a lucy scare


last night we had quite the lucy scare = (  she had a seizure and we rushed her to the nearest 24 hour emergency vet hostpital on sepulveda.  i have to say…if someone had been video recording me they would have laughed at how crazy/emotional/wild i was.  i carried lucy in my arms as i frantically tried to look around for something to help and ended up skinning one of my knees when i fell.  *sigh *  in short, without michael blair i am a crazy over emotional pregnant woman.

mike was on his way to get a haircut after work but turned around to come get us.  when i came running out of the apartment complex he was more shocked at how i looked than what was going on with lucy.  my hair was wild in a big messy bun, i was wearing a mumu and i had a wet lucy blair wrapped in a random towel.  *sigh *  i was also off and on crying as i ran around the house figuring out what i needed to go the hospital (answer: nothing).

luckily lucy was doing much better before we even left the house (the entire thing only lasted a few minutes)~~ but she was wet and scared (i thought water would help…um…it doesn’t) and i looked like a lunatic with her in my arms.  just moments before her eyes were bulging in fear as her body went through shock.  i’ve never felt so sad, scared and helpless and i tried to comfort her and think of what i could do to make it better.

long story short, our expensive emergency room visit ended with a happy lucy blair who seemed normal and without any health problems.  we got some blood work done to check out her organs and make sure there was nothing internally wrong with her.  but based on how well she was doing we think she’ll be a-ok. xo

such a scary night but it luckily ended ok.  my fur baby is safe and we’re watching her like a hawk to make sure she doesn’t have anymore episodes.  i guess a ton of different things could have caused it so we just need to be careful and watch her closely.  we’ve had lucy for a year and a half and i cannot imagine my life without her.  the whole time i was running around with her in my arms all i could think about was living without her.  watching her wag her tail, look out the window and act like her normal self made me cry most of the drive home.  i realized that i probably wouldn’t be able to get another dog if she died suddenly.  i would be sooooo devasted.  i never realized it until that moment but losing a pet…is a loss that can’t be filled.  yes that last sentence might be dramatic to you pet haters~~but it’s true.  what other puppy would have lucy’s sass or hilarious cat-like personality?  what other tiny dog would rule our home with her licks and cuddles?

anyway…last night was a huge blessing to bring lucy back home safe, healthy and happy.  praying this was a huge fluke and that she’ll continue to be healthy without any more seizures or health scares. =(

here are some photos i took of her sunday morning before church.  she always wakes up so happy and playful.  i love the way she uses her paws when she chews on things and plays with her toys.  xoxo

IMG_2945 IMG_2951 IMG_2955

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