We have had beautiful Lucy for two years now!!  Isn’t that crazy?  Two years ago we adopted Lucy into our family  and haven’t looked back.  Lucy is one big sassy fur ball of cuteness and love.

A few nights ago she had her second and third seizure in a twelve hour period. :(. Since this was my second and third experiences with it i didn’t panic the way i did the first time (Lucy Scare) but I did have some flash forwards for a life without her.  only deep sadness came to mind.  =(

With her seizures I’ve noticed a pattern~~ she jumps up runs around like someone is chasing her and then stops short in full seizure mode.  Her body tightens, freezes, she chomps, a little foam comes out of her mouth, she pees on herself and then falls over in a swimming dog motion.  SUPER SCARY to witness and I feel so powerless watching it all happen.

This time around, since I knew what was happening I tried to soothe her and told her how much I loved her.  I pet her gently soothing her as best as I could until it was all over.  Then I picked her up, wrapped her in a blanket and held her for a while.  (cut to a long silence of me imagining a life without her…tear)


Thankfully my friend from college is a vet in LA and I rushed her to him the next morning.  He did a blood test, checked her vitals and just gave her the love and care we both needed.  Blood results came back ok (not perfect) and we have to put her on a little medication for her liver (which is a relief that it’s not necessarily neurological)… but sigh…I think I need to make a lot of changes for her diet and making sure she exercises more.

I hope and pray that Lucy and Charlotte have a long life together of playing, making messes, getting into trouble and just being the best of friends.  ^^

[BTW if you’re in the LA area and want a trustworthy vet~ I recommend Park Animal Hospital in Simi Valley.  Far if you’re not out in the Valley but TOTES worth it.  I drive out there 1-3 times a year to check on Lucy’s health and it’s the best investment of time, gas and money!  Jae Yoo (my vet) has the sweetest bedside manner (which is muy importante to me), is very honest about the needs of Lucy (rather than other vets pressuring me to get extra shots and tests I don’t need), and is just so darn good with her!  I’ve been to a few vets in the last two years and they always seemed apathetic or sleazy with an end goal of charging me an arm and a leg.  Dr. Yoo and Park Animal Hospital are definitely the opposite of that!  AND I’m saying this as a very very picky, needy patient.  LOL]




below is a pic of morning cuddles before daycare.  they love each other so~ even though lucy is terrified of c, she is always so curious about her and tries to be near her. ^^


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