

-i learned a lot about myself this year.  lots of things that perhaps i subconsciously knew but it came out full force after baby c.

-i have never gotten sick so many times in my life in one short time-span.

-i fell in and out of love with breastfeeding many times. ¬†#breastisbest is no joke… quite the commitment… =T

-self-image wise… this year wasn’t great. ¬†2016 i hope to get my pre-body baby back, feel better again and start toning up! ¬†while pregnant i was so sick i always felt blah, and now i feel blah b/c i’m so sick all the time. ¬†here’s to hoping next year is better and i’m healthier!

– i have never loved holidays or milestones more than this year.

-my career goals and milestones and paths have totally changed.

-TV is no longer the most important thing when I’m home… shocking.

-shopping for myself is not nearly as fun as shopping for C (and L if they can match… lol)


2015 was so much fun and i cannot WAIT for what 2016 will bring. ¬†here’s to hoping mike and i get to sleep a LOT more, we get to enjoy more of C’s fun milestones (hello WALKING and TALKING), we find more ways to glorify God with our family, and lastly…we just make the most of it all! ¬†we have been blessed with SO MUCH~~~ i just can’t wait to see what God has stored for our next year.


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Current Beauty Faves

  Some fun things I’m using right now and loving:)





**and lastly** this has nothing to do with beauty, but after Adele’s “Hello” song came out, when I text/gchat/skype with someone and type that word, i literally sing it in my head.  anyone else do that???  puhahaha

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Baby Snacks

Oh baby snacks…how they have saved me in a bind!  On the plane ride to and from Hawaii, as well as some cranky teething meltdowns~ these babies have been awesome!   It’s also super adorable to see C explore solids and different flavors.   

Not sure if these are the best brands/products out there?  If you know of a better product or snack out there please let me know!  I’m trying not to give C too many processed or bad things…  

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Lucy and Lottie at 8 months


Oh man this new stage of Lucy and Lottie is SO MUCH FUN.  Lucy at 2.5 years and Charlotte at 8.5 months…they have exactly the same interests, needs and wants.  Lol.  I hope they really bond and become close friends.  Hehehe

Fun facts…

L and C both love things that crinkle.  They fight over everything and have equal strength.   Lol.  C thinks it is so funny to fight w L.   L, not so much.  She is VERY bothered by C. 

L and C are obsessed with C’s socks.  Not sure why but both love to put them in their mouths and fight over them.  L insists on claiming both while C is happy just to hold one.  Seeing them fight over two stray socks is HILARIOUS bc as soon as Lucy steals a sock C is happy to go after the other but then Lucy freaks and grabs the second sock, releasing the first one ~ which then C goes for.  Lol

C is in a stage where she loves to share.  L is in snack HEAVEN.  When I give C a bowl of meltables or Cheerios the first thing she does is grab a fistful and hand it to L.  Hehehe.  She also loves to knock the bowl over which L dives into.  I’m excited for C to eat more things so we can see Lucy waiting patiently under her high chair.  ^^

C is learning to be “gentle” with her hands and pet L nicely (instead of grabbing L’s fur).  These days the moment C even touches L’s fur, she will jump and scream like someone hit her.   Lol.  What a dramatic dog.  C won’t even get a chance to grab fur before Lucy starts crying.  Puhahahaha 

C is obsessed with L and crawls around the house following her or tries to shuffle her way across the furniture to be close to L.  L on the other hand would love it if we could return C and be the solo queen of the house.  Hehe
I can’t wait for the next few months to see their relationship and dynamic develop.  ūüôā

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Essie Nails

Merino cool :). Love this color!

Painted nails makes me feel like the world is right.  ūüôā  

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Sweet sweet sleep

Sweet sweet SWEET sleep. ¬†From just before C turned five months till now (8 months and 3 days), she has only slept through the night once. ¬†O N C E. Mike and I wanted to die. Between being sick non-stop, to teething, to traveling and growing pains… Sleep and time have been nonexistent.
Crankiness and foggy brain hardly describe my past three months.  I was literally lucky if I got to shower, brush my teeth, blow dry my hair and put on makeup.  Mike used to chat me at work and ask if I was able to do any of those things that morning before I left.  THAT is seriously how bad life was in the thick of waking up every half hour because she was teething or feverish.  Sigh.  Oh and the BEST part of all these teething pains?  NO TEETH.  Not even a little white peeping through the gums.  Doh.

Anyway, after about three straight nights of sleeping upright with a very congested Charlotte, we came up with the best frigging plan everrrrrrr. ¬†C liked the warm wrap of being in our arms while she slept and if we put her down in the crib she would flip out. ¬† Since she was so stuffed up and feverish we couldn’t even try the “cry it out method”. ¬†Ugh.

With stuffed up babies you are supposed to tilt the crib so that they can drain all the mucous.  And to make the bed more cozy like we were holding her, I put two pillows like a V shape underneath her.  So basically I made a little rocking bassinet in her crib and it worked like a friggin charm!!!  Ever since we tried this, C goes down at 8pm and wakes up mayyyyybe once or twice (she is still sick after all).

I cannot tell you how alive Mike and I feel. ¬†We have actually watched TV together, we have had CONVERSATIONS together without being interrupted… oh man. ¬†there is FINALLY light at the end of this cray tunnel. ¬†*fingers crossed* that this sleeping streak continues and she FINALLY gets better and sleeps through the night again. ¬†one can only hope right???

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Christmas in LA

C had three Christmas celebrations this year and she had absolutely no idea.  Lol. Here are some fun pics from her first celebration with mike’s family.   

C wanted to eat the tissue paper and had a meltdown when mike’s bro took it away.  Lol. I’m a liiiiiiittle nervous that she will be dramatic. 


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Happy New Year!


HOLY MOLY…2016! ¬†I am VERY excited about this new year. ¬†It feels ripe with lots of blessings, opportunities, changes and new adventures! ¬†Pregnant with many possibilities shall we say?? =P

(I say “pregnant” as a pun to my hope of also getting pregnant again at the end of the year. ¬†^^)

I have SOOOOOOO many posts coming your way from the end of 2015, our holiday break in Hawaii, Charlotte’s many christmas celebrations, and just my overall thoughts/debriefing.

Winter quarter at work started off with a BANG and a long line out my door for days. ¬†>.< ¬†sigh. ¬†soooo glad to be back to the daily grind… (not).

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season!! xoxo

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