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c above in the bath. =)  isn’t she just the CUTEST???  she LOVES bath time and would stay in there all night if she could.  i’m hoping that means she’ll love swimming too?

anyway, i have done SO MANY fun things with friends these past few weeks but of course i have no pictures to show for that.  sigh.  i used to be really good about taking pictures with friends but i’m a little preoccupied these  days… lol

some updates:

  1. i found c a daycare!!!   3 actually…ironic huh?  the one i love in ktown can’t take her until november 30th so she’ll be going to a temporary one for 2 months until then.  the temporary one is also AMAZING so there’s a small option to keep her there if we want.  something ironic that happened is my number 1 choice daycare in west LA/westwood area called me and told me there was a spot.  !@#*!)@(#*!@  AFTER i paid the temporary one $1200 upfront to hold my place.  sigh.  i have about 2 months to decide if we want to send her to the west LA location or keep her in ktown to go to my #1 choice in ktown.  what is SO frustrating is that i was beyond stressed about finding a daycare and everyone kept turning me down.  now that i found one (two) they’re ALL calling me telling me there’s space!  rawr.  mike and i are happy we have 3 great options for C and we’ll just take it as it comes.  all that stress and it all comes to a weird ending… =T
  2. work is slowing down and with my daycare stress out of the way i’m finally feeling more normal.  i still have the worst memory and i look/feel crazy~ but i’m not as tense as i used to be.  now i just need to incorporate one glass of wine a night and i think i’ll start to feel more like myself! =D
  3. BREASTFEEDING.  such a beast of a topic and i’m so lost.  no one i know seems to have the same issues as me so i’m considering making an appointment with a lactation consultant at kaiser (or just phone appt).  lame.
  4. i’m balding in the front b/c my hair is still falling out in alarming chunks.  i’m considering chopping it off but…i look REALLY bad with short hair.  we’ll see how this all goes down.  for now i just look super nasty all the time.  (see family photo below…)
  5. my body is finally returning back to normal (or as much as it can).  it’s been almost 4 months and i’m back to my pre-baby weight.  my body SHAPE and proportions are different but i don’t feel as oompa loompa-y as i did before.  clothes are slowly fitting again.  i’m a bridesmaid for 2 weddings in October so i have to start doing some light cardio and skipping the ice cream at night.  let’s hope i’m not the fattest bridesmaid in each wedding. =(
  6. i go back to work full-time sept 20th and i’m so sad.  i’m incredibly grateful for this transition time i had between maternity leave and being back in the office full-time but it’ll be hard.  i wish i could have the best of both worlds… like working everyday 8-12pm and then coming home to play with c while still making the same each month (and possibly getting raises in the future).  puhahaha    oh well… i’m just so glad i got to be here during c’s first few months and soak it all up.
  7. C is doing SO MANY cool things.  she’s so engaging, can play on her own for 10-15 minutes now, LOVES trying to sit up/stand, looks like she wants to try solids soon, is sticking out her tongue, watching her hands more than ever, can touch her feet, and just smile/laugh whenever she sees us.  the raddest feeling in the world is being able to make her smile.  gives me SO MUCH satisfaction and pleasure.  haha weird right?  i love knowing what makes her laugh, what makes her smile and how to soothe her when she’s fussy.  the second best feeling in the world is getting a fussy c to fall asleep on me before bedtime.  i love feeling her body get heavier and heavier as she falls asleep.  i KNOW that many people say this is a bad habit and you shouldn’t rock a baby to sleep blah blah blah.  BUT… c is only going to be this little for so long.  i love holding her and getting those extra snuggles in before she gets too big.  my favorite is when it’s just us at night or in the middle of the night and i get to soothe her.  (more on that in my next post about c’s first cold).

anyway… obviously the only cool thing happening in my life these days is baby c.  sorry for all the baby talk all the freaking time.  i’m sure soon enough i’ll have new hobbies and more fun things to talk about!  LOL  hope ya’ll are having a great week.


tried taking pics of 3 babies together and well…it was a disaster.  hehehe  but isn’t this adorable??  i can’t wait for these girls to grow up together!  mike’s HS besties had baby girls and these little ones will be fwends as the years go on. <3




sorry my ugly feet are in the pic too.  i was playing with C in the jumper and lucy of course had to press herself up against me so i could pet her.  lol  that little spoiled b.  BUT, she’s my spoiled b. =D


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  1. Ummm … SHE IS ADORBS!!!! SO freakin cute!!!

    Just out of curiousity and if you don’t mind me taking a stab at it .. What are your breastfeeding issues? I had a lot of problems with baby #1 so I saw a lactation nurse/researched a lot and I had no issues with #2 so just wondering if I might be able to help 🙂

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