Markel and Me: 7 Years of Bliss

OMG i can’t believe i forgot to post this on August 1st!  eek.  better late than never right?


Today is our 7th year/anniversary of knowing each other and being together.  WOWZA.  Can’t believe how fast time has flown by!  I know, I know, I say that every year but it’s true.  And I am SO SO SO lucky to have the best partner, husband, baby daddy and puppy daddy around.  I could not get through life without him and each day is better and more fulfilling with him in it.  Love him to death.  Cannot wait for the future and the next year to come. <3






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Celebrating Baby Emery


oh myyyy i can’t believe i didn’t post about this sooner!  a few weeks ago i got the chance to celebrate baby emery’s impending arrival. <3

baby emery will be 4 months younger than C AND live in the same apartment complex!! =D =D =D  sooooo psyched for two girls to be besties, frenemies, and sisters through life!  here are pics from the gorgeous and beautiful day.







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child care drama rama


(c was barely 2 months here. she looks so diff now! cway)

the biggest stressor of my life right now is finding c a daycare/nanny.  i literally had no idea it would be this hard or disappointing.  i’ve been to SOOOOO many daycares and home daycares.  you wouldn’t believe how much they charge for dirty facilities or bad service.  i found some that i would NEVER go back to, others were aiite, and then i found 3 that i’m DYING for c to get into.  of course the 3 that i love have no spots and i’m on the waitlist.  sigh.

i’ve gotten so desperate that i ask everyone and anyone about daycares.  i stop people in my neighborhood who have babies.  i even looked at the mommy groups on facebook and messaged random people.  i’m THAT mom now.  sad face.

i’m stuck between sending c to a daycare that is aiiite or going WAY above our budget to a great daycare (like bright horizons).  i’m not sure which is better or smarter.  my head says “go above your budget” but then that’s not realistic either… how would we live or pay our bills?  lol

i see coworkers send their kids to daycares i think are just aiite and those kids are growing up beautifully.  is it just me?  are my expectations too high?  is it just bad timing?  am i not pushy enough with the daycares to get get the next spot in line?

i’ve now resorted to looking through the korean phonebook and online websites.  um…my korean is pretty terrible and i am barely getting by trying to find daycares.  i call in my broken korean and the women correct my speech as i go through the conversation.  sigh.  is this all just the growing pains of being a new mama?

do any of you guys know of a great daycare of infants?????  CLEAN daycares who love babies and hold them??  PLEASE MESSAGE ME AND RECOMMEND SOME!  or even a fabulous nanny!!

you wouldn’t believe how many places do not hold babies unless they cry or don’t have clean floors.  how is it that a baby crawling and drooling and eating everything will be doing all that on dirty floors??? $%^@#$(*)!@(#*)!@(#*!)@(#!@*)(&$

for the next two weeks i am literally visiting 7 daycare centers and mike is visiting 3.  blahhhh.

keep your fingers crossed we find something amazing!! xoxo

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Family Picnic at SG & Sleep Training

last weekend markel and i went to a family picnic at our church where we got to hang out with parents, their kids, and eat delicious food.  despite the 104 degree weather we had a GREAT time.  it felt SOOO GOOD to talk to parents with babies C’s age about the tiniest, stupidest details like: when your baby sucks on your fingers for the first time; night and day sleep habits; breast milk transportation; traveling with a baby; drooling all over the place; teething and fake out teething; etc.  i didn’t realize how much i needed to do that until the picnic.

i think about c and these tiny details about 10 million times a day.  i stress over it and OBsess over it while i’m driving, brushing my teeth, eating, working, walking, sleeping…  so to FINALLY talk about it to my hearts content REALLY REALLY filled me with joy and stress relief.  i can’t really explain how refreshing and soul soothing it was to do that.  to hear other parents worry about the same things, the same stages, the same future problems… just felt GOOOD.  i’m excited for C to go to sunday school and for us to participate in more family activities because i really need it.  i think i’m tense all the time b/c i internally stress.  but being able to share that and discuss it in a group of parents just really relaxed me from the inside and released that tension that had been building.  SO WEIRD to describe it all but i feel much more sane these days… =)



ok now onto the COOLEST part of my week and the best thing i ever learned from the family picnic… SLEEP TRAINING!

so everyone knows the normal sleep training method is where you put your baby down at a specific bedtime each night and let her cry it out so that the baby eventually learns to soothe herself to sleep.  mike and i tried that a few times and i just found it cruel.  C is a BABY.  she can’t understand anything except that she’s tired, hungry or uncomfortable.  hearing her scream was just not the route i was comfortable with and my mom was adamant about not doing it either.  she is a really really big proponent of emotional development and how babies need to know they are loved, safe and taken care of.  only then do they grow up comfortably with big hearts, happy and positive personalities and high self-esteem.  i don’t know much about emotional development but based on me and my brother i guess i would agree. =P

anyway, so at the picnic one mom had read a book about a new way to put your baby down.  you basically put her down with a paci and then back away from the crib.  if she fusses and cries you pick her up, soother her, then put her down again.  you repeat until the baby falls asleep.  so the idea is that the first time it may take 50 tries, the second time maybe 30 tries and eventually you’ll be able to put the baby down and she will go to sleep on her own without fussing.  LOVED this idea.  LOVE that i’m right there if she needs me but the idea and routine to have her sleep on her own is still there.

we started on her 100 days (baek-il) and she fell asleep on the FIRST TRY!!  hallelujahhhhhh~~ she fell asleep at 10pm on a saturday and mike and i danced with joy.  we meant to watch tv, hang out, spend time together, enjoy the moment… but we KNOCKED OUT instead.  lol  it’s the little victories right?

second and third nights took a little bit more.  we had to do it about 4-5 times each night and eventually she would suck on her paci and fall asleep.  (the vibrating bassinet has been clutch)

this week C has been going to sleep by 9:30pm each night and we are in HEAVEN.  she either wakes up once at 4am to eat or she will actually sleep through the night until about 8am-9am the next morning.  sweeEEeeeeet!!  i feel like the heavens opened up, the sun came out and i’m a TOTALLY new person.  i’m sleeping more, i’m actually smiling and i feel way more in control (which i learned is a big deal for me).  HUGE moment in the blair house. HUGE.

anyway, if you see a smile on my face or i don’t have huge bags under my eyes you’ll know why. =D  SLEEEEEP~~~ zzzzZZZZzzzzzzzzzz  does a body good!

(note: i think trying this at 100 days and not sooner was a good call for us.  she was already starting to sleep 8-10 hours through the night and she was old enough to not have to wake up to feed.  had we tried this at 2 months or earlier…i’m not sure how successful it would have been.  but (shrug) who knows.)


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Charlotte’s Baek-il (100 Days) Part II


SOOO many thoughts about the last three months that i’ve been slowly updating… i thought perhaps a little summary of the last 100 days would be the easiest way to sum it all up!

Month One: Survival

when charlotte came out, i immediately thought “this was worth it, i can do this 4 more times”.  LOL  that sounds crazy but i really had the WORST pregnancy and seeing C come out erased all of that in an instant.  i didn’t have gestational diabetes or braxton hicks or preclampsia.  BUT…i swear it was worse.   hah  the first 5 months i was sick as a dog.  i felt like crap and i looked like crap.  i LITERALLY laid on my office floor (how freaking nasty is that) several times a day b/c sitting up made me sick.  i could only drink soda and eat carbs with melted cheese, watermelon and strawberries~ everything else made me sick.  it was the worst 5 months of my life and i can’t believe i survived it.  the remainder of my pregnancy i had the worst pregnancy mask (acne/bacne/chestne/neckne), my body turned DARK everywhere (barf), i had really bad carpel tunnel, my feet grew TWO shoe sizes and i was SUPER DUPER swollen (hello triple size nose).

but seeing this little baby come out and be placed on my chest…LIFE CHANGING.  i can’t even describe it or go into detail about the emotions but it was the coolest, raddest, gnarliest, most incredible moment of my life.  my 10 months of misery was all worth it the moment i saw charlotte and i could seriously do it again 100 times more.  (mike obviously feels differently since he had to take care of me during the 10 months.. bahaha)

ok sorry…moving on…to the point about this post…

during the first month you’re still in total shock that you have a baby.  you have no idea how to do anything, you’re adjusting to this new personality and trying to figure out a schedule (when there is no schedule).  I would say the sleep deprivation doesn’t hit until week 3 or 4 because you’re running high on adrenaline.

for us c slept like a rock the first 2.5 weeks.  she was a DREAM baby and she never cried unless hungry.  i was trying to figure out the whole breastfeeding thing (such a pain) and ended up giving c formula to supplement from the start b/c i wasn’t making enough (still don’t) which helped her to sleep for longer stretches at a time.  C slept 4-7 hours at night and we thanked God for the PERFECT baby.

yea right.  that all changed weeks 3-5.  she cried at night, had a backwards schedule and we just had no idea what was going on.  everything seemed like a “growth spurt”.  C also started to have bad gas and began spitting up after meals (gripe water and new bottles to the rescue!).  eventually we got all of that under control but we were definitely frazzled and sleep deprived by the end since she woke up every 1-3 hours during the night.  i do NOT miss that.

i slept on the couch and on the floor of our living room for weeks 3-5.  sometimes i’d wake up confused about where i was and what i was doing on the floor.  then i’d remember the BABY and check if she were still breathing!  sigh…she always was.  THANK GOD.

Month Two: Settling in, Checking things out

for me, month 2 was the “overwhelming” month.

around week 6 c started to fall into a schedule and things got better and better.  around week 4 and 5 i tried to sleep train her a little and do a bunch of different methods to switch her sleep schedule around but nothing worked.  that was really stressful but once i relinquished the reins and let her do her~~ things got WAY better.

c started to sleep 4-6 hours at a time during the night, she had a more consistent schedule, she was starting to do REALLY cool things (reach out, lift her arms, smile, coo, look around, etc), and i got brave enough to take C out by myself!!  that was a a HUGE milestone for me personally.  the first month i just couldn’t go outside with her alone.  I felt very nervous about everything since we live in an apartment building with a TON of stairs.  it’s not wheelchair access or stroller friendly so the idea of doing it all on my own seemed like too much.  i began using the ergo and taking C out to places on my own.  that was HUGE.  i had a lot of fears but the more i took her out, the stronger and more confident i felt that i could do it.

mike even did test talks with me around our neighborhood and apartment building so that i could get the hang of it.  this sounds SO sad and crazy…like i’m pathetic but during that time i really really needed his support and his help in getting over my fears.

i just felt SO overwhelmed by everything during month two.  i became super OCD, worried about everything, stressed about daycare and started dreading going back to work~ which i had to do when she was 2.5 months.  the list goes on and on but month two was filled with a lot of worries and transitions for me.  lots of wine, tears, meltdowns and sleepless nights during this time.


Month Three: Sleeping and Kinda getting the Hang of things (kind of)

starting a little before c turned 3 months, she began to sleep 8-10 hours a NIGHT without waking up.  HALLELUJAHHHHHHHH

but the thing that i am just SOOO amazed by is that at the 100 day mark both baby and i overcame a huge hump.  i can’t quite describe it but C is more mature and able to handle changes better.  she has a pretty predictable schedule and it is getting easier to anticipate the next step/mood.  i am starting to breath more as a mom as well.  i feel less stressed about certain things and i am getting more and more confident as a mom.  AND the best part is that we have FINALLLLLY sleep trained her!!  we started on her 100 days and she’s been doing BEAUTIFULLY since then.  more on sleep training in tomorrow’s post! =D

the entire point of this post was really just to say—there’s a reason why koreans celebrate 100 days.  the baby and the parents are in a really great place: they’ve overcome the craziness of the newborn stage and the family is ready to start a routine and begin life as a family.  i feel like i have gotten the hardest part of the baby stage behind me and we have all survived.  baby is alive, healthy and happy.  parents are now sleeping.  YAAS, score!  and you see the baby start showing peeks into her personality.  i am SOOOO obsessed with her and i am enjoying each second with her.  cannot wait to see what the next milestones and months ahead will be like!

this post was ridiculously long and i went on several tangents.  sigh but that’s just how my mind is these days…sowy.

btw–working mom life is SO SO SO hard.  you kiiiinda see articles about mom’s juggling things, career moms, blah blah blah but i never got it until i went back to work.  you’re literally torn because you want to be at home with your baby but then you feel guilty for enjoying your time back in the office surrounded by adults.  the guilt of not being at home and the guilt about not putting 110% into work is constant.  i’m always stressing about work, the baby, the home, my body, etc.  my mind never takes a break!


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Charlotte’s Baek-il (100 Days)


last saturday my little babe turned 100 days old.  for most i know this milestone isn’t even a blip on the radar screen but for Koreans it’s quite the big day(read about it here and here).  I went into this 100-day celebration with no plans or expectations.  Just a little dduk cake and some fruit on the table.  ha.  it turned into something much more elaborate.  LOL  i think that always happens with me.  (read: our baby shower…here).  i just couldn’t help myself.  shrug.  i wish it could have been WAY  MORE but time has not been on my side.  so this was all i could put together. =T

i have to say, there is something so special about planning an event for your little one.  not sure how to describe it but the is an overwhelming feeling of love, care and intention that goes into planning your babies baek-il.

more on my emotions and feelings about this big day later.  this post is just all about the photos. <3

IMG_4873IMG_4982[1]miss c was using the dduk cake as her foot rest.  sigh.  i didn’t even catch that until way later.  yikes.  luckily she’s not walking and her feet are clean???


seeing how much my brother loves both lucy and charlotte seriously melts my heart.  i always saw that sisters had tight bonds with their neices but i was really blown away by the love and enthusiasm david had with my girls.  he was really into putting C to sleep, figuring out her habits, making her laugh and spending every second with her.  i feel sooo lucky to have him as my brother and their uncle.  yes “their”.  lucy is my fur babe afterall.  =P


can yo usee my bald spot on the side of my hairline?  wahhhh

chang family unite! xo


my gorgeous little babe. <3  can’t get enough of her cheeks and chunk and deliciousness!

IMG_4930[1] IMG_4935[1] IMG_4953[1] IMG_4976[1]

they look alike right?!  lol  funnnnnies


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Welcome to Crazy Town…Known as My Life


i’ve been back at work for 5 weeks now and i can honestly say…life has been CRAY.  not only for me, but for C & M as well.  i think i create such a whirlwind of nonsense and chaos that they get swept up in the storm.


1. i cannot remember anything after 5 seconds.  i have to write it down, set an alarm or keep repeating it until it gets done.  i’m like a schizophrenic person when i’m trying to leave the house or get a chore done.  i have to repeat my list over and over again aloud.  can you imagine being around me while i get ready?  yikes.

2. i cannot do more than 1 thing at a time.  mainly because of the reason above but also because my brain just can’t move fast.  i feel like an old computer with no more memory left.  the hard drive is great but my memory is full.  i need a replacement or reboot stat.

3. i’m always SUPER tense about life.  i feel like i’m balancing 100 things on a tray and as i slowly put a few things down, life gives me a bucketful more to balance.  sigh.  #rude  that’s all i can say about that.

4. i’m constantly trying to find new ways to streamline or simplify our lives.  in the end… nothing is ever simple or streamlined.  doh! one positive thing is that we’ve been tossing tons of stuff to make room for all the baby stuff.  you wouldn’t believe how much space a jumper or bouncer takes up.

5. no matter how much we clean, 30 minutes later it’s chaos again.

6. we did 6 loads of laundry last saturday.  SIX.  nuff said.

7.  10,00 times a day i stuggle with:

wanting C to be asleep but then wishing she were awake to then realizing…no damn…i wish she were asleep…let me put her in the bouncer so she can chill…wait why isn’t she chill? is she gassy?  is she sick?…oh cool she’s just playing with her hands…sigh now i can get the dishes done… wait why isn’t she making any sounds?  is she sick?? is she gassy?  does she need something??  i want to play with her…ugh now she wants to play too much and i’m tired… GO TO SLEEP!  ooo she’s falling asleep… sigh… wait…she’s not falling asleep fast enough… FINALLY she’s asleep… i can look at instagram…hmm she’s been sleeping too long is she alive?? damn…i freaking woke her up… @#$)@#(*$)@#($@…here take the pacifier…wait she’s sucking on it too long & might get crooked teeth…why isn’t she sleeping?? let me put her in the ergo… crap will she get bow-legs??  let me take her outside to calm her down instead… uh oh she might get skin cancer, let’s go back in…

8. why has no one invented a freaking bottle that cleans itself or doesn’t need to be washed???  rawr.  we have 9 and i swear we wash them like 2x a day.  ALL OF THEM.  i want to die…


pics of my little babe.  i’m OBSESSED with her.  maybe too much…but whatever.  i reserve that right i freaking birthed her!  ok random rant for today done.  hope ya’ll are having a good week. =D


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the Pants struggle is real…


pants are my worst enemy right now.  wait, let me clarify…pants that don’t have elastic waist bands are uncooperative and mean.  i am almost down to my pre-baby weight but nothing really looks or fits the same.  and ironically i look better naked than i do in clothes.  not b/c my body is fab but i’m just really struggling with finding things that look good on me.

can’t i live in pjs or hawaiian mumus forever??  i wear this sexy purple mumu around the house i got from hawaii.  i like to think of it as a ladies or miss mumu.  not the old lady ones people make fun of.  puhahaha mike is always EXTRA pleased when i wear it outside to walk lucy or do laundry.  *sizzle *

anyway…i’m not sure where i’m really going with this post except that i hate pants and i’m currently on strike from wearing non-elastic ones.  EFF YOU tight pants.  your loss.  you’re missing out on my love handles, my extra cushy butt, wider hips, new stretch marks and cellulite.  hmph!

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Double Wide


What are these monsters you ask?  Oh…just my new feet.  My new 2 sizes bigger monster post-pregnancy feet. 🙁

Ok so they aren’t REALLY two sizes bigger, but they kinda are.  Let me explain…when I was preggers my feet swelled like 50 bees had stung each one.  Post pregnancy the swelling went down but the size and shape remained.  *sad face *  I went from a size 8 normal (but kinda on the wide side) to either a size 10 (because of the width) or a size 8/8.5 wide/double wide.  Are you confused?  BC yea so am I.

The mailman probably hates me bc I have ordered about 10 pairs of shoes recently and had to return them all.  Nothing fits right except my berks.  Good ‘ol, granola,  extra wide berks.  Sigh.  I can wear those to weddings when im a bridesmaid right?  The bride won’t mind?  Or to work with nice slacks?  Or better yet, as athletic shoes when trying to lose this baby weight?  Suuuuure…sure I can.  Sigh.
My next step is to go into a Payless shoes store (shudder) and check out their wide selection. 🙁  maybe I can find a few pairs of shoes to hold me over until I can sort out the situation south of my (c)ankles.  Double sigh.

Goodbye cute shoes.  Goodbye heels.  Goodbye normal feet.  Goodbye all department stores that sell normal shoes.  Hello orthopedics.  Hello ugly shoes.

Very seriously…what if my feet get bigger/wider with every child?  Gasp.

Let’s hold that delicious thought on this Tuesday morning and meditate on it.

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A few (maybe a lot of) things…

this is another hodge podge post with random things that are going on.  my days/weeks are seriously running together and i can barely keep track of what day it is.  sigh.  i hope this craziness slows down a bit.  instead of enjoying each day and second, mike and i are literally racing to just get stuff done.  i keep hearing that this baby stage is so short and we should really take our time soaking it up.  but where is the time??

a few things that i’ve learned about myself in the last 3 months…

1. i am a control freak.  i thought i was “chill” and “laid-back”.  umm no.  that was a a façade.  inside i’m a stress ball trying to control all the moving parts.  asking for help is super hard for me (which has resulted in 3 meltdowns so far… maybe more if you ask mike.  lol)

2. i am more obsessed with lucy than i thought.  lol  hahaha can that even be POSSIBLE you ask??  yes… yes it can.  more on that below…

3. i am MUCH more OCD than i thought.  as i visit daycares and do things around the house for charlotte i see how intense i feel about dirt, residue, germs, etc.

4. i really don’t need 9-10 hours of sleep a night.  i thought i would die if i didn’t get at least 8.  now i’m running on about 4-5 and i’m still alive.  shocker.  am i all there?  no.  do i stop midway through sentences and forget what i was talking about?  lol yes often.  but i’m alive!

5. instagram is no big deal.  gasp!  SHOCKING right?  i used to check insta like 10x a day.  now i’m lucky if i get through it once.  i was so stressed about missing stuff on my feed that i unfollowed like 60 people (out of 520).  i wanted to make sure i saw posts from my friends but who cares about the random stylist, blogger, artist, social media personality… right?!  i told mike how stressed out i was about this and he LITERALLY rolled his eyes and shook his head.  #firstworldproblems?  #mommyproblems?  puhaha


6. my hair is falling out in huge clumps.  sigh.  it’s disgusting how much hair is everywhere but i guess i just gotta get through this time.  my hair is growing back pretty coarse which i love.  that’s how my hair used to be and the it started to change in my mid-20s to fine textured hair.  oh the joys of pregnancy…not.


lucy.  oh lucy bear.  for the past 3 months we knew that lucy was hungry for attention/love and that we were constantly saying “bad” or “no”.  but this past week i started to see just how it was affecting her.  she was getting very protective and aggressive over things she would claim as hers in the house.  like a piece of plastic or paper that she would play with/rip up.  in the past if you tried to take it away she just let you.  but now she growls!  she protects it and gets mad.  🙁  then over the weekend she managed to get a piece of quesadilla off the table and ran away with it.  when i tried to take it away she was SUUPER pissed, growled a lot and almost bit mike!  (now even if lucy did bite mike she wouldn’t have punctured the skin~but it’s just the actual act that shocked us.)  we put her in her place with a lot of strong voices, had her sit down, lay down, and then did the whole caesar milan power play.  luckily, lucy hasn’t shown that kind of aggression since.  that incident really opened up our eyes to how we were neglecting her.  she has such a sweet, non-aggressive demeanor but the last few months of change has been too much for our little fur babe. =(

now we are taking the time to go back to her normal schedule and give her as much love as possible throughout the day/night/week.  after the baby came we took her out once a day (if she was lucky), we barely played with her and she went through a small depression.  now we take her out 3x a day so she can socialize with other dogs, get her energy out, and go back to the normal routine we used to have with her.  then when i’m home i try my best to give her love and make sure she’s happy too.  LOL

this sounds SO cray right?? i found out this weekend just how much i loved lucy.  i know a lot of dog owners who have given their dogs away after having a baby.  or at the very least wanted to give their dog away.  for me this entire situation showed me that i need to love, cuddle and spoil lucy even MORE.  puhahaha is that even possible??  it hurt my heart to see her personality change b/c of a lack of love.  she should always feel safe and happy in our home right?  i mean…she is my first baby afterall. =P


i bought these on a whim at bed, bath and beyond a few weeks ago and they are DERRRRICIOUS.  i only let myself have a few tiiiny pieces but i want to dump them in my mouth straight from the bag.  LOL  that’s how good they are.

what’s so strange is that before the baby i didn’t like chocolate.  but about 1 month before charlotte was born until now…i’m obsessed with it.  weird right?  hopefully it’ll go away soon.  i hate feeling so addicted to it.


this is seriously a meal for one.  LOL  mike was in columbia all last week and the thought of cooking for one was annoying.  the first few meals he was gone i ate cereal, heated up random tv dinners and ate sandwiches.  but after a while you want a delicious hot meal.  so this above was a “family deal” that i ate over two days.  i should have thought of this sooner!!  next time mike is out of town (which is often) i’m just ordering one big family meal to last while he’s gone.  not having to think about what to eat is such a time/life saver.  plus cooking for 1 is sad and not worth my time these days.


yummy looking right?!  i went to a new place called “the little easy” in downtown LA.  cajun food.  SOO yummy.  this was off their brunch menu above but i heard the dinner food is BOMB.  my friend and i went out to lunch after church (sans baby) and i had unlimited mimosas with this meal.  it felt so good to do something from my old life.  lol.  just throw back a few cocktails, talk about nonsense and pig out on delicious hearty food.  <3  mama needs these pockets of time to feel sane!


just a few pics of C. =)  we’re going to hawaii this december for christmas and new years.  i’m SOOOOO beyond excited.  it’ll be C’s first plane ride and i’ll get to spend time with my family.  before C, living in separate states was no biggie.  but now that she’s here, i REALLY REALLY miss my parents and my brother.  i want to spend every holiday with them and see them as much as possible.  it hurts my heart to think that C could grow up without knowing them or seeing them much.  *sad face *

sooo i’m determined to go to hawaii 2x per year or have my parents come to me at least 1x per year.  if not more…i’m plotting to have my parents move back soon if possible.  heh heh heh.*rubbing hands together *  luckily my brother is going to be in LA 2 weekends a month for the next 2 years.  i feel REALLLY REALLY lucky to have this time with him.  little lottie needs her samchoon to spoil her and love her to pieces.

below we took pics of c in a hawaiian outfit my mom bought her with hawaiian music in the background.  hehe we sent the video to my parents since we’re coming to see them in a few months!

c is changing and growing soooo much.  can’t believe how different she looks already.  sometimes she looks really asian and other times she looks more white.  crazy huh?  i’m guessing she will go back and forth the rest of her life.  she is the spitting image of mike.  i hope she has is gentle personality as well.  b/c i was NOT sweet or gentle growing up.  eek.

c is SUPER observant, alert and curious.  she loves to sit up and see things.  if you lay her down or hold her with the wall behind you she flips out.  it’s exciting to see her stare at objects and figure things out.  she can reach out now and looks at lucy all the time.  i can’t wait till she can pet her and they can interact together.  charlotte hits and kicks lucy all the time (by accident of course) and i love how lucy lets it happen.  she tries to get in a few licks when i’m not looking but it’s sweet to see them together.  can’t wait for more #lucyandlottie moments to happen!



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