Weekend Recap + some fun things

Of course this is another late post… Sorry guys… Winter Quarter is really kicking my butt and after I get home…I just CANNOT move.

Last weekend was a REALLY REALLY great break in a sea of stress and chaos.  I watched 2 movies in theatre which I rarely get to do these days, and went out to eat a bunch of times with friends. =)

Friday~~ mike and i had a spontaneous date night and saw Kingsman.  It was the perfect movie for a mood.  Funny, action packed and totally silly.  Think Kill Bill with some more British snobbery.  We also sat in these ridiculous seats where the chairs vibrated depending on what action scene you were watching.  Pretty cool.  AND the seats were recliners~~ it was like sitting on a cloud.  Totally worth the extra $5 per ticket if you ask me.


My fwend anna banana was visiting from norcal over the weekend and we got to do a little eating/pampering saturday while the weather was still amazing.  We went to brunch at Bru Waffle House on Wilshire Blvd~~ SOOOOO GOOD.  Got mani/pedis~~ which made my hands and feet feel SOO amazing.  And finally did a little shopping while pigging out on ben and jerry’s.  Who could ask for a more perfect morning/afternoon??


IMG_2702 IMG_2705 IMG_2708 IMG_2710 IMG_2711 IMG_2713 IMG_2714

markel’s first mani/pedi (no nail polish, just a nail clean up) =)  I was REALLY pushing hard for this and i think he enjoyed it~~ he had four women working on his nails and giving him a massage.  lol xoxo what a trooper.



In the evening I went to dinner at Pink Taco with the Bs and indulged in some really great mexican food before watching… *music please* 50 Shades of Grey!  I (sadly) read all three books, hated it, yet had to still watch the movie.  And will watch the 2 following this first one.  The books and movies aren’t great, but I still feel so compelled to read/watch.  Maybe I’ve got my own S&M issues huh? (i kid…i kid)


drinks before the movie.  i was suuuuper jealous of the margaritas and shots going around. =(  next time…



 And now for some random fun things…

1. I bought Pixi’s Poreless primer and I love it.  Makes my skin look flawless (or less cray) b/c these preggo hormones are making break out. =(


2. I bought biore pore strips and I was SHOCKED/DISGUSTED at how well they worked.  It made me feel like a new woman though.

3. We got a new couch and recliner!!  They finally arrived this past week and I cannot get enough of it.  The sectional is HUGE and takes up a lot of space~ but is SOOOO comfortable.  Our previous couch was so small that mike and I couldn’t both lay down but this new couch has enough for 3 people to spread out + lucy.

And our recliner?  HO-LY COW.  I’m a total believer in this thing.  The entire chair just hugs you and rocks you to sleep.  Ok not really but it is like sitting on a cloud and the reclining party just lulls you into sleep.  I’m pretty sure this chair is the reason why I get nothing done past 6pm…but I’m not complaining.  I wish we could keep it in the living room so I can watch my bravo shows in peace~ but that’s just unreasonable.  =T

what happened to our old couch you ask?  well…markel decided to take it down to the curb BY HIMSELF.  i’ll spare you the details but it was both impressive and scary that he could lift it (carry it on his back like a “turtle shell” is how he puts it) and walk it down there.  We live on the 4th floor.  what a silly ninja.  (get it?? ninja turtle?  bahaha~ i funnies)

(will have to show you a pic of it later when the room is set up)

4. I got the most adorable barrettes for baby blair! =D  I ordered these on etsy from Lovely Littles in the UK.  I could NOT have been happier at these adorable clips!! xoxo Can’t wait for baby blair to wear them. <3

  and of course…here are a few cutie snap shots of my lucy blair.  she’s been so snuggly these days, can’t get enough of her! xo



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