Work Uniforms and Fashion–Wearing the Same Thing Daily

my friend recently sent me this article that has had me thinking for the last several weeks about clothes, professionalism, time and money.  (Click Here for the Article)

work uniform

The idea is that you don’t spend time or money on work clothes because it’s been streamlined for you.  All you’re focusing on is the work at hand.  In the long run it’s supposed to make you more efficient/productive and serious.  The more I think about this concept, look in my closet, struggle to find outfits daily, etc etc etc ETC~~~ the more I want to adapt this “work uniform”.

I don’t believe I can wear white tops and black pants to work everyday~ but the concept is VERY attractive.  I like the idea of having 10-15 tops and trousers dedicated to work only.  It would make getting ready for work almost thoughtless and super easy.  I personally like louder items of clothing which would make matching things harder… but perhaps if my trousers are always black and i have 10 work tops (wild or plain) it would be ok?

I haven’t made any moves to make this happen, but it’s something I’m seriously considering.  I suspect after having a baby I will want a “work uniform” that’s incredibly easy to put on in the mornings.  Mornings will be spent focused on the baby, lucy and packing lunches for the fam.

Beyond just the “work uniform”, I think adapting this new concept will also declutter and simplify my non-work wardrobe.  I won’t need as many pieces and I can focus on purchasing/wearing items I really love.

[side note: i’ve noticed that my art faculty adapt to this idea even if it wasn’t intentional.  they have really distinct outfits/styles and not very many options.  you always know that what they’re wearing is comfortable, fits their artistic “style” and is not something to be constantly thought about.]

Looking through my closet last night I realized that I have a great staple of “work uniform” clothes and “non-work” outfits.  This summer I definitely plan on experimenting with these two “closets” and seeing if it makes life easier.  After throwing out a ton of stuff out b/c of the baby/preggo/post baby transition~~ my bare closet is in the perfect place to start this experiment.

Wish me luck!  I’ll let you know how it goes in the fall~~ or if it was successful. =D

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Bad Movies I Love

Markel always makes fun of me for my bad taste in movies~ whereas~ I think it’s crazy he DOESN’T love these same ones!

I have no idea why but I LOVE watching these movies over and over again~~~ they make me laugh, show some crazy talent and have the cheesiest story lines!  Out of these movies below, white chicks is BY FAR my favorite one.  I could watch that on loop and still laugh at all the punch lines and sing-a-long to the vanessa carlton song.  BAHAHA

anyway~ here are a list of my favorite BAD movies. =D


1. White Chicks


2. Hot Chicks


3. ALL Step Up Movies


4. Stomp the Yard

574_Stomp The Yard Pic

5. Drumline


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Maternity Leave

wpid-20150422_072439.jpg  wpid-20150420_154749.jpg








[my swollen feet, nose and face are out of control…>.<]

dude…who knew that maternity leave was so awesome?  days of rest where people pamper you and treat you like the queen.  had i known this would be so sweet (and my body would be so tired) i would have gone on leave sooner.

today is day 2 of maternity leave and so far… i’ve cleaned a ridiculous amount and rested a LOT.  i never knew how tired i was until today.  i slept about 10 hours and could still have slept another 5.  i think i’ve been so “go go go” lately that my body was suffering.  this past week was by far the hardest since i worked over time to get through my last few projects at work.  thankfully all of that is done and now it’a time to finally get Casa de Rosa in order for baby blair’s arrival.  Sadly…there is a TON of stuff left.  eek.

but anyway… one fun and super random thing to share is that i never realized how much lucy slept until these last two days.  it’s like following me around the house or sitting next to me on the couch is TOO MUCH.  lol  she sleeps nonstop with a tiny snore until she feels me move and then follows me into another room~~ where she proceeds to curl up and find a spot to sleep.  LOL  hilarious.

she’s less than 5lbs and needs to sleep about 18 hours a day.  what a “razy rucy”.  lol  here is one pic of her sleeping.  not just any sleep…like “i’m dead” sleeping.


see that little thing by her mouth?  it’s GUM stuck to her fur.  i tried to cut off as much as possible but that part we couldn’t get.  *sigh *  i have no idea where she found it stuck to her mouth one day after work.  sassy little thing…


Lucy also met a new friend named einstein =)  he was SOOO sweet and gentle but she was scared and hid from him most of the night. =T


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Post Baby Wishlist


SOOO many things I can’t wait to do after baby blair is born.  YES this entire journey has been such a blessing but after 10 months… i NEED a few things to go back to normal!  and I need to indulge in a lot of other things~~

1. a facial

-my skin has gotten really oily and nasty during this pregnancy.  it’s like pregnancy mask x 100.  i didn’t’ want to get facials while pregnant so i just used lots of face washes and biore pore strips.  can’t wait for a legit facial/pore cleaning.  i already bought 2 groupons for deep cleansing facials. <3


-i want white wine, apple cider beer, beer, red wine, and COCKTAILS!!  i’ll be binge drinking in between breastfeeding sessions.  lol  not really but i can’t wait to at least drink 1 bottle of COLD angry orchard apple cider beer.


–i am DEFINITELY binging on seafood after this baby is born.  I want a dozen oysters and a sushi boat of sashimi.  lol  (all to myself)

4. Sleeping on my stomach

–i always slept on my back pre-baby but these days all i want to do is lay on my stomach and sleep on my stomach.  you never know what you had before until it’s gone huh?

5. Wearing normal clothes (and hopefully losing all this baby weight)

–not worrying about comfort first but getting to buy new and trendy pieces.  nothing looks good with me and this belly.  NOTHING.  i can’t wait to bend over and not worry about squishing the baby and being more MOBILE!  There are so many times i try to squeeze into spaces and bounce back b/c i forget about the belly or misjudge how big i really am.  Sorry baby blair!

6. walking and not waddling

–you wouldn’t believe at how many people stare at your when you’re pregnant.  >.<  bastards… make a lady feel even uglier!  or at least help me with my freaking bags!  rawr

7. my feet, skin , ankles, NOSE, neck and hands going back to normal!!!

–oh the swelling…


i’m sure it’s possible that i’ll miss being preggo, but at this point…i highly doubt it.  =T

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Markel + Me Celebrate Year 2! =D


Today is our second wedding anniversary!  Time has flown by so fast and I just can’t say enough how fun the journey has been.  Mike and I have been together for almost 7 years (in aug) and each year seriously gets better and better.  Not only do we grow and mature together, but each year we find a new rhythm as life throws us curve balls and new family members. ^^

Before Mike, I took my independence very seriously and my ability to do things on my own (hello women’s students major!).  Now…I love having a partner to talk to, lean on, and share a lifetime with.  It’s a little scary to think how dependent and intertwined our lives have become b/c losing him would be like losing myself or a huge part of who I identify myself with.  BUT…I won’t linger on the thought or topic.

the first year of marriage flew as we settled into our new life together and had FUNN.  the second year was mainly filled with baby blair and preparations for her arrival.  this, for me, was the year that I fell even more in love with my Markel.  he took such a big leadership/man of the house role that i was surprised.  not that he isn’t the leader or man of the house, but he totally changed in the most positive ways.  he became more assertive/driven at work, he changed our home and how he wanted the baby to grow up, he took on a lot more responsibilities, and he’s been really focused on raising the baby right and in the best environment possible.  normally i have a lot of opinions and things to say, but seeing him go through this transition really put me at ease, helped me to take a back seat, trust his decisions and just let him own this new role.  i loved every second of our relationship these last 9 months and i can’t wait to see more changes and growth in the future (from both of us).

Seeing us change together and for common goals has been incredible.  i love talking through our thoughts, goals, ambitions, dreams and just… random ideas.  it makes me feel like a part of this winning team.  with baby blair on the way we share a lot about the kinds of parents we want to be, the kind of family we want to have and what rituals/traditions we want to start.  all of it is so exciting and i can’t wait to see all of that unfold in our third, fourth, fifth, etc years of marriage.

the first two years were perfect for us to grow closer, have fun and enjoy each other.  now it’ll be a blissful family of four (lucy included). =)

for the umpteenth time… i’m excited to see what the future brings.  God has truly blessed us with amazing family, friends and coworkers to support us and love on us as we go through this journey. xo  i’m grateful for every second of it and just need to take more time to enjoy it and soak it in!

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Goodbye Piperlime

I’m in total shock…piperlime is going to go away forever after April 30th.  I absolutely LOVED this site… =(

anyone else with me on this one??? such sad news…

no more piperlime

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Weekend Recap and Photodump

[my tired, swollen feet that have grown 2 sizes… *sigh *]


This past weekend was seriously FILLED with friends and events.  The last few months I’ve been keeping a lower profile but as my due date nears…I’m trying to make some last minute dates with friends.

Happy Hour with CoWorkers Below =)  I’ve known these ladies for about 5 years now and it’s been SUCH a blessing.  To talk about life, work, career goals~~ I feel so blessed to have them in my life.  Obviously you can see how much bigger and crazier i look than them. =(  old body please come back soon after the baby.  (ANDDD can you see how the necklace makes me look FAT??? yes… no more necklaces for this girl).


mistah kim turns 34.  an exciting year for these two below~ they’re expecting a little bundle of joy this september! =D


sunday i spent the day with my besties in fullerton.  i brought lucy bear along b/c i have leaving her alone on the weekends AND b/c i’m still going through PTSD from her seizure.

the weather was REALLY warm and lucy found the A/C vent was the best place to keep her face.  hehe so adorable.


lucy realized she could see out the window for the first time on this drive and she LOVED it.  she got to see other people, cars, and the scenery.  =D


for brunch we went to Monkey Business Cafe in fullerton which is part non-profit.  This business trains at risk youth so that they are career ready.  LOVE that!!  AND on top of that, the food is really delicious.


lucy has had bad allergies lately (she gets them every year) and on this day she was suffering big time.  her eyes water and get all wonky.  i do a few cold compresses and give her children’s benedryl~ but it’s still so sad to see her go through all that.  She doesn’t understand so she just walks around squinting and trying to see. =(



uncle hans gave her lots of neck and belly rubs and she fell asleep in his arms.  such a hard life for this doggy right?



so kiiiinda funny story about this yogurt parfait below.  i have really intense preggo hormones and on saturday morning i had a full blown MELTDOWN over the fact that we didn’t have yogurt or cereal in the house.  so before mike went on his last business trip before baby~ he bought a HUGE selection of breakfast foods (oj, milk, 2 kinds of cereal, fruit, yogurt, etc).  hehehe =)  now i eat these every morning before work.  no meltdowns to report since saturday. <3


SOOOOOOO Glad it’s Friday.  i have three more days of work until my maternity leave.  i seriously wish i had taken 2 full weeks of work off before the due date but at the time i was making the decisions, i couldn’t imagine feeling bad.  uhhh for all ya’ll out there… take AT LEAST 2 weeks off before the due date.  it’ll make such a huge difference.  next time around…i’ll know better.

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Baby Fashion

call me crazy…but i haven’t been able to buy clothes for baby blair because i can’t imagine what kind of “look” or “style” would fit her best.  my friends laugh b/c they say that she’ll wear whatever i dress her in (true) but i swear some babies can pull something off that other babies can’t (like adults!).

sooo…i’ve been actively searching for “looks” i can put her in and figure i’ll buy it all up when i see her.  hehe

will she be hipster? boho? retro? preppy? pretty pretty princess??  can’t wait to find out! =D

baby girl fashion

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Life lately…

here is my ever growing bump.  *sigh *  you think it can’t get ANY bigger and then it does.  the miracle of the human body and the skin.  baby blair is 37 weeks and needs to make her appearance ASAP.  oh where are my feet and my shoes?  good question…that’s how freaking big she is.  (or i am… i guess i can’t  blame her size on her since i’m the one eating all the bad food… *sigh *).

btw something really random and funny~~ since my clothes aren’t always super flattering to my growing body, i try to put on a necklace or an accessory to trick people into not seeing my big belly.  TOTALLY reasonable and logical right?  right!

so one day mike saw that i threw away a bunch of my necklaces and he asked why~ since they were in perfect condition.  i told him they were making me look fat.  >.<  his eyes got really wide and he just took them out of the trash and put them back on the counter.  we’ve never spoken of that incident again.  lol

oh preggo hormones…how i love you.


baby classes.  very fun but kinda scary at the same time.  some classes give you confidence that you can be a great parent and handle it.  other classes make you feel super inadequate and shame you.  i guess that’s what parenting life is gonna be like.  *sigh *  half way done with the classes and i have 2 more to go.  let’s hope mike and i are somewhat confident about this entire thing by the end of next week.


showering baby kim with lots of love!!  my friend and i have due dates 3 days a part.  Baby Kim is a boy and Baby Blair is a girl.  How fun right?!  Can’t wait till both babies are born so they can be fwends. <3


celebrating a very special birthday of ms bonkelson.  it was a night of pure fun and laughter at caffe concierto in ktown.  love the food here and the romantic ambiance.  i think we over stayed our welcome and sat for about 4 hours chit chatting about life and sharing funny stories.  love this group of women! xo

(oh and don’t mind my swollen face, nose and body…  *sigh *  it’s just how i look now… >.<)


The MATERNITY SALAD!!!  So, i’ve heard from lots of coworkers about this magical place in studio city that serves the “maternity salad”.  apparently it makes you go into labor 24-48 hours after consumption.  Although baby blair is due May 3rd, i planning on making my way out to studio city on April 26th and eating 2.  yes 2.  not 1…2.  that is how badly i want this baby out of my belly.

here’s the link to the yelp page: Caioti Pizza Cafe


And last but not least…updates on my fur babe, Lucy Bear.  what a little sass monster~ she’s my shadow around the house and i couldn’t be happier.  at night i’ve been sleeping on the recliner b/c it’s the only comfortable place i can sleep and she insists on sharing it with me.  mike has an entire queen bed to himself and rather than spread out on the bed with him, she prefers to squeeeeeze next to me.  and you know what?  i LOVE it.  lol  i LOVE how much she likes to touch me and be near me.  lol  sick huh?


how hilarious is this photo?  lucy has a little cracker stuck to her lip but she’s begging for more in mike’s hand.  LOL  such a silly girl. ^^


i had a friday off recently and took lucy to santa monica with me to run errands.  she was on cloud 9.  look at her cheesing in the second photo.  hehehe  by the end of the trip though she was dead tired and needed to nap the rest of the afternoon.  this tiny 5lb fur ball needs to sleep 18 hours a day or she’s just not herself.  lol  what a life right?

mike tried to take her for a run recently and she was NOT having it.  he had to carry her for part of the run b/c she refused to walk.  BAHAHA she is indeed my fur baby.  this diva also refuses to walk in rain, in puddles or in mud.  again… so proud.  ^^




i hope everyone had a nice weekend!  i have a few fun things to update ya’ll on and will do so later this week.  spring is in the air and allergies are awakening~~ ^^

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Coachella 2015


mike is gonna laugh at this (not that he ever reads this blog… *ahem *)~ but i’m obsessed with Coachella.  every year i always want to go, every year i never do, and every year i say i’ll go the following year.

i love the idea of it, the fashion, the music, the fun, the culture behind it and the parties that surround Coachella.  mike thinks that if i just take some boho pics in the desert and don’t actually go, it’ll still fulfilled the need/obsession i have over it.  LOL  perhaps he’s right… who knows.  but NEXT YEAR i plan to go!  lol

anyone else feel me on this deep need to be a part of it???  anyone else wanna go with me??

[pic source]

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Easter 2015

Happy belated Easter to everyone!  This past weekend I celebrated Easter in Beaumont with Markel’s family.  It was beyond relaxing which was awesome since I’m a grumpy pants these days.  Markel’s parents planned the most relaxing and awesome weekend for us EVERRR.  So grateful for them and our weekend getaway to beaumont. =)

for our Easter weekend, I bought mike a basket of goodies and surprised him saturday morning before we left of B.  it was fun to kinda get this tradition started before baby blair came. =)


the entire weekend I got a chance to catch up on Outlander (Love that show), slept a LOT, ate a LOT, and rested my tired/fat/big body.  on Sunday after a nice long nap, markel and i put our fur babe in bunny ears and took some fun Easter photos of her. hehehe

grandma blair suggested we use the easter eggs which was the PERFECT touch of color and pop! =D

from lucy bear’s expressions below…you can see how UNamused she was.  the only thing keeping her there were treats that markel was holding in his hands.  hehe

IMG_2962 IMG_2965 IMG_2972

lucy looks pretty upset here right?  MUHAHAHAHAHA  next year we’ll have a screaming baby and unhappy lucy blair taking pics on the lawn next to easter eggs.  kekeke ^^

IMG_2975 IMG_2985 IMG_2989

AND…this is me.  35 weeks, ready to pop, and VERY READY for this to be over.  i am sooo big and swollen.  *sigh * i can’t wait for baby blair to make her appearance.  (*fingers crossed * it’ll be early EARLY early).


i hope everyone had a nice Easter celebrating with family and loved ones! xoxo

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Doggie Dates + Friends

the last few months have been such a whirlwind!!  i’m not even sure what each weekend was packed with but we’re already into April.  WHEW.

the last few months Lucy has gotten a chance to meet lots of fwends and i took some pictures of it!  lol  she is for SURE my first born fur baby and i can’t imagine a life without her.  i love making play dates and seeing her play with other doggies!  hehehe

IMG_2668 IMG_2685 IMG_2688 IMG_2691 IMG_2694 IMG_2696 IMG_2699


riley.  the sweeeeetest doggie every who was so sweet to lucy but lucy was intimated by her side.  lol


little reese from our small group~~ such a cutie!



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Last Small Group


last month was the last day of small group for me and markel.  it was SO bittersweet.  i led small group for about 5 years and as the group evolved and changed, it really grew and changed me.  i seriously feel like i was the most impacted and touched!  This is our last small group meeting above.  I love this group of friends so much and I’m sad that I won’t be seeing them every tuesday like the past.  i loved sharing my weeks, ups, downs and all the things in between with this group.

markel and i have been so blessed to know this group and receive their prayers and love.  but at the same time we are excited for this new adventure with baby blair.  we can’t wait for everyone above to meet her and shower her with love! xo

hopefully after baby blair is born we’ll get to rejoin the group as members this fall.

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Baby Kim’s Gender Reveal


A few weekends ago I hosted a little gender reveal party for our dear fwends and neighbors. Baby Kim is about 5 months behind baby blair so it’ll be so much fun to have them grow up together to be fwends/fwenemies and everything in between!  (fwenemies b/c i’m sure they’ll fight over toys one day. lol)

i’m bummed that i only have this one blurry photo to show you what an amazing spread we had for the party~~ the korean catering was OFF THE CHAIN (do ppl say that anymore?) and I could have eaten it all week.  *droool *


NOW…the Gender Reveal!! =)  The Kim’s are expecting a baby GIRL!! =D =D =D

I’m sooooooooo excited that baby blair will have a bff as soon as she’s born.  Our little baby girls will grow up together and share so many wonderful memories!! xoxo

IMG_2919 IMG_2912 IMG_2915

congratulations to the beautiful kim family~~ can’t wait to meet your baby girl!!

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