a lucy scare


last night we had quite the lucy scare = (  she had a seizure and we rushed her to the nearest 24 hour emergency vet hostpital on sepulveda.  i have to say…if someone had been video recording me they would have laughed at how crazy/emotional/wild i was.  i carried lucy in my arms as i frantically tried to look around for something to help and ended up skinning one of my knees when i fell.  *sigh *  in short, without michael blair i am a crazy over emotional pregnant woman.

mike was on his way to get a haircut after work but turned around to come get us.  when i came running out of the apartment complex he was more shocked at how i looked than what was going on with lucy.  my hair was wild in a big messy bun, i was wearing a mumu and i had a wet lucy blair wrapped in a random towel.  *sigh *  i was also off and on crying as i ran around the house figuring out what i needed to go the hospital (answer: nothing).

luckily lucy was doing much better before we even left the house (the entire thing only lasted a few minutes)~~ but she was wet and scared (i thought water would help…um…it doesn’t) and i looked like a lunatic with her in my arms.  just moments before her eyes were bulging in fear as her body went through shock.  i’ve never felt so sad, scared and helpless and i tried to comfort her and think of what i could do to make it better.

long story short, our expensive emergency room visit ended with a happy lucy blair who seemed normal and without any health problems.  we got some blood work done to check out her organs and make sure there was nothing internally wrong with her.  but based on how well she was doing we think she’ll be a-ok. xo

such a scary night but it luckily ended ok.  my fur baby is safe and we’re watching her like a hawk to make sure she doesn’t have anymore episodes.  i guess a ton of different things could have caused it so we just need to be careful and watch her closely.  we’ve had lucy for a year and a half and i cannot imagine my life without her.  the whole time i was running around with her in my arms all i could think about was living without her.  watching her wag her tail, look out the window and act like her normal self made me cry most of the drive home.  i realized that i probably wouldn’t be able to get another dog if she died suddenly.  i would be sooooo devasted.  i never realized it until that moment but losing a pet…is a loss that can’t be filled.  yes that last sentence might be dramatic to you pet haters~~but it’s true.  what other puppy would have lucy’s sass or hilarious cat-like personality?  what other tiny dog would rule our home with her licks and cuddles?

anyway…last night was a huge blessing to bring lucy back home safe, healthy and happy.  praying this was a huge fluke and that she’ll continue to be healthy without any more seizures or health scares. =(

here are some photos i took of her sunday morning before church.  she always wakes up so happy and playful.  i love the way she uses her paws when she chews on things and plays with her toys.  xoxo

IMG_2945 IMG_2951 IMG_2955

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Surprise Engagement Partayyy

at the start of the month my bestie got engaged and this last weekend was her surprise engagement partayyy~~  so freaking EXCIIIITINGGGG.

after my baby shower all of us were EXHAUSTED.  when we got back to jen’s place she has quite the tantrum b/c she wanted to stay home and sleep~ rather than go out to dinner with us.  (us = our bestie group from sacramento)  but the party guests and her fiancee couldn’t come over and decorate/surprise her if we didn’t leave the house.  lol so after a lot of coercing~ we finally convinced her to get take out and boba.

upon our return, miss sassy pants was SHOCKED and cried.  =)  mission accomplished.  heh heh heh

IMG_2888 IMG_2891 IMG_2892 IMG_2894 IMG_2896 IMG_2897 IMG_2898 IMG_2899 IMG_2900


Such an exciting time for the soon to be mr and mrs fong! <3

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Thankful it’s Thursday

2015-03-26 12.22.55

I know this is ridiculous for most…but today is a half day for me at work since UCLA celebrates Cesar Chavez day.  We’re taking Friday off for it, but the actual holiday is next Tuesday.  *shrug *  Doesn’t make sense but I’m not going to complain for extra days off!  Since I found out I got pregnant I have not called in sick or missed a single day of work.  It’s been EXHAUSTING.  no vacations, no mental health days…no REST.

During this three day weekend I have plans to eat with friends and celebrate a few fun moments with friends and see a tax man.  Normally Markel and I do it on our own but this year we figured it wouldn’t hurt to see a specialist.  With baby blair coming this year, it may really impact how we spend our money and file our taxes NEXT year~ so better to figure that out now.

Well, I have a bunch of posts and updates that I need to write but of course I’ve been too tired to do any of it.  I promise to work on that this weekend.  March has been filled with such fun memories and milestones~ will share soon!

In the meantime, here are a few updates~~

1. I am now a crier.  I cry watching stupid reality shows &watching commercials, folding baby socks, etc.  I’m so overwhelmed with emotions/hormones it’s exhausting.  I feel like a crazy person inside b/c I’m so sensitive.  I also find my feelings getting hurt more but I have to logically tell myself that it’s b/c I’m hormonal and this is not real.  LOL  Things I would never think twice about hurt my feelings and, again, I feel like a crazy person inside!

2. Pregnancy brain is REAL.  It’s so hard for me to go to the grocery store by myself or do anything without Markel these days.  I find myself wandering around stores and forgetting why I was even there.  *sigh *  Work is super hard too.  I have to keep writing lists down for things I need to do or things I don’t want to forget.  My boss and I will have a conversation and then when I get back to my desk I’ve already forgotten what we’ve decided to do.  *doh *  Again… EXHAUSTING.

3.  Sleep is a thing of the past.  I roll around all night and switch from the bed to the couch to the recliner back to the bed all night.  Lucy thinks it’s a fun game and follows me around with her tail wagging~ I’m sure this is why my brain is mushy and my body is even more sore/uncomfortable.  Baby Blair needs to make her debut SOON.  I can’t imagine going to the due date this way or even waiting for her AFTER the due date.

4. My skin is a nightmare.  It’s super oily and has broken out like crazy.  Nothing I do is helping.  I’m crossing my fingers it will all go back to normal post baby.

5.  Lucy is incredibly cuddly these days and LOVES sleeping on top of the belly bump.  It’s like she knows something is different, but uses it to her advantage.  LOL sassy girl~~ *tsk tsk *  She has also gotten the trick “bang” down but thinks it means “belly rub time”.  I gave her tons of belly rubs as a treat when she did it correctly, but the messages got crossed. >.<  When Lucy sees people now, she will just roll over on her back for people to rub her belly.  *shrug *

6.  I’m 34.5 weeks and just started to feel baby blair hiccup!!  It’s SOOO WEIRD.  Her kicks are strong and really uncomfortable~ but I love feeling them b/c it reminds me she’s healthy and doing well in there.  I can’t wait to see what she looks like and what she’ll be like!!  Before I got pregnant I wanted a little girl that looked just like me.  But once I got pregnant, I prayed that she would look just like Mike.  LOL  Not sure how God will answer those prayers but I am DYING to see this gorgeous babe with tiny hands, feet and nose.  (just writing that last line about the baby made me cry..*sigh * oh hormones)

7. Baby Blair LOVES music.  Every time she hears a good beat she starts to dance and move around.  I hope that means she’ll love dancing and playing when she comes out.  Markel and I have decided that we are going to push ballet or some sort of fun dance class when she’s little.  Not only b/c we’re both terrible dancers but seeing babies move around in adorable matching outfits is to die for.  LOL  There are jazz classes, hula classes and ballet classes we’ve looked into.  hehe i think the hula classes would be the most adorable for a little babe who is still getting used to walking/running.  Of course this is like 2-3 years away but it’s something fun we’ve been talking about.

8. The nursery is ALMOST coming together.  Furniture has been set up and we have everything baby blair needs except for the car seat.  i know…it’s kiiiinda the most important thing we need but i’m sure we’ll pick one up this weekend or next weekend.  I also bought a few pictures to go up in the nursery that i found on zuilily so hopefully it’ll bring everything together.  i have NO EYE for home decor so the nursery has been super stressful.

9. I procrastinated the entire pregnancy on researching stuff or preparing for Baby Blair.  Last week I think my “nesting” kinda kicked in.  I started to obsess over diapers, diaper delivery services, wipes, bottles and laundry detergent.  These are probably things that I should have thought about more earlier on but now this is what I spend a majority of my time doing or thinking about.

10. TV SHOWS!!  I wrote out a ridiculously long list of TV shows that Mike and I need to watch or at least finish.  Hopefully we’ll get to tackle this list in the next month.  I always feel out of the loop when people talk about good shows and it’s something we’ve only seen a few episodes of or meant to watch.


anyway~~~ that is all for me now.  i’ll post more updates next week about the month of march. xoxo

happy Thursday!!!  can’t wait to savor and enjoy this much needed three day weekend. <3



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Happy National Puppy Day


To my sassy cuddle monster~~ 🐶🐾

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New Makeup Finds

a few new discoveries i made over the weekend that have totally changed my routine and the way i look!

new makeup finds

1.  SEPHORA COLLECTIONContour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof (#17-snakeskin dress)

During my pregnancy I stopped wearing eyeliner daily and found that when I did put it on, it didn’t look right.  I’m not sure if the shape of my eyes had changed (since I had gained so much weight) or the black color no longer fit my face, or…WHATEVER.  But something didn’t look right.  Even eye shadow wasn’t working as well either.  The color would run or I just looked WEIRD.  Anyway, I thought that maybe a light brown, khaki or purple would actually help bring out the color of my eyes while doubling as an eye shadow.  Boy was I RIGHT! =)

I bought “#17: snakeskin dress” and I’ve been wearing it everyday since!  Not only does it bring out the lighter brown parts of my eyes but it also helps bring out the shape and size of my eyes as well.  Like a daytime smokey eye.  LOVE IT.  This eyeliner and some mascara is all I need now. =D  oh, did i mention it’s water proof, 12 hour wear AND only $10??? I need 10 more colors at least…

2. Garnier® Fructis® Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment 

i used to use a little oil treatment in hair for shine and control for years but i would have to say in the last 2 years…i kinda forgot to take care of my hair!  does that sound weird?  i got used to putting it up in a bun or ponytail and forgot how to style/blow dry and pamper it.  as my body is getting more and more swollen, i’ve started to realize that i’m not taking care of my face or my hair the way i should.  went to target over the weekend and picked up this little oil bottle and really really like it.  i use a tiiiiiiny drop, rub in my hands and then run my hands through the bottom of my hair after a good blow dry.  the ends of my hair look a lot healthier and more “together” than it has in months.  i can’t believe it took me this long to take care of my hair!  *doh *

3. SEPHORA COLLECTIONPro Large Domed Stippling Brush #41

LOVE this makeup brush!!  makes putting foundation on such a breeze~~ so in the past i used a flat foundation brush but then found somewhere along the way that I liked the way foundation looked when applying it to my face with my fingers.  unfortunately i’ve got a wicked pregnancy mask going on so my skin looks rough and has a lot of bumps. >.<  the primer i mentioned last week (post here) plus this foundation brush have made my skin look smoother and more flawless.

4. SEPHORA COLLECTIONPro Angled Contour Brush #75

 i can’t believe i didn’t try an angled contour brush sooner!! i feel like such a newb!  this brush has totally changed the way my bronzer/blush looks on my face and helps me apply it evenly and more precisely.  then by sheer angle/design it blends into my face much better than the brush i had been using before had been doing.  all i can say…is this was a GAME CHANGER in my makeup routine this week.

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A Shower for Baby Blair

This past weekend  I hit 8 months in my pregnancy AND baby blair was showered with lots and lots of love!  I have to say, this was the most beautiful shower with thoughtful details and gorgeous girlie touches.

Since pictures speak louder than words, here is a huge photodump of the most amazing shower I’ve ever seen (if i do say so myself. lol).

IMG_2715 IMG_2726 IMG_2727IMG_2746AIMG_2749AIMG_2751AIMG_2753AIMG_2754AIMG_2755AIMG_2756AIMG_2758AIMG_2759A


the fabulous ladies who put this all together!!!  best aunties baby blair could ever ask for. <3



IMG_2789 IMG_2810 IMG_2861 IMG_2866 IMG_2873 IMG_2874

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Weekend Recap + some fun things

Of course this is another late post… Sorry guys… Winter Quarter is really kicking my butt and after I get home…I just CANNOT move.

Last weekend was a REALLY REALLY great break in a sea of stress and chaos.  I watched 2 movies in theatre which I rarely get to do these days, and went out to eat a bunch of times with friends. =)

Friday~~ mike and i had a spontaneous date night and saw Kingsman.  It was the perfect movie for a mood.  Funny, action packed and totally silly.  Think Kill Bill with some more British snobbery.  We also sat in these ridiculous seats where the chairs vibrated depending on what action scene you were watching.  Pretty cool.  AND the seats were recliners~~ it was like sitting on a cloud.  Totally worth the extra $5 per ticket if you ask me.


My fwend anna banana was visiting from norcal over the weekend and we got to do a little eating/pampering saturday while the weather was still amazing.  We went to brunch at Bru Waffle House on Wilshire Blvd~~ SOOOOO GOOD.  Got mani/pedis~~ which made my hands and feet feel SOO amazing.  And finally did a little shopping while pigging out on ben and jerry’s.  Who could ask for a more perfect morning/afternoon??


IMG_2702 IMG_2705 IMG_2708 IMG_2710 IMG_2711 IMG_2713 IMG_2714

markel’s first mani/pedi (no nail polish, just a nail clean up) =)  I was REALLY pushing hard for this and i think he enjoyed it~~ he had four women working on his nails and giving him a massage.  lol xoxo what a trooper.



In the evening I went to dinner at Pink Taco with the Bs and indulged in some really great mexican food before watching… *music please* 50 Shades of Grey!  I (sadly) read all three books, hated it, yet had to still watch the movie.  And will watch the 2 following this first one.  The books and movies aren’t great, but I still feel so compelled to read/watch.  Maybe I’ve got my own S&M issues huh? (i kid…i kid)


drinks before the movie.  i was suuuuper jealous of the margaritas and shots going around. =(  next time…



 And now for some random fun things…

1. I bought Pixi’s Poreless primer and I love it.  Makes my skin look flawless (or less cray) b/c these preggo hormones are making break out. =(


2. I bought biore pore strips and I was SHOCKED/DISGUSTED at how well they worked.  It made me feel like a new woman though.

3. We got a new couch and recliner!!  They finally arrived this past week and I cannot get enough of it.  The sectional is HUGE and takes up a lot of space~ but is SOOOO comfortable.  Our previous couch was so small that mike and I couldn’t both lay down but this new couch has enough for 3 people to spread out + lucy.

And our recliner?  HO-LY COW.  I’m a total believer in this thing.  The entire chair just hugs you and rocks you to sleep.  Ok not really but it is like sitting on a cloud and the reclining party just lulls you into sleep.  I’m pretty sure this chair is the reason why I get nothing done past 6pm…but I’m not complaining.  I wish we could keep it in the living room so I can watch my bravo shows in peace~ but that’s just unreasonable.  =T

what happened to our old couch you ask?  well…markel decided to take it down to the curb BY HIMSELF.  i’ll spare you the details but it was both impressive and scary that he could lift it (carry it on his back like a “turtle shell” is how he puts it) and walk it down there.  We live on the 4th floor.  what a silly ninja.  (get it?? ninja turtle?  bahaha~ i funnies)

(will have to show you a pic of it later when the room is set up)

4. I got the most adorable barrettes for baby blair! =D  I ordered these on etsy from Lovely Littles in the UK.  I could NOT have been happier at these adorable clips!! xoxo Can’t wait for baby blair to wear them. <3

  and of course…here are a few cutie snap shots of my lucy blair.  she’s been so snuggly these days, can’t get enough of her! xo



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Treat Tuesday

I had great plans to post a bunch of things this last week but…of course…work and time got away from me.  Instead I thought I’d post about a few things that I have been loving or obsessing over~~

1.  Chobani Greek Yogurt Flips

–these have changed my life.  sad that it’s not a book or new technology…lol… but these yogurt flips taste like dessert and just hit the spot when i need something sweet or a small snack.  so far i love the key lime crumble and the tropical escape.  haven’t tried the others but i definitely plan on tackling that task in the month of march!  great life goals i’ve got right?

chobani yogurt flip

2.  Using a round brush while I blow dry

—*sigh * it’s sad that i’m even writing this one down.  but over the last 7 months getting dressed in the morning and putting makeup on has been hard.  so i let my hair do it’s own thang and just tried to ignore the mess it became.  recently~ i tried using a round brush to blow dry my hair and I was genuinely surprised at how much better it looked.  LOL  no more frizzies or wild child tangles.  <–not cute when you’re 30 and one big puff ball.

wont’ even post a pic of it b/c it’s embarrassing how cray my hair has been.

3.  Nail Polish

–i’m posting a year old hand up b/c right now my fingers look like sausages.  not cute. >.<   BUT painting my nails again made me feel more like myself and more normal.  Again…the last 7 months have been all about surviving and not much about feeling good or looking like old self.  Got a mani/pedi over the weekend and it has changed my life.  I’m gonna go every two weeks or three weeks until this baby comes.  Feels so good to have my feet and hands rubbed!


4. NYX Eyebrow Push Up Bra

–i’m absolutely OBSESSED with this eyebrow pencil.  i love the brown color, the way it applies onto you face and just how it STAYS all day.  i haven’t quite mastered the “push up” part of it~~ but for now this is the only thing i’m using!

nyx eyebrow pushup bra

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