Weekend Recap and Photodump

This past weekend was packed!  Not only was it a three day weekend, but it was Valentine’s Day AND my friend’s 30th Birthday Bash.  Whew~

SOOO many fun moments and memories that I can’t wait to share with ya’ll~~ Soo…I’m pretty stoooopid and I accidentally deleted all my pictures from January and February this year =(  whyyyyyyy~~ I have no nice SLR photos and just a few from my phone to share. =(  *tear *  Markel bought me a portable hard drive for Valentine’s Day (romantic right?!) and well…I messed up the transfer process and ended up deleting my pictures =(

 Sad…but I’m grateful I at least have these babies from the weekend to share!

Friday Night Markel and I celebrated Valentine’s Day early.  He made the most delicious meal and we had a quiet meal to catch up, talk and just enjoy this last Vday together before Baby Blair makes her arrival.  The best part of Valentine’s Day for me is that Markel always goes above and beyond to make it special.  One year he decorated my apartment and room, wrapped a necklace and also made the most AMAZING surf and turf meal.  Last year he surprised me with roses and dinner reservations to a new place we hadn’t tried (we’re creatures of habit and tend to go to the same places).  This year Markel had been traveling back to back weeks and still came home to make an amazing steak dinner (what i had been craving), opened a bottle of wine (which i only got to smell =T) and just focused the night on us.  He always makes me feel so special on these holidays~~~~ I’m a very lucky lady. ^^


Oh and what is this below you ask??  This was one of the last pairs of shoes that fit my feet. #__#  I was in a meeting with my boss and when I looked down I saw that my shoe had split open like I was a hobo!!  =(  WTF.  BOTH my shoes were split open but my left foot was worse.  For some reason my left foot is also more swollen than my right.  *shrug *

Over the last month my feetsies have been fitting in fewer and fewer pairs of shoes.  Besides these espadrille flats from Gap, Flip Flops and Mike’s slippers were about all that I could squeeze my swollen feet into.  UGH ANOTHER fun part of pregnancy.

OK back to the meeting…when I saw my shoes were split open i carefully put my feet together in hopes that no one saw my split open shoes and bee-lined it to my office.  In there I tried to macgyver my shoes together by bringing the strings together below (fail), stapling it shut (fail) and then FINALLY~~~ I found a hot glue gun with JUST enough glue for both shoes (win!).  The rest of the day I made sure not to walk around too much and safely made my way home.  *sigh *

SO, what is the first thing Markel and I had to do Saturday?  BUY ME SOME SHOES!  I’ll make a long long sad story short at the shoe store and jump to the conclusion that my feet are an entire shoe size bigger.  To be honest, I’m probablly 1.5 shoe sizes bigger but I was way too much in denial to go there.  I got one pair of nice flats for work/nice events and one pair of berkenstocks.  The same pair of shoes that I had been adamant about never buying. =*(


 Sorry that was just a sad story about my feet.  NOW moving on to my fun fun weekend!!

Saturday Markel and I got to spend the day with General Byon who had come down for a short 36 hour trip.  We ate our hearts out and then accompanied GB to get an impromptu tattoo!!  Just BEING there made me feel like I had gotten one.  LOL  how sad huh?  I’m so risk and pain averse there is no way I can get one.  BUT I really love tattoos and seeing them on other people.



Saturday evening we celebrated a very special lady and her 30th Birthday~~~ xoxo  This is going to be such a big and beautiful year for joycie, can’t wait for all the happiness and celebration this year will bring!!




Sunday (our last day with GB), we went to Pine and Crane in Silverlake for lunch.  I have to say, the second time around was better than the first.  I’m not sure why since we ordered the same things, but the second time just tasted better.  weird right?


group pics =D    notice how HUGE i am now??  *sigh *  pictures are not kind to me right now.  BLAHHH.
IMG_0554 IMG_0574
The rest of the day was spent shopping and lounging with Markel.  The weather was super hot and it was really nice to take a slow day with my partner in crime.  we took lucy on walks as well and the little one was just PASSED OUT most of the weekend.  gf can’t handle too much excitment. lol


Monday~~ a day off that i REALLY REALLY needed~ dee and i tried Sqirl in silverlake.  I had been DYING to try this place and well…it didn’t live up to the hype.  The brioche toast was delicious but the pesto bowl was…meh.  Sweet Lattes by G&B coffee was a total hit though.  love their sweet lattes!


The rest of monday I slowly picked up around the apartment, watched a sickening amount of TV and tried to fully enjoy my last day of the long weekend.  Since I’m trying to save all my vacation and sick days for my upcoming maternity leave, I haven’t taken time off since I got preggers. =*(  I REALLY need to take a break from work and take a weekend trip with Markel.  Hopefully for our 22nd Year Anniversary in April I’ll get a chance to do that! =D


Below are Valentine’s dessert and meals that I tried to make over the weekend.  Nothing really quite turned out well…but at least I tried?  LOL  I normally love doing stuff for the holidays and this weekend was the first time I felt normal again (or pre-preggers).  Too bad my skills in the kitchen haven’t improved or become more motherly.  EEK.  Luckily ugly food still tastes good. =)






This past week went by incredibly fast.  Work has been INSANE and my nights have been incredibly restless.  BLEH.  I’m SOO looking forward to the weekend and the NOTHINGNESS that Markel and I have planned.  We blocked out all of saturday morning/afternoon for errands just personal time together.  The past few months have been such a blur with obligations, it’ll be really nice to have an unplanned day this weekend and then spend a few meals with friends and family. <3

Happy Friday Ya’ll!! xoxo

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Third Trimester–80 days to go


Holy Crap, I’m already in my third trimester.  WHERE DID THIS TIME GO??  Pregnancy is so tricky…b/c you can’t tell people for the first three months, and then when you start telling people you don’t actually look pregnant.  By the time your bump pops out and you LOOK preggo~ it’s already the end!  holy moly…

Now that time is slipping through my fingers I can only think about the things I haven’t done or have yet to do…

Haven’t Done/NEED to do:

-the baby room

we have NOTHING and the “baby room” is more of a storage room.  *sigh *  i don’t even have a clue as to what kind of decor to put up or theme to have…friends help!

-didn’t take weekly bump pics or do anything cute with my pregnancy

most likely b/c i feel awful and don’t look cute…

-baby bucket list untackled.  

mike and i have  list of things we wanted to do before baby blair arrives and we have yet to tackle it


even if it’s just 1 night away, i want to do one last trip with me, markel and our baby lucy.  the last weekend away that we’ll have before we become a legit family.  (since many people do not count fur babies as real babies.  *eye roll *)

-really embraced or enjoyed this time.  

morning sickness 1556, esther 0.  even at this point, i’m still dry heaving and sensitive to smells.  there are some students who made me so sick at the beginning of the year that when i see them i unconsciously dry heave inside.  oh the discomforts of pregnancy… the one really COOL thing has been to see my bump grow and feel this baby girl kick around and find a place inside of my body.  i wouldn’t say the kicks feel GOOD, but it reminds me that this is happening.  that a life is growing inside of me, that this baby is only going to get stronger, and that i get to meet her soon.  i’ve heard that in the last month or so the kicks are painful and knock the wind out of you.  lol  i’m actually curious for that to happen.  to see my baby’s foot through the belly, to know that she’s going to be an star soccer player (mike’s dream) and just know she’s getting ready to come out.

-pamper myself

I rarely get facials, massages, mani/pedis or even take long showers.  It’s not that I’m low-maintenance I think it’s just laziness and the discomfort of having people touch me.  But lately, it’s what I’ve been REALLY craving.  So weird.  It might be because I know I won’t get to do much of this after the baby is born (and probably for 10 years after that)~ but I feel like the extra pampering makes me feel prettier, more like my pre-baby self, and just more of a lady.  not a fattie who can’t bend over anymore.  lol

-read a friggin book!

I can’t even remember the last book and I read, and I’ve heard SO many stories about how new moms never get to read anymore.  *sigh *  my goal is to read at least TWO before May 3rd and finish the huge stack of magazines I have in my room.  I suspect I won’t be reading those for a WHILE if I can’t finish them before May.


in my last few months left before we become a family of four (yes, i’m counting lucy as family)~ i’m trying to spend as much time with friends as i can.  i know that my friends now will be around after the baby, but i feel like it’ll be so different!!  i want to grab dinner on a whim after work, go to fancy places where i don’t have to worry about a stroller, and just live out these last 80 days more carefreeeeeee.

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Weekend Recap

This past weekend was exactly what I was hoping it would be…relaxing with lots of sleep.  Not only did I take naps but I got to just enjoy the weekend.  Normally Markel and I are rushing around from event to event which can be exhausting.  A few fun highlights over the weekend were going out to Beaumont to see mike’s family and buying new furniture for the apartment!  We got a new couch and a recliner for the baby’s room.

Yes the recliner is…not the most stylish thing.  But I literally melted into the chair when I sat down.  Our goal was to find a really great rocker/recliner for when the baby comes since I heard you do everything on there~~  Comfort definitely won out over fashion for this piece.  We got it in a gray suede-like fabric.


this sectional below is what i’m REALLY excited about.  i love the color and the SPACE!  we always have friends over and most of them have to sit on the floor or bring in our dining room chairs.  Not very comfortable for parties.  It’ll be nice to have some more seats to entertain and grow with us as our family does.


I seriously took no pictures except for 1~ Sunday Gogi (Meat) Party.  A few friends came over and we grilled up some tasty Korean BBQ meat and ate family style.  This was the PERFECT way to end the best weekend yet.


Some other random updates…

These strawberry 3 musketeer bars are SO YUMMY.  Not everyone has been a fan, but I just can’t get enough of them.  It could be that I’m going through a strong strawberry phase…(hello preggo hormones?)


This below is exactly what my last few weeks have been like.  I am craving fruit smoothies and cheeseburgers.  So random, yet SO SATISFYING.  I don’t have to eat them together, but these are my top 2 food cravings as of late. =D


Happy Monday Ya’ll!

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Weekend Recap and Photodump


This past weekend was filled with lots of lucy bear cuddles.  Mike went down to SD to do a big superbowl weekend with his friends and that left just the blair girls to play~~ ^^

BESIDES superbowl sunday~~ two fun events were celebrating beautiful natalie’s first birthday party & eggslut in grad cental station! xo

Isn’t natalie just gorgeous?  I’m obsessed with this cutie pie.



Lucy was SUCH a trooper that day.  She played with all the babies (tried to lick them to death really…) and let them grab her fur/whiskers/face.  After a few hours Lucy retreated to some nice shade underneath the table where she sneaked a few bites from the trash.  sneaky sneaky ^^


These three ladies and I have really grown the most beautiful friendship over the last 4-5 years.  We started in the same department at UCLA and then each branched out into different positions and places on campus.  And the really fun part…is that in just a few months I’ll have a little girl too!  So excited to have play dates, share fun memories and just our families together! xoxo


 as soon as we got home, lucy bear PASSED OUT with her leash on.  lol  the park, the kids and all the excitement was just a little too much.  hehe the next few sleeping pics are all later that night.  poor lucy couldn’t keep her eyes open.

20150131_153450 20150131_154739 20150131_223745

Sunday I checked out grand central station with my old roommie and fellow chang-sta.  I got to try three places at the same time which REALLY made my inner fattie dance with joy.  These days since alchie is NOT an option, I’ve been trying to de-stress with delicious food and drinks.  healthy right?  lol

G&B is like Go Get Em Tiger on Larchmont.  It’s a bar feel where you can walk up and order a drink (rather than wait in a line like normal coffee shops).  I ordered a sweet latte but what I REALLY wanted was the $8 Shake: 4 shots of espresso, ice cream and cream).  The shake tasted like heaven in your mouth.  I only had one sip since I’m preggo and can’t drink TOO much caffiene.  WAHHHH.  next time…


Next up…Eggslut!! This is a new place that has been all the rage.  The lines are insane and so we thought that superbowl sunday would be the perfect time~~ which ended up being RIGHT!  We waited only about 30 minutes in line (as opposed to over an hour) and got a seat at the bar right away too.  clutch since it would have sucked to stand and eat.



arugula, red wine vinaigrette, served with manchego cheese on top




pics of beautiful grand central market and restaurants.  not pictured is the most amazing taco i ended my little food tour with.  it was next door to eggslut and the line was ridiculously long~~ BUT the best part was that they were giving out samples of chicken tacos (aka a whole taco) and it was EXACTLY what I needed to end my time at Grand Central Station.  LOL


gorgeous view right?!  love downtown LA


this little pic below is what my day after work looks like.  i’ve been taking lucy out on longer walks so that i can get some more exercise in.  i’m worried about gaining too much weight, not being strong enough for labor, and just…my health all around.  AND with crazy admissions season right now, these walks after work has really helped me relax and de-stress.  lucy is SOOO happy to be out and smelling everything that it always brings a smile to my face. =)  can’t wait until the days get longer and we have more sunny nights. xo


AND it’s already FRIDAYYYY.  SO GLAD.  This was a really tough week and I’m looking forward to relaxing.  We’re going to mike’s parents house in palm springs and i can’t wait to get away for the weekend.  *sigh *

TGIF Ya’ll~~~ Hope you have an awesome weekend!! xoxo

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January recap

This month has FLOWN by.  I’m not sure if it’s because work is busier than ever (admissions season), or because I’m still sick, or because this first month has been packed with social activities.  In any case…instead of a week by week recap here’s a month!

January was definitely a month of EATING.

salt air brunch below.  LOVE that place off abbot kinney~



one of our greatest friends got married in the rain on the second weekend in january and even through the rain the entire night was GORGEOUS, filled with laughter and amazing foooooooood.



 broomball!  i couldn’t participate this year, but it was fun to watch everyone else play <3



before broomball mike and his friends went to ESPN zone in downtown disney.  mike and his friends lose themselves at this place and look like they’re all back in high school.  LOL it’s really fun to watch them play games and compete against each other at virtual mini golf, basketball shots, football hoops, etc.  LOL



my last month as a small group leader =(  bittersweet… my co-leader surprised me with little treats for a little farewell party.  <3


SOOO you may have heard me mention oyster bar a few times in the last two years…but if you haven’t…oyster bar is one of the best restaurants in vegas.  it’s in the most RANDOM location (palace station hotel) and it’s really more of a counter than a restaurant.  NEVERTHELESS, it’s the best tasting pan-roast/clam chowder/oysters that i’ve ever had.

We recently found out that oyster bar had opened up a few restaurants in LA (santa ana and huntington beach).  SooOOo my obsessed friends and I had to check it out right?!  Ritters in Santa Ana was not as amazing as oyster bar, but it was pretty darn good.


 the rest of the month was filled with lots of lucy blair time + foooood + my bestie who came down for a visit. xo <3  Here’s a little photodump from the rest of the month + our delicious food tour.






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Pregnancy Must Haves/Life Savers

This list below might not work for everyone, but it CERTAINLY saved me during my morning sickness, my changing body and my weird particular needs during the last 6.5 months!  I hope this will help you when that time comes~~

1. Maternity Tops

at first i wanted to get by with the current tops that i own.  but seriously…maternity tops are AWESOME.  they’re longer, stretchier and just a WAY better fit for my belly.

2. Pregnancy Pillow

i really tried hard not to buy this monstrosity, but it has totally changed my life.  i have carpel tunnel which makes sleeping at night really hard (since i put weight on my arms when i sleep on my side).  but this pillows was designed to help carpel tunnel, helps hug my body so that i’m always supported AND i hardly ever wake up from sleep discomforts (like moving a loose pillow around or trying to find a comfy position).

3. Comfy Shoes

at 6.5 months my feet can only fit into 2 pairs of work shoes + 1 pair of flip flops.  it sucks.  if i stand too long my feet and back hurt and even the shoes that do fit start pinching at random places.  i’ve been looking online for wide shoes so that as my feet grow in the new few months, so i’ll have shoes to support the changes and weight.  (oh the weight…)

4. Leggings/Jeggings

life SAVERS.  for some reason maternity jeans or pants haven’t been comfortable or a good fit.  i found jeggings from Uniqlo that were not maternity but fit me PERFECTLY.  since they don’t have the belly band they just hug my hips below the belly.  not sure if i can wear these jeggings for all 9 months but for now they’ve been amazing.  i bought them a size up and i’m finally starting to feel a little tightness (uh oh) around the thighs and waist.

PicMonkey Collage3

1. Tummy Butter

LOVED this tummy butter.  it was greasy and thick, but it made me feel like i wouldn’t get any stretch marks.  my belly/thighs/hips were oiled like a turkey on thanksgiving.

2. Belly Butter

This one isn’t as thick, but it absorbs into my skin quickly and for sure doesn’t rub off onto my clothes.  Not sure if this is THE cream to buy but I like it so far…

3. Aquaphor

LIFE SAVOR.  Not to get into details, this one really helped me with my changing body and chapped/itchy skin.

4. Mentos Gum

No clue why…but hard shelled gum was the only thing that would help me with morning sickness when I was out or when I felt nauseous.  Even now when I feel sick, mentos gum instantly makes me feel better.  Weird…but a random thing I found that works!

PicMonkey Collage

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