Breastfeeding + Water


gahhh this one is so hard for me.  i HATE drinking water.  HATE IT.  give me a bucketful of coffee or tea but water is my enemy.  i’ve heard so many times how much you’re supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day~ it’s good for your body~ blah blah blah.

currently i’m nursing C and i barely make enough for one day’s worth of bottles.  i’m doing my best to eat the right things and take the right supplements to increase my supply but nothing has made a large difference.  =T

someone recently suggested that i try drinking 2 gallons of water per day to increase my supply.  sigh.  it’s like death by water.  i calculated that i either have to drink 7-8 of these camel bak bottles above OR 16 water bottles.  waaaaaahhhhhh

drinking this much water is a freaking full-time job.  i haven’t reached my goal yet but i’ve been drinking way more than normal.  that’s all i can ask for right?  i’m still waiting to see if it works and if my supply increases.  let’s hope all this work is worth it!  i seriously pee every 30-40 minutes.  >.<

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