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IMG_2500holy crap it’s december.  where in the world did the year go???

well… here is another rant of things going on in my very hectic, crazy, ridiculous life… enjoy =DD

  1.  charlotte has now been off and on (mostly on) sick for 2.5 months.  that means it has been 2.5 months since she slept through the night.  mike and i want to die.  the best part about this whole thing?  she still doesn’t have teeth.  we are NOT looking forward to the teething on top of the sickness on top of the no sleeping… wahhh
  2. i am currently sick with whatever charlotte has.  mike is perfectly fine.  (insert side eye emoji)  wtf
  3. my neck and shoulders hurt all the time.  i’m pretty sure it’s stress and from sleeping on the air mattress so often.  i normally HATE people touching me and hate massages but i’ve been wanting one pretty badly lately.  just someone to massage my shoulders and arms for 20 minutes.
  4. lucy had 2 seizures the week of thanksgiving and i’m even more worried/concerned/freaked about her state of happiness.  BUT does that mean we let her run the house more than we do and spoil her beyond what we’re already doing?  no i think that’s bad… i dunno what the right middle ground is but we’ll have to figure it out.  i think that exercising her like crazy and tiring her out might be what she needs.  cesar milan says, “a tired dog is a good dog”.
  5. i’ve been pumping for seven months and i’m sooo over it.  i used to be on top of it every three hours but now i go about 4-6 hours.  i think it’s because i’m just dog tired and sick and work is crazier than ever before.  my goal is to go till 8 months (jan 7th) and then re-evaluate after that.  winter quarter is my busiest quarter at work and i’m worried about how i’ll be able to fit in pump sessions the way that i used to… =T
  6. i keep a ridiculous amount of snacks in my car and i’ve gotten so much sh*t from my brother and mike about it.  haha they say i can outlive a natural disaster by just staying in my car.  *shrug *  girl’s gotta eat right?  hanger is REAL ya’ll…
  7. i have this bump on the white part of my eye (inner corner of my right eye) and it’s so nasty looking.  my bff who is an optometrist said that it’s from sun damage and i need to wear sunglasses more.  *tear *  it’s so ugly and it’s all i can see when i look in the mirror.  mike obviously thinks i’m over reacting but i’m not.  >.<  i hate wearing sunglasses b/c i have no bridge and they just rest on my cheeks.  blahhhhh damn i guess i’ll have to huh?
  8. my friend told me that when you breastfeed, there are hormones in your body like you are PMSing 24/7~~ aka you are hormonal until you stop breastfeeding.  OBVIOUSLY that has not affected me and i’m as peachy and sweet as i always was.  i checked in with mike and he just stared blankly at the tv.  uhh EX-CUUUU-SE me?????  based on my sweet and peachy reaction to his non-reaction…uhh maybe there is some truth to that statement.   oopsies.  maybe breastfeeding for a year isn’t an option anymore.  lolll
  9. in pictures lately when i see my hand i’m shocked at what it looks like.  has that ever happened to you???  my hand looks old and fat and like an old ahjuma.  which is SO weird since i’m fresh-to-death and a hip 20-something year old mom.  oh wait…i guess i am 31, weight challenged and an ahjuma now.  siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.  very rude awakening.  well just rude all around.
  10. i fit back into my old winter clothes so i’ve been wearing them to work.  (rather than my usual 5 shirts)  the first day i broke out the new winter clothes everyone in my office did a triple take as i walked in and went about my day.  sigh.  i must look SO FREAKING CRAZY on a daily basis where when i wear something cuter the entire world does a double take.  #rude.  on the flip side… how embarrassing.  i need to take more time to wash my face, my hair…put some makeup on…gah.  when i got married my dad gave me a few tips for a successful marraige: 1) always wear makeup even at home (aka just look nice for mike)  2) always cook him breakfast 3) try to dress nicely for him….etc.   exactly 2.5 years of marriage later~~ i have successfully followed none of those rules.  *slow clap *

it’s finals week here at work and i’m just grateful for the upcoming break.  i could really use some R&R with my parents, on the beach and just away from the office.

hope you guys have a wonderful week!!  enjoy this wonderful cold weather and all the spice of the holidays. =D


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