What’s in My Mommy Bag

IMG_2515I have to share this very random “what’s in my bag” post b/c this is pretty indicative of my life.

  1. hodge podge of baby stuff and my normal purse items.
  2.   random baby stuff b/c the diaper bag is somewhere inconvenient and i can’t be bothered to get it.  so i keep making new ones~ which is also why i have a random tote in my bag~ folded up which is weird…
  3. hand and face wipes for c b/c i’m trying to obsessively clean her~ she touches so many things when we’re out now and is always trying to get to lucy’s stuff.  she may or may not have put many of lucy’s treats/toys in her mouth already.  =(
  4. for some reason i have mike’s wallet in my purse!  uhhh that’s bad… what’s worse is that he hasn’t even asked where it is and i have no idea how long it’s been in there.  sigh… *shaking head*
  5. i keep forgetting/losing my office key everywhere so it’s on a super hot pink key chain.  i connect it to the big pink puff ball which has my car keys attached.  i keep losing track of my car keys too.  the big pink pouf tells me i have my keys with just a quick glance or feel in my purse.  love it.

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