Goodbye Excess Makeup


In my PB Life (pre-baby), I have always had drawers full of makeup, nail polish and beauty ANYTHING.  I loved going to Target and looking through the beauty aisles and trying new things.  Unfortunately over the last year I haven’t had a chance to do that nor have I really had the desire too.  I’ve been very slowly cleaning out each of our cupboards/drawers/closets to make room for baby things and this was one of the last things I had left to tackle.  Mainly b/c I have a weird attachment to it and secondly…what if i need it later???  But the truth is, I only use what’s in my daily makeup bag and very very rarely look through my drawers for other things.  Back in the day when I was going to clubs, vegas, out with the girls… I experimented with colors and products.  But these days if I put makeup on, I want it to be quick and easy.  Gone are the days I experiment with eyeliner brands, colors and styles.  =T  I need products I know are good, work perfectly with my skin and are easy to apply.

SOOO alas…i cleared out half of these products.  I kept most of the lip ones and tossed everything that was over a year old and was not using.  feels REALLY REALLY good to do that.

recently also cleaned out all accessories too and found that if i do wear jewelry or sunnies, i only wear the same ones over and over again.  so that was really easy to clean out.  =)  I recommend doing a purge if you have as much crap as me!   xx

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