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A lot of big firsts have been happening in the Blair household which have been both exciting and bittersweet.  Charlotte is growing like a weed and I can’t believe how fast time is FLYING by!

C is 6.5 months old now and just the most incredible, amazing, super happy baby around.  I love each second with her and I’m trying to savor EVERY SECOND I have while she is this age and going through this stage of life.

We have been going through MANY firsts in the Blair home and these are just three of the big ones below!

  1.  We have successfully moved C into her own room.  She’s still in the bassinet (b/c the vibrating function is clutch), but it was huge for us to put her in her own room and get her used to being there.  [i may or may not be sleeping in the room “just in case”.  and i may or may not have major separation anxiety about leaving her in a room by herself. ^^]  
  2. C is CRAWLING!!  not just scooting anymore but FULL BLOWN CRAWLING.  cray.  i’m SOOOO happy for her and this new stage she is going through, i’m a LIIIIITTLE sad and stressed that now we can’t just leave her sitting quietly with toys like we used to.  C loves finding things to crawl too and much to our dismay~ it’s always lucy’s toys or treats.  >.<  sigh….   3. C can STAND!!!  not on her own of course, but she can pull up like a champion and if we prop her up standing, she will stay there trying to balance herself for about 30 seconds to a minute.  SO RAD.  she’s also slowly scaling the couch and reaching out for things that are surface level to her face.  We need to order baby proofing stuff on amazon ASAP.  thank GOD for prime.

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  1. Omg est!! She’s sooo advanced!! That’s super fast to be crawling and pulling to a stand!! I bet she’ll be RUNNING by her 1st birthday lol~~

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