Father’s Day


This past Sunday was Mike’s first father’s day!  How exciting~~ ^^  We celebrated this big day in two parts: one with his family and one with ours (the three of us). <3

here’s our first family photo together!!  obviously i still have some pregnancy weight to lose but it felt so nice to be out and about and doing normal things!  i love this picture of our new family and i can’t wait to take WAYY more to come!!  with more babies and 1 more puppy if mike will let me.  hehehe

mike and his dad. =)  new dad and grandpa on this very special weekend!  charlotte obviously couldn’t be bothered to pose or care.  lol


to the best new dad and puppy dad in the world!!!


part of the blair fam bam with baby C. =)



on actual father’s day we spent the day walking around venice enjoying the neighborhood and taking pictures of the area.  we’re trying to take some pics and frame them for our living room so it was nice to get our feet wet while out and about. =)

wpid-20150621_135455.jpg wpid-20150621_131641.jpg wpid-20150621_132321.jpg wpid-20150621_132826.jpg wpid-20150621_133000.jpg wpid-20150621_141954.jpg wpid-20150621_131227.jpg wpid-20150621_130820.jpg wpid-20150621_130057.jpg wpid-20150621_125903.jpg

finally uncle hansie spending time with baby charlotte <3  adorable!







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