Work Uniforms and Fashion–Wearing the Same Thing Daily

my friend recently sent me this article that has had me thinking for the last several weeks about clothes, professionalism, time and money.  (Click Here for the Article)

work uniform

The idea is that you don’t spend time or money on work clothes because it’s been streamlined for you.  All you’re focusing on is the work at hand.  In the long run it’s supposed to make you more efficient/productive and serious.  The more I think about this concept, look in my closet, struggle to find outfits daily, etc etc etc ETC~~~ the more I want to adapt this “work uniform”.

I don’t believe I can wear white tops and black pants to work everyday~ but the concept is VERY attractive.  I like the idea of having 10-15 tops and trousers dedicated to work only.  It would make getting ready for work almost thoughtless and super easy.  I personally like louder items of clothing which would make matching things harder… but perhaps if my trousers are always black and i have 10 work tops (wild or plain) it would be ok?

I haven’t made any moves to make this happen, but it’s something I’m seriously considering.  I suspect after having a baby I will want a “work uniform” that’s incredibly easy to put on in the mornings.  Mornings will be spent focused on the baby, lucy and packing lunches for the fam.

Beyond just the “work uniform”, I think adapting this new concept will also declutter and simplify my non-work wardrobe.  I won’t need as many pieces and I can focus on purchasing/wearing items I really love.

[side note: i’ve noticed that my art faculty adapt to this idea even if it wasn’t intentional.  they have really distinct outfits/styles and not very many options.  you always know that what they’re wearing is comfortable, fits their artistic “style” and is not something to be constantly thought about.]

Looking through my closet last night I realized that I have a great staple of “work uniform” clothes and “non-work” outfits.  This summer I definitely plan on experimenting with these two “closets” and seeing if it makes life easier.  After throwing out a ton of stuff out b/c of the baby/preggo/post baby transition~~ my bare closet is in the perfect place to start this experiment.

Wish me luck!  I’ll let you know how it goes in the fall~~ or if it was successful. =D

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