Weekend Recap and Photodump

found this in my drafts inbox from June 1st!  eek.

Wow…seems like it’s been a while since I’ve written one of these!  And you know what??  It feels AMAZINGGGG.  After  being home for a month straight (minus doctor appointments)~~ it feels so good to start doing normal things and going outside.  Korean postpartum care is super strict and requires 21 days of staying warm, not showering, eating seaweed soup, and a BUNCH of other rules that would shock you if you’re not Asian.  LOL

I couldn’t last the 21 days for most of the postpartum care requirements but I did make it a point not to take C out if possible.  But now that the waiting period is ovahh, Markel and I took this past weekend to go out and get as much sun as possible.  I really needed a break!!  Being around other people, walking lucy, feeling the sun on my face and just doing NORMAL things was exhilarating.  I’m not even an outdoors person, but I REALLY REALLY needed the fresh air.

Below is the most amazing and decadent chocolate cake from Porto that our friends brought over (thanks libby and scott!). I normally don’t like chocolate but after the baby we born I have an insatiable craving for it. Weird right?

And here is a little photo of baby feet and toes. I can’t get enough of charlotte and I’m so sad she is getting big so fast!! 🙁 I wish she would stay the tiny newborn size foreverr. Time is passing so fast! Trying to soak up every second w C while I’m on maternity leave!! Xo


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