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[how cute is my little boo above here??  she is my special fur babe. ^^]

another installment of random things in my life curated into one long post =)  bear with me ya’ll, this one might be a long one…

  1. i’ve been feeling super run down lately.  not only physically tired but mentally as well.  i feel like my memory card is full and i need a system reboot.  C has been sick off and on (mostly on) for 7 weeks now.  that means she no longer sleeps through the night b/c she has a stuffy nose and sometimes she wakes up 3 times a night.  i wanna DIE. those nights.  DIE.  The lack of sleep, time for myself, and just REST has taken its toll~~ i’m like a zombie going about my day.  I can do big picture stuff, but the details are just painful.  Not great for the work place.  double sigh.
  2. pros about the nights above?  in the middle of the night when i’m feeding c or comforting her, i squeeze her extra tight and try to make a mental memory of her little body melted into mine.  i try to memorize her little grunts and soft cries as she tries to soothe herself back to sleep.  oh and her sleeping face?  i DIE.  i love how peaceful it is, how her little lips protrude out, how she sucks in her sleep and how her cheeks are chubbier than ever.  swooooon.  and her little hands moving around while she sleeps??? adorrrrbs.
  3. C moved into her own room about 2-3 weeks ago.  i may or may not be sleeping in there as well… meybe.  (insert side eye emoji)  at first i slept on the freaking ground for about 1.5-2 weeks.  then i went back to my own bed for 1 weekend.  THEN i smarted up and started sleeping on our single air mattress in her room. =D  i dunno… i know this is SUCH a bad habit but i have major separation anxiety!  i feel like i spend so little time with her and if she cries in the middle of the night i want to be a few steps away, not a whole room away.  sigh… i know i got problems.  part of me does keep thinking that this baby stage is so temporary and fleeting~ i have every right to cling and sleep by her side.  hahah RIIIIGHT??IMG_0822 [c with her toys.  gf LOVES her toys]
  4. we got a housekeeper.  FREAKING CHANGED MY LIFE.  i had this really big guilt battle over getting one for YEARS.  i felt like i was being lazy or it was a waste of money~~ that a housekeeper would be stupid for us to get.  even when i was pregnant and feeling so miserable~ we still cleaned the house ourselves.  after baby, i still had that mindset and i think we were doing well for a while but mike and i were just EXHAUSTED.  we are over tired, we have so many other things going on and it just seemed like the time we spent away from C to clean wasn’t worth it.  it would literally take us a whole weekend to clean since we were tired and had to take turns watching C.  But the housekeepers we got are BOMB.  2 people clean EVERYTHING you can think of (and things you didn’t even KNOW needed to be cleaned) in under 3 hours.  i will now forever use a housekeeper.  totally worth the time, money and stress relief.  Mike has tried to convince me for years to get one and he was totally right!  =P  now…i’m even considering a laundry service.  laundry service and a chef to cook in bulk once a week would be HEAVEN.
  5. oh did i mention that i talk about needing a driver???  continuing my point from above about how time is gold these days~~ if i could have a driver i would be 5x more productive.  i could work in the car, get a bunch of errands done, watch a friggin TV show or movie, and be able to have “me time” in the back seat.  even napping on the way to and from work/daycare would be life changing.  i have no idea how much this even costs but WHEN (not if) i win the lotto this will be my first splurge!!  heheheheheeeeeee
  6.  i am OBSESSED with podcasts.  OBSESSED.  i have enough in my queue to last like 3 days.  lolll
  7. over veteran’s day i had the day off (and unexpectedly so did c), so i took her to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned and to my hair appointment.  i called ahead to those places to let them know about C and they were all SOOO accommodating!  i loaded up c’s car seat with tons of toys and she played for about 30 min at each place.  after that she got fussy and wanted OUT.  luckily the receptionists at each place were more than happy to play with her while i finished up.  win for mommy =)
  8. i am STILL slowly throwing out tons of things.  this past week i gave away almost all of my shoes (or the old ones that no longer fit), I’ve given away tons of clothes i wear all the time but hate, and gone through my jewelry and given away tons of things i don’t wear.  what is TERRIBLY sad is i probably wear 1 big suitcase full of stuff and the rest is just… THERE.  i know i should be brave and just toss all of it but that freaks me out.  so in the meantime…i will slowly continue to throw things away at my snail’s-hoarder instinct-pace.  btw, i tossed my berkies. =T  bittersweet.  those babies got me through some tough times when i was pregnant.  >.<
  9. i have about 8-9 months of magazines piled up in the corner of our living room.  i refuse to throw them away because i’m convinced i’ll have a day to read it all and feel normal again.  fashion mags + nail polish symbolize youth and “free time” to me so i’m CONVINCED i’ll be able to get back there shortly.  (fingers crossed)
  10. i obsessively watch youtube vlogging videos of a girl (that shall not be named) who i know is annoying and everyone around me thinks is too…but it’s like a weird drug.  i can’t stop watching her!!!!  ahhh i need a serious intervention.  i also watch a few other embarrassing video bloggers but i have a weird sick obsession with one in particular.  LOLLLLLLL
  11. ok, last very funny and very weird thing…..when i can’t fall asleep at night or i’m stuck in traffic, i ALWAYS think about what i would do in a zombie apocalypse or if there was a natural disaster.  i prepare a mental list of things i need, actions i would take, etc etc etc.  hahaha  SO WEIRD right??? but i very seriously think about this all the time.  puhahahahaha  i told my brother and mike about it recently and it was REALLY entertaining.  we compared lists of things we would get, what we would do, etc.  conclusion? i would actually be the first to die.  i never realized i would need WEAPONS!  gahh i only thought about food, water, meds and baby stuff.  sigh.

anyway~ hope you guys had a great weekend!!!  happy mondayyyyyy~~  xoxoxo

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