Treat Tuesday

I had great plans to post a bunch of things this last week but…of course…work and time got away from me.  Instead I thought I’d post about a few things that I have been loving or obsessing over~~

1.  Chobani Greek Yogurt Flips

–these have changed my life.  sad that it’s not a book or new technology…lol… but these yogurt flips taste like dessert and just hit the spot when i need something sweet or a small snack.  so far i love the key lime crumble and the tropical escape.  haven’t tried the others but i definitely plan on tackling that task in the month of march!  great life goals i’ve got right?

chobani yogurt flip

2.  Using a round brush while I blow dry

—*sigh * it’s sad that i’m even writing this one down.  but over the last 7 months getting dressed in the morning and putting makeup on has been hard.  so i let my hair do it’s own thang and just tried to ignore the mess it became.  recently~ i tried using a round brush to blow dry my hair and I was genuinely surprised at how much better it looked.  LOL  no more frizzies or wild child tangles.  <–not cute when you’re 30 and one big puff ball.

wont’ even post a pic of it b/c it’s embarrassing how cray my hair has been.

3.  Nail Polish

–i’m posting a year old hand up b/c right now my fingers look like sausages.  not cute. >.<   BUT painting my nails again made me feel more like myself and more normal.  Again…the last 7 months have been all about surviving and not much about feeling good or looking like old self.  Got a mani/pedi over the weekend and it has changed my life.  I’m gonna go every two weeks or three weeks until this baby comes.  Feels so good to have my feet and hands rubbed!


4. NYX Eyebrow Push Up Bra

–i’m absolutely OBSESSED with this eyebrow pencil.  i love the brown color, the way it applies onto you face and just how it STAYS all day.  i haven’t quite mastered the “push up” part of it~~ but for now this is the only thing i’m using!

nyx eyebrow pushup bra

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