Life Lately

so many things to update on and never enough time.  sigh.  story of my life eh?

  1. went to the most beautiful wedding in SF recently.  one of my closest college besties got married.  i’ll post more photos from the wedding latahs.IMG_5782 IMG_5824
  2. i’m going through a super crazy vermicelli phase.  anything with those noodles and i’ll down it!IMG_0021
  3. when mike leaves town, i always order out since i’ve got c and am doing it all alone.  with my new vermicelli phase this was the most delicious meal of my life.IMG_0006
  4. i got a new iphone!!!  never owned one before and this is my first.  i’ve had it for about 1 week and still have no idea how to use it.  i haven’t transferred the line over so i’m still using my droid since it’s much easier for me to use.  LOLLLL
  5. Halloween is here!!  We took C to a pumpkin patch, dressed her up in 3 different costumes, and just really went cway for her first halloween.  I’ll post more pics later but here’s one adorrrrrable one to hold you over.  LOL IMG_6069
  6. This weekend my bestie’s getting married and i’m SOOOOOO exciiiiited.  I know it’s going to be GORGEOUS and I’ll ugly cry the entire time.  lol  (eye roll) it’s apparently my thing when i’m up there.  i ruin all wedding pics b/c of it.  AND the coolest part is that C is gonna be a flower girl!!!  sooooo exciting… =D

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