Happy Friday

So glad it is the weekend.  So glad.   The Blairs are all sick and just worn the eff out.  Mike has been sleeping with her cradled in his arms in our recliner bc she is so fussy, can’t breathe and just apparently can’t handle life.  Sigh.  

Today I am eating chocolate for breakfast. Don’t judge. It is keeping me sane.    

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Links I Love

just random links i’m loving these days~~ i don’t have time to browse the web like i used to but here are a few fun things that have caught my eye:

the skimm–i sign up for the daily emails and it is AWESOME.  seriously helps me stay “in the know” about what’s going on in the world without having to read it all over the place.  but there is a sarcastic dry humor that the writers use that i LOVE.

http://www.theskimm.com/ (the site)

http://www.theskimm.com/recent (sample of a daily skimm)

this makes me feel better about not having to be DIY queen.  this article is also HILARIOUS and makes me feel better about my shitty pregnancy and my first 7 months so far.  LOL

Why I Gave Up All That DIY Mommy Crap

(here is her hilarious blog if you love the article so much like i did) https://nopurplewalls.wordpress.com/

lord help me remember this and keep my sanity as i go into the holidays and well…the rest of my life with babies and their grandparents.


if you love RHOBH~ read this!  DF is ridic.


cutest video alive.  if you don’t think so you have no heart.


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 Our family has been off and on sick since the end of September.  Let that one sink in for ya…that is a long ass time.

We are all very,  Very, VERY worn out.  C specifically has been sick off and on for almost three months now and that means she wakes up at least two times a night.  *sob *.  Mike and I somehow survived the beginning but these days we have been under the weather and going through our own bit of hell.  🙁

I first had a mild head cold for four days, then Mike got a head cold with more severe symptoms.  And before he could even partially recover I got the stomach flu.  Sigh.  He had to take care of me, c and Lucy all while I was puking my brains out over two days.  🙁 Poor Markel.

He has been such a champion husband and dad.   He took over all the bedtime routines, walked Lucy, cleaned the house, did the dishes, took c to and from daycare (which is 45 min out of his way each way), and took the time to take care of me.  All the while he was sick and he had big clients in town.

What a wonderful man right??  Major props to him for sacrificing so much to take care of all three of us with such love and care.  I definitely don’t give him enough credit or ‘thank yous’ for everything he does for us. <3

The icing on the cake?

While we were and have been so sick, we haven’t been taking Lucy out on walks often.  So does she use her pee pad like a good little girl?  Hells no.  She decides to poop and pee wherever she damn well pleases.   The best BEST part is when I’m running to and from the bathroom vomiting at 2am, 3am and 5am and I step in it.  >.<. Poop, pee and all of that niceness.  Greaaaaaaaaaaaat.

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Holiday Firsts

I am soooo excited for Christmas this year with our new addition :).  There are many firsts that we are getting to do and I cannot wait for more of them to come!  Here are a few…

A tree full of toys underneath!  (Mama went a little crazy)  

A plate for Santa 🙂  

Santa photos!  

Christmas tree hunting with the fam 

 C’s first stocking!!  

First family Christmas card (card coming soon but here is the pic) 
C’s first ornaments


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#jeffandnana not #jeffandnans

sigh…i got the hashtag wrong in my insta pics.  and this post is super late… sowy nansie!!

jeff and nana got married on Nov 7th and it was the most beautiful night everrrrr.  this was also one of the very few nights that i was able to get TURNT UPPPPP.  loll

some kiiinda funny facts…

  1. i pumped and dumped at the wedding and afterwards~ it smelled like vodka.  gross and a sign of a very successful night. =D
  2. there were tons of games that night and a lot of them were for single folks.  i commented to a guy friend, “don’t you wish we could participate in the dance off?” to which he very dryly responded… “i don’t think anyone wants to see you out there. ”  >.<  wahhhhhhhh  i’m not that old am i???
  3. i kiiiinda wanted to dance all night but after the comment from above i had to just shake it near the bar.  my hips don’t lie~~~

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Fun Things…

IMG_2500holy crap it’s december.  where in the world did the year go???

well… here is another rant of things going on in my very hectic, crazy, ridiculous life… enjoy =DD

  1.  charlotte has now been off and on (mostly on) sick for 2.5 months.  that means it has been 2.5 months since she slept through the night.  mike and i want to die.  the best part about this whole thing?  she still doesn’t have teeth.  we are NOT looking forward to the teething on top of the sickness on top of the no sleeping… wahhh
  2. i am currently sick with whatever charlotte has.  mike is perfectly fine.  (insert side eye emoji)  wtf
  3. my neck and shoulders hurt all the time.  i’m pretty sure it’s stress and from sleeping on the air mattress so often.  i normally HATE people touching me and hate massages but i’ve been wanting one pretty badly lately.  just someone to massage my shoulders and arms for 20 minutes.
  4. lucy had 2 seizures the week of thanksgiving and i’m even more worried/concerned/freaked about her state of happiness.  BUT does that mean we let her run the house more than we do and spoil her beyond what we’re already doing?  no i think that’s bad… i dunno what the right middle ground is but we’ll have to figure it out.  i think that exercising her like crazy and tiring her out might be what she needs.  cesar milan says, “a tired dog is a good dog”.
  5. i’ve been pumping for seven months and i’m sooo over it.  i used to be on top of it every three hours but now i go about 4-6 hours.  i think it’s because i’m just dog tired and sick and work is crazier than ever before.  my goal is to go till 8 months (jan 7th) and then re-evaluate after that.  winter quarter is my busiest quarter at work and i’m worried about how i’ll be able to fit in pump sessions the way that i used to… =T
  6. i keep a ridiculous amount of snacks in my car and i’ve gotten so much sh*t from my brother and mike about it.  haha they say i can outlive a natural disaster by just staying in my car.  *shrug *  girl’s gotta eat right?  hanger is REAL ya’ll…
  7. i have this bump on the white part of my eye (inner corner of my right eye) and it’s so nasty looking.  my bff who is an optometrist said that it’s from sun damage and i need to wear sunglasses more.  *tear *  it’s so ugly and it’s all i can see when i look in the mirror.  mike obviously thinks i’m over reacting but i’m not.  >.<  i hate wearing sunglasses b/c i have no bridge and they just rest on my cheeks.  blahhhhh damn i guess i’ll have to huh?
  8. my friend told me that when you breastfeed, there are hormones in your body like you are PMSing 24/7~~ aka you are hormonal until you stop breastfeeding.  OBVIOUSLY that has not affected me and i’m as peachy and sweet as i always was.  i checked in with mike and he just stared blankly at the tv.  uhh EX-CUUUU-SE me?????  based on my sweet and peachy reaction to his non-reaction…uhh maybe there is some truth to that statement.   oopsies.  maybe breastfeeding for a year isn’t an option anymore.  lolll
  9. in pictures lately when i see my hand i’m shocked at what it looks like.  has that ever happened to you???  my hand looks old and fat and like an old ahjuma.  which is SO weird since i’m fresh-to-death and a hip 20-something year old mom.  oh wait…i guess i am 31, weight challenged and an ahjuma now.  siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.  very rude awakening.  well just rude all around.
  10. i fit back into my old winter clothes so i’ve been wearing them to work.  (rather than my usual 5 shirts)  the first day i broke out the new winter clothes everyone in my office did a triple take as i walked in and went about my day.  sigh.  i must look SO FREAKING CRAZY on a daily basis where when i wear something cuter the entire world does a double take.  #rude.  on the flip side… how embarrassing.  i need to take more time to wash my face, my hair…put some makeup on…gah.  when i got married my dad gave me a few tips for a successful marraige: 1) always wear makeup even at home (aka just look nice for mike)  2) always cook him breakfast 3) try to dress nicely for him….etc.   exactly 2.5 years of marriage later~~ i have successfully followed none of those rules.  *slow clap *

it’s finals week here at work and i’m just grateful for the upcoming break.  i could really use some R&R with my parents, on the beach and just away from the office.

hope you guys have a wonderful week!!  enjoy this wonderful cold weather and all the spice of the holidays. =D


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Traveling with a Baby


eek, our trip to Hawaii is coming up soon and I’ve been obsessing over how to travel with an infant.  i’m pretty sure we have a plan but i’ll let ya’ll know how it officially goes when we get back.  here are some great tips i picked up from blogs that we’ll try!

my goal is for us to only bring 1 huge suitcase (checked), 1 stroller, 1 car seat, 1 baby bag and then mike and i will each bring a personal item on board (backpacks).  this will be for 3 people over 2 weeks.

  1. buy things when we arrive.  LOVE this one.  mike and i can pack enough diapers, wipes and formula to get us through the plane ride and day 1 of our trip.  we’re gone for 2 weeks and packing diapers for that long is a lot.  we can easily go to a target and buy those things plus bottled water PLUS baby dish soap, baby detergent, etc.  even baby tylenol or gripe water will be easy to find once we land.  Since we’re going to another state it’s an easy trip to the market for us.  This also goes for sunscreen, toiletries, etc.  we can get it all when we get there.  no need to lug it all.
  2. do laundry 1 or 2 times while we’re there.  since we’re visiting my parents, we don’t need to take clothes for 2 weeks.  we just need a few days worth and we’ll do laundry there.  that will help immensely when packing!
  3. pack one giant bag and check it in.  in the past mike and i always had 1 small carry on each when we traveled.  with baby blair that won’t be as feasible since she will need a TON of her own items.  to make our lives easier, we decided to pack one large suitcase and check it in so that even when we land, we won’t have a lot of little bags but just one stroller and one large bag to take through the airport.  easy peasy.
  4. bring backpacks as carry ons.  i feel like this one is obvious to explain~ it’s just easier to have our things in backpacks and have our hands free for baby blair and her diaper bag.  we get to check the stroller and car seat at the gate so moving through the airport and the tiny airplane will be much easier with our hands free.  backpacks will be filled with an ipad, magazines and lots of baby toys.  diaper bag will have 1 blanket, 2 changes of clothes, diapers, wipes and lots of milk/bottles/formula.  (my pump will be in my backpack).
  5. for booking our seats on the flight, mike and i booked a window seat and an aisle seat in a three seat side.  the idea is that someone is most likely not going to choose a middle seat, so it’s POSSIBLE that the middle seat remains open so we have the whole row to ourselves.  that would be AWESOME.  i’ve been checking weekly to see if our flight is booked or if there is someone in between us and so far so gooood.  *finger crossed*

needless to say mike and i won’t be the most glamorous couple while traveling and we might be wearing the same outfits in most of our pics but who cares?  haha  my bigger focus is making it through the airports and the flight with our little one.  i’m getting really antsy and nervous and am just praying that charlotte doesn’t get stir crazy in the plane and doesn’t scream b/c she wants to crawl all up and down the aisles!  wish us luck!

(note: on our trip to hawaii this year my brother took a big bag ahead of time so this christmas we will just be bringing backpacks, the stroller, and the diaper bag.  thanks david!! =DD)

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the weekend before thanksgiving, mike gave me the best surprise of my life: a trip to sacramento with my besties!!  how sweet and thoughtful right???  october and november were ROUGH for me… C got sick 3 times and was going through a growth spurt.  translation: she woke up one to FIVE times a night.  i literally wanted to die and was just in a fog day and night.  i was SO TIRED and just not really functioning.  at work i was a mess.  dropped the ball a bunch of times, was just a zombie going through the day and couldn’t focus on anything except: I NEED SLEEP.  since i’m still nursing, even coffee couldn’t save me from this wreck of a life i was living.

mike saw that and planned the biggest surprise of a lifetime for me~~ a much needed weekend with my besties in the city i grew up in.  he let them know how hard things were for me and that the one goal for me was to rest and relax.  how freaking amazing right???  my besties planned a weekend of all the things i loved in high school and all the things i was missing from our hometown. <3  love these guys to death.

random things from the weekend…

-i haven’t been back since 2009 and i seriously forgot how to get around!

-food i had been craving for was almost as good as i remember.

-the leaves in sac are GORGEOUS.  i’ve been in LA for so long i forgot what fall looks like!

-the four of us can really pack food away, sleep half the day and still take an afternoon nap, and we LOVE tv.  (insert peace sign emoji)

-there is no better R&R than with the besties.

-i have the best husband ever.  he is so thoughtful and selfless.  he was just as tired as me, but planned this special getaway for me.

-i love drive in movies.  LOVE.  there is one in LA that mike and i used to go to~~ best summer chill activity i can recommend!
the state capitol!!

gorgeous old town sac~~ love that place.

the river =DDDD

  gorgeous fall leavesIMG_1929



the drive ins!  woooooooooooot





IMG_1948  took a fun trip down memory lane at our old high school <3

  my first job in sac was at a restaurant/cafe called Bella Bru.  food, coffee and pastries were to die for back then and are still bomb now.  <3


the best way to end our trip…. LEATHERBY’S!!  omgggggg words cannot describe how much i love this place.  it’s a normal ice cream shop but



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Thanksgiving Week: 9 days of bliss

  This past thanksgiving break was the best, most needed vacay for this new mama.  I had 9 days of no work and all play.  I made a very conscious effort to not get caught up in a to do list but to sleep and enjoy every second I had at home w C.

The break started w a bang bc Mike surprised me with a trip to Sacramento!!!!  Post about that later this week tho.

This is a picture heavy post!   Feel like I haven’t done a big photo dump in a while.

Look at c and her little arm dimples!!  And her super big cheeks!   I seriously die over her.  My heart hurts when I’m away from her, my mind is always thinking about her (what to feed her, what new stage I should read up on, her skin, her legs, her eyes, is she happy at daycare, are we reading to her enough, why doesn’t she have teeth yet, does she have a diaper rash, should we start teaching her how to pray, etc etc etc).  Anyway… I will write a post about all my crazy thoughts another day this week. 😛

  C and Lucy played so much together last week.  Made me soooo happy to be on the floor playing with them!  They constantly fought over Lucy’s tiger.
lucy had two seizures monday to tuesday.  seriously broke my heart.  the entire week she was REALLY clingy and not as energetic as she used to be. =(  on the monday when we had to go back to work she cried the whole morning and wouldn’t leave mike’s side on her walk b/c she knew we were leaving.  if that was every a reason to quit work and stay home… i wish i could have.  i’m sure you’ve already gathered from my other posts but i’m SO OBSESSED with this fur ball.  i can’t imagine not having her in our lives. =(

over the week i tried to give her as much love as possible and exercise her so she doesn’t have pent up energy (or acute stress) any longer.  sigh.  oh this goofball~~~ she was the BEST PART of staying home for thanksgiving break.  she is smiley, happy, and VERY determined to do things.  when she wants to stand or play with the remote (aka eat it) or get to one of lucy’s things…nothing can stop her or stand in her way.  LOL  is it bad that i really love that about her?  i’m sure ages 12-20 i won’t love her strong will but for now it’s fun to see how she will crawl over anything and everything to get to one of lucy’s bully sticks.  LOL  i made a feast of baby food!  persimmon and sweet potato.  she LOVED it of course.  she is afterall half Korean. <3  btw…i’m OBSESSED with making baby food.  i had a lot of worries and fears about it before i was pregnant but now that i’m here… i’m obsessed.  i take such pride in buying fresh ingredients, preparing a menu, making the food and seeing her enjoy each bite.  <3  (insert tiger mom emoji.  lol)

follow me on snapchat if you want to see live clips of her playing or eating!  (@estchang) or C’s instagram account (@littlelottieblair). =D

    i die over this face.  she is such a sweet, happy babe.  and lucy?  she is a moody, brooding doggie who is scared of c’s strong grip!  lol
  twinsies!  best friendsgiving evahhh
IMG_2214IMG_2156  on our way to beaumont for thanksgiving, the three of us blair ladies rode in the back.  lucy insisted on sleeping and sitting in the nook between the car seat and the actual leather seat.  adorbs.  c’s sleeping face!  i love how hard she sleeps.  *swoooon *  actual thanksgiving feast at the blairs!  YUMMMMMM
 IMG_2252 our first thanksgiving as a litto family <3  it was SO HARD to get them to pose together.  lucy refuses to touch C or be super close to her.  this was the best we could do.
  mike and i got a night out on the friday after thanksgiving (our first real date since we had C!)~~ we went to palm springs and browsed their art fair, shopped, ate and just got to spend quality time together.  felt REALLY REALLY good like we had just started dating again or something.  
the rest of the weekend was spent chilling and just trying to soak up every second of our break.  this week off was SO STRESS FREE that i wish i could be a stay at home mama or find a job where i could work from home.  =T  or maybe tons of companies wanna pay me to blog and take tons of pics of my family???  lol.  probably won’t happen but that would be the dream!!

anyway, i’m back to work~ going through the daily grind and stressing out all over again.  admissions season has begun and will not end until May.  JOY.  >.<

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What’s in My Mommy Bag

IMG_2515I have to share this very random “what’s in my bag” post b/c this is pretty indicative of my life.

  1. hodge podge of baby stuff and my normal purse items.
  2.   random baby stuff b/c the diaper bag is somewhere inconvenient and i can’t be bothered to get it.  so i keep making new ones~ which is also why i have a random tote in my bag~ folded up which is weird…
  3. hand and face wipes for c b/c i’m trying to obsessively clean her~ she touches so many things when we’re out now and is always trying to get to lucy’s stuff.  she may or may not have put many of lucy’s treats/toys in her mouth already.  =(
  4. for some reason i have mike’s wallet in my purse!  uhhh that’s bad… what’s worse is that he hasn’t even asked where it is and i have no idea how long it’s been in there.  sigh… *shaking head*
  5. i keep forgetting/losing my office key everywhere so it’s on a super hot pink key chain.  i connect it to the big pink puff ball which has my car keys attached.  i keep losing track of my car keys too.  the big pink pouf tells me i have my keys with just a quick glance or feel in my purse.  love it.
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Babies vs Dogs



sooooooo i’m about to offend a lot of mamas out there but…. whenever i hear people talk about their babies or their second/third children i ALWAYS mentally compare it to raising lucy.  LOL

Both require a lot of patience, training, time and responsibility. To have a well behaved dog implies a sacrifice of your time, money, life and sleeeeeeep.

when people talked about their babies/toddlers, i used to mentally compare their actions to lucy.  i was seriously going through the SAME things with her!!!  lol  like when she would cry in the middle of the night, her neediness, her bad behaviors, the stress of new stages, potty training, time, money, etc. Non-dog people may not realize, but all dogs have a personality, emotions and needs like a babe would. My lucy especially! She is one sass monster who needs Lots of love and attention. And I’m happy to give it to her!
When I was pregnant I was worried I wouldn’t love charlotte as much as lucy (lolllll), that lucy would feel unloved, that there were limitations on my love (there isn’t), that I wouldn’t be able to handle both, and the list just went on. I was genuinely concerned about L and it is still something I worry about.

now that charlotte is here, when i hear parents talk about transitioning their first child to the new baby~~ i ALWAYS compare it to lucy!  lucy took some time to get used to the baby.  she first wanted to lick the crap out of her but we wouldn’t let her, then she tried to BE the baby, was suuuuper lifeless and depressed, acted out and was aggressive towards us, and now she’s back to loving the baby and licking the crap out of her when we’re not looking.  LOL  5 stages of grief!!  denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.  puhahaha

anyway…just hella funny.  i can never really say it out loud but it’s what i’m always thinking when people talk about babies.  lucy is my first child afterall. =P.

People told me so many things when I got lucy:
You won’t get pregnant (they are bad luck?)
You will give her away when you get pregnant
She will be bad for the baby
She will hurt the baby
She is dirty
…the list goes on…

I’m happy to report that all ya’ll were wrong. ; P. I couldn’t love L more or treasure her more deeply.

Ok I sound like a super cweepy cat lady. Will end this awkward “ode to my dog” post.


besties in the making <3


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