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i have so many random things to say or reflect on that i’m going to try to make this a series of “fun things…”  every week is probably too much, so maybe bi-monthly?  anyway, here’s this new installment. =D

  1. i’ve been wearing glasses more lately.  i used to NEVER wear them and thought it was too frumpy of me.  but……it’s a freaking miracle if i brush my teeth in the morning and wash my hair at night.  so glass is ok!  lol
  2. my commute has gone from 40 min total per day to 2 hours.  i have stocked my car with snacks, water bottles, and random things that i can’t live without (chapstick, etc).  so weird that i can’t last 2 hours with a freaking granola bar and water~ but i can’t.  my hanger gets real ya’ll.
  3. i was just able to put my engagement ring on for the first time in a year and i feel like a newly engaged person again.  i can’t stop staring my ring or my left hand.  LOL  definitely takes me back.
  4. mike HATES all the shoes i own.  i need to get some new ones.  b/c i am convinced my feet are still “shrinking” back, i only wear the same 2-3 pairs.  he has told me on many occasions that i need to throw them all away and start over again.  LOLLLLL  i think it’s hilarious that he is more concerned with my shoe fashion than i am.
  5. i got in a tiny fender bender back in early october and the other lady drove away before i could do anything!  i tried chasing her down but i lost her.  when it happened i was like “SHIIIZ mike is gonna kill me!!”.  luckily the damage was super duper minor, no one was hurt, and  mike didn’t kill me after all.  he did let out a few deeeeeeeep sighs tho.  eek.  sowy.
  6.  i just found out you burn 20 calories for every 1 oz of breastmilk you pump.  more motivation to increase my supply!  a girl i know can make 2 GALLONS a day.  waaaaaaaaaaaat.  that is a little more than 5000 calories a day.  i would kill for that supply and metabolism to go with it.  i’d be the skinniest new mama on the block.  (insert sexy hip pose)
  7.  i actually like working.  not sure if i can say i love my job, but i like the routine and schedule of working.  this was a huge surprise for me since i think about being a housewife/stay at home puppy mama all the time.
  8.  i’ve been so busy that i haven’t been watching tv or my shows.  our dvr is like at 90% always because i’m so behind.  what’s HILARIOUS is that the DVR showed mike how busy i was and he started to talk to me about taking more time for myself.  LOL  now when we’re at home he always wants me to watch my shows and does more around the house to make sure i can sit and see an episode of something.  now… is that super sweet of him or is it a little selfish since it means he can’t record his own shoes?  hmmmmm…interesting…food for thought.
  9.  i limit my caffeine intake and always have to plan it out so that i drink it right when i’m pumping.  one of my biggest wishes as of late is to drink 3 (or 5) venti iced lattes without guilt or worrying about it going into my milk.  >.<  wahhhh
  10. i got a coconut milk iced latte recently b/c i saw chriselle lim and song of style drinking em.  LOL  not terrible.  definitely “diet” but not bad.  i love whole milk or 2% milk lattes.  so rich and creamy.
  11.  i never pegged myself as this person, but i’ve turned into a hippie dippy “breast is best” kind of a person.  never ever thought i would be like that.  at first i thought i would do formula mainly or maybe nurse for 3 months.  soon my goal changed to nurse for 6 mo, then it turned into 7 mo, and now my goal is 1 year.  not sure if i can really make it but i will be SO FREAKING PROUD of myself i can.  i have so much pride in myself and my ability to do this as a mom (no matter my other shortcomings as one are).  i love watching her gain weight and grow like a weed drinking my milk~~makes me feel SO GOOD.  i’m someone who always takes short cuts and the easy way out of things.  i’m surprised at my commitment towards this one area of my life.  shocked.  i asked mike recently if he knew this about me and he said yes~ he knew how intense i was. LOLL i mean… i lugged a backpack of milk + ice around disneyland all day in august so that i could bring it back home to C.  puhahahaha
  12. i heart korean dramas.  i’m obsessed.  i even think about the story lines on my commute.  puhahaha
  13. i’m slowly accepting that i’m not in my 20s… >.<  makes me sad.

till next bi-monthly post. =)  hope you enjoyed these little random snippets of my life and thoughts.  ^^

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