Favorite things

Right now there are small things in my life that make me happy~

1. Bliss lotion from Nordstrom rack.  It is super thick (for winter skin)  and I like the smell. 🙂  
2. My zucchini spiral-er. I pair it with a thick meat sauce since Mike and I are easing our way into healthier/low carb eating. Trying anyway.      

  3.  Persimmon season is here!!! Gahhhhh. 
 4.  Fall leaves in Sacramento. Sooo prettyyyy.

5. This adorable bunny plate I snagged for c in old town sac.  
6.  Banana yogurt from trader joe’s.  

8. Holiday drinks from Starbucks   

9. My new large weekender from le sportsac!  I’ve been wanting one of these for a while now and I finally picked one up!  😀

Hmm by favorite things it looks like I meant mainly food. Lol 

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