Maternity Leave

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[my swollen feet, nose and face are out of control…>.<]

dude…who knew that maternity leave was so awesome?  days of rest where people pamper you and treat you like the queen.  had i known this would be so sweet (and my body would be so tired) i would have gone on leave sooner.

today is day 2 of maternity leave and so far… i’ve cleaned a ridiculous amount and rested a LOT.  i never knew how tired i was until today.  i slept about 10 hours and could still have slept another 5.  i think i’ve been so “go go go” lately that my body was suffering.  this past week was by far the hardest since i worked over time to get through my last few projects at work.  thankfully all of that is done and now it’a time to finally get Casa de Rosa in order for baby blair’s arrival.  Sadly…there is a TON of stuff left.  eek.

but anyway… one fun and super random thing to share is that i never realized how much lucy slept until these last two days.  it’s like following me around the house or sitting next to me on the couch is TOO MUCH.  lol  she sleeps nonstop with a tiny snore until she feels me move and then follows me into another room~~ where she proceeds to curl up and find a spot to sleep.  LOL  hilarious.

she’s less than 5lbs and needs to sleep about 18 hours a day.  what a “razy rucy”.  lol  here is one pic of her sleeping.  not just any sleep…like “i’m dead” sleeping.


see that little thing by her mouth?  it’s GUM stuck to her fur.  i tried to cut off as much as possible but that part we couldn’t get.  *sigh *  i have no idea where she found it stuck to her mouth one day after work.  sassy little thing…


Lucy also met a new friend named einstein =)  he was SOOO sweet and gentle but she was scared and hid from him most of the night. =T


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