Baby Kim’s Gender Reveal


A few weekends ago I hosted a little gender reveal party for our dear fwends and neighbors. Baby Kim is about 5 months behind baby blair so it’ll be so much fun to have them grow up together to be fwends/fwenemies and everything in between!  (fwenemies b/c i’m sure they’ll fight over toys one day. lol)

i’m bummed that i only have this one blurry photo to show you what an amazing spread we had for the party~~ the korean catering was OFF THE CHAIN (do ppl say that anymore?) and I could have eaten it all week.  *droool *


NOW…the Gender Reveal!! =)  The Kim’s are expecting a baby GIRL!! =D =D =D

I’m sooooooooo excited that baby blair will have a bff as soon as she’s born.  Our little baby girls will grow up together and share so many wonderful memories!! xoxo

IMG_2919 IMG_2912 IMG_2915

congratulations to the beautiful kim family~~ can’t wait to meet your baby girl!!

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