Thankful it’s Thursday

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I know this is ridiculous for most…but today is a half day for me at work since UCLA celebrates Cesar Chavez day.  We’re taking Friday off for it, but the actual holiday is next Tuesday.  *shrug *  Doesn’t make sense but I’m not going to complain for extra days off!  Since I found out I got pregnant I have not called in sick or missed a single day of work.  It’s been EXHAUSTING.  no vacations, no mental health days…no REST.

During this three day weekend I have plans to eat with friends and celebrate a few fun moments with friends and see a tax man.  Normally Markel and I do it on our own but this year we figured it wouldn’t hurt to see a specialist.  With baby blair coming this year, it may really impact how we spend our money and file our taxes NEXT year~ so better to figure that out now.

Well, I have a bunch of posts and updates that I need to write but of course I’ve been too tired to do any of it.  I promise to work on that this weekend.  March has been filled with such fun memories and milestones~ will share soon!

In the meantime, here are a few updates~~

1. I am now a crier.  I cry watching stupid reality shows &watching commercials, folding baby socks, etc.  I’m so overwhelmed with emotions/hormones it’s exhausting.  I feel like a crazy person inside b/c I’m so sensitive.  I also find my feelings getting hurt more but I have to logically tell myself that it’s b/c I’m hormonal and this is not real.  LOL  Things I would never think twice about hurt my feelings and, again, I feel like a crazy person inside!

2. Pregnancy brain is REAL.  It’s so hard for me to go to the grocery store by myself or do anything without Markel these days.  I find myself wandering around stores and forgetting why I was even there.  *sigh *  Work is super hard too.  I have to keep writing lists down for things I need to do or things I don’t want to forget.  My boss and I will have a conversation and then when I get back to my desk I’ve already forgotten what we’ve decided to do.  *doh *  Again… EXHAUSTING.

3.  Sleep is a thing of the past.  I roll around all night and switch from the bed to the couch to the recliner back to the bed all night.  Lucy thinks it’s a fun game and follows me around with her tail wagging~ I’m sure this is why my brain is mushy and my body is even more sore/uncomfortable.  Baby Blair needs to make her debut SOON.  I can’t imagine going to the due date this way or even waiting for her AFTER the due date.

4. My skin is a nightmare.  It’s super oily and has broken out like crazy.  Nothing I do is helping.  I’m crossing my fingers it will all go back to normal post baby.

5.  Lucy is incredibly cuddly these days and LOVES sleeping on top of the belly bump.  It’s like she knows something is different, but uses it to her advantage.  LOL sassy girl~~ *tsk tsk *  She has also gotten the trick “bang” down but thinks it means “belly rub time”.  I gave her tons of belly rubs as a treat when she did it correctly, but the messages got crossed. >.<  When Lucy sees people now, she will just roll over on her back for people to rub her belly.  *shrug *

6.  I’m 34.5 weeks and just started to feel baby blair hiccup!!  It’s SOOO WEIRD.  Her kicks are strong and really uncomfortable~ but I love feeling them b/c it reminds me she’s healthy and doing well in there.  I can’t wait to see what she looks like and what she’ll be like!!  Before I got pregnant I wanted a little girl that looked just like me.  But once I got pregnant, I prayed that she would look just like Mike.  LOL  Not sure how God will answer those prayers but I am DYING to see this gorgeous babe with tiny hands, feet and nose.  (just writing that last line about the baby made me cry..*sigh * oh hormones)

7. Baby Blair LOVES music.  Every time she hears a good beat she starts to dance and move around.  I hope that means she’ll love dancing and playing when she comes out.  Markel and I have decided that we are going to push ballet or some sort of fun dance class when she’s little.  Not only b/c we’re both terrible dancers but seeing babies move around in adorable matching outfits is to die for.  LOL  There are jazz classes, hula classes and ballet classes we’ve looked into.  hehe i think the hula classes would be the most adorable for a little babe who is still getting used to walking/running.  Of course this is like 2-3 years away but it’s something fun we’ve been talking about.

8. The nursery is ALMOST coming together.  Furniture has been set up and we have everything baby blair needs except for the car seat.  i know…it’s kiiiinda the most important thing we need but i’m sure we’ll pick one up this weekend or next weekend.  I also bought a few pictures to go up in the nursery that i found on zuilily so hopefully it’ll bring everything together.  i have NO EYE for home decor so the nursery has been super stressful.

9. I procrastinated the entire pregnancy on researching stuff or preparing for Baby Blair.  Last week I think my “nesting” kinda kicked in.  I started to obsess over diapers, diaper delivery services, wipes, bottles and laundry detergent.  These are probably things that I should have thought about more earlier on but now this is what I spend a majority of my time doing or thinking about.

10. TV SHOWS!!  I wrote out a ridiculously long list of TV shows that Mike and I need to watch or at least finish.  Hopefully we’ll get to tackle this list in the next month.  I always feel out of the loop when people talk about good shows and it’s something we’ve only seen a few episodes of or meant to watch.


anyway~~~ that is all for me now.  i’ll post more updates next week about the month of march. xoxo

happy Thursday!!!  can’t wait to savor and enjoy this much needed three day weekend. <3



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  1. awwwww, i love reading your little pregnancy updates. they make me nostalgic for when i was pregnant, especially reading about you expecting baby girl 🙂 kekeke, totally understand about the emotional/sensitive thing. i remember crying while watching a reality show about cheerleaders because they were “athletes” and worked so hard …….. LOL

    one up side if you don’t happen to finish that long list of tv shows you wanted to tackle … it might be nice to have something to watch while you’re up at weird hours during the odd nursing session or what not. i used to bounce emmy on a yoga ball while she was sleeping or nursing and watch an episode of a show here or there 🙂

    excited for you to welcome little baby blair!!!

    1. HAHAHA dude your comment made me so happy. i’m glad you felt all those emotions too!! lol and great advice about the TV shows. i’m sooo unprepared for what’s coming… blahh

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