Our little baby lucy is 15 months and this entire time we have had no idea what breed/mix she is.  When we bought her back in Nov 2013, she was SUPPOSED to be a teacup maltipoo.

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OBVIOUSLY she isn’t.  Her forehead started to grow out of no where and BAM…the chihuahua traits came out STRONG.  Her legs got incredibly long, her tail was super bushy, and she started to SHED!  gahhhh…

Anyway, I went through a sad period b/c I was really disappointed that Lucy shed and wasn’t what we had been led to believe.  But don’t worry…it didn’t last long.  Lucy is so sweet and cuddly~~ how could you stay mad at her??

Over the course of a year, we have thought that lucy was…1) teacup maltioo 2) malCHIpoo 3) pomchi 4) long-haird Chihuahua 5) possibly another chihuahua mix.  After guessing and joking around about it for a year, Markel bought me a dog breed DNA kit!  LOL


mailing the dna kit at the post office. hehehe  we get the results in 2-3 weeks via email.


So…in true ridiculous esther fashion, we now have to have a DNA reveal!!  muhahahahahaha  and a prize for the person who guessed the closest DNA combo.

The results of the DNA reveal were SHOCKING.  i mean SHOCKING.  Lucy was 0% chihuahua…which i would have totally bet money on.  Turns out she’s 50% Maltese, 25% Standard Shorthaired Dachshund and 25% Toy Fox Terrier Cross.  CRAZY!!


after the reveal we had to take pics of lucy with her aunties.  the uncles…were not into taking family pics with lucy.   lol


This DNA reveal was REALLY fun and shocking.  I think about it at least once a day b/c I still can’t believe Lucy isn’t a chihuahua!  crazyyy   I’m so happy to have a fun group of friends to share even the silliest of reveals with and laugh about it over drinks and dessert. =)  Lucy has the best aunties that spoil her with love and treats. <3

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