Christopher’s Hipster Bash


over the weekend markel and i went to the most adorable first birthday bash for a very happy and lucky little boy named christopher.  every single detail of the day was perfect and adorable~  i plan to do a big january recap but this birthday party was WAY too cute to lump into that.  here are some pics from this past saturday’s party~ xo


can you believe that the bday mama MADE all these gorgeous treats??


Party favors!!  bow ties and mustaches forl ittle boys and adorable hair bands for little girls.  normally i never take party favors at children’s bdays but this time i took one for our little baby girl. <3  it was pretty exciting!  lol


 i’ve been so tired and out of it lately that i of course forgot to take pictures of all the gorgeous details (like the head table).  here are two entertainment booths at the party.  a photobooth and silhouette artist was there and we definitely took advantage. =D


isn’t this SO adorable??  when mike and i went to magic castle last year i TOTALLY regretted not getting our silhouettes done.  Now we have the pretty party favors. =D xoxo  excited to frame this baby~




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Shoes Obessions

With my swollen feet these days, I’m on the hunt for really comfortable shoes.  I’ve been trying to find the perfect pair of loafers or flats that are not only super cute but are comfortable for my growing feetsies.  Here are my top choices that I’m currently trying to narrow down…

Comfortable Shoes Part IComfortable Shoes Part II

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

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I could not be HAPPIER that it’s friday today.  This has been SUCH a hard week and SUCH a hard month for me.  I think it’s a culmination of events/factors: just got back from a long winter break, it’s admissions season, i’m in a new department so everything is still new, i’m off and on sick, i still have a touch of morning sickness , i can’t sleep very well at night (ie Lucy tried to sleep on my face last night), oh and the best part…i’m preggers (which comes with its own wonderful complexities).

Normally when work or life gets really hard a glass (or three) of vino make all my troubles go away~~~ but these days, nothing has been really hitting the spot or helping ease the stress.  I try to walk lucy for a little longer to get my antsy energy out, Chocolate ice cream has been helping, and snuggling lucy bear… but overall…it’s been a hard January.  I would kill for a week off right now or a vacation where all I do is lay out and drink pina coladas.  *sigh *

This weekend is filled with lots of birthdays but I hope to get at least one night of good sleep, eat something yummy, and take some photos of my belly bump!  I seriously thought I would be taking them every week with a cute little chalkboard but the last 6 months haven’t been cotton candy and rainbows.  =T   Alright, no more of this complaining…

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the two days off with your loved ones.  xoxo

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Winter Break Recap and Photodump

This past holiday break was WAYYYY too short.  I really wished I had an extra week off…but then I have to keep reminding myself that other people don’t get breaks!  lol  Besides Hawaii, the rest of my time off was spent cleaning, going to a few christmas parties and making sure I slept a LOT.  I got sick on the 23rd (my last day of work) and ended up getting my brother and markel sick. =(  oopsies.  As a preggo lady you can’t take medication and well…i REALLY REALLY could have used it.  my head, nose and body hurt so bad.  *sigh *  luckily a little tylenol and ice cream helped in lieu of dayquil.

Here are photos from this past winter break.  I had so much fun with friends.  It really reminds me of how thankful I am for each and every person!! xoxo


Mike’s bff’s family hosts a big posada each year where you reenact the last night before Jesus’ birth where Mary and Joseph go from inn to inn trying to find a place.  This year, since I was preggo…Markel and I were chosen to be Joseph and Mary.  lol

There were also tons of homemade tamales, pesole and foooooood.  I love this tradition and this time of year!


our costumes =D


New Year’s Eve~

mike was super sick (got it from me) since i got home from hawaii so on this NYE we stayed home and rented movies.  not gonna say who…but only one of us lasted past 10pm.  o__O


hehe couldn’t resist taking this photo at midnight.  lucy blair was not pleased… but i LOVE how she thinks she’s a freaking human!!  she always tries to share mike’s pillow at night or get into my pregnancy pillow so snuggle.  i SHOULD be super annoyed…but it’s so cute i can’t stop it.  LOL  mike does not share these same feelings and wishes she were more of a dog who slept in her crate at night.  ^^


the next morning we went to get the traditional new year’s soup (rice cake soup).  kinda sad not having family around to share this first day with…but it was nice to at least eat with markel (even when he was so sick).


Lots of Friend and Lucy Blair Time <3

(since i was sick most of my break, lucy was always sweet enough to cuddle close or let me take ridiculous pics of her)



she was NOT loving the hat


brunch and wine night with the girls



FINALLLLY got to try pine and crane!!! (delicious Taiwanese restaurant in silver lake)


found a baby shower spot!!  it was the perfect size and location for our friends/family to meet at.  i can’t wait to see this place transformed in march!


oh my…my growing belly…


*sigh * i’m sure there were so many things that happened over break but this is just a short-ish recap of it all.  i look forward to my 2-3 week winter break every year.  and of course, coming back to work after that break is always SOOOO hard.  thankfully though, this year i have lots of really great things to look forward to!!  my maternity leave is in less than 4 months and I can already tell this year is going to FLY BY.  my summer will be filled with baby and baby related posts.  my fall will most likely be all about re-adjusting to work-life balance and then…BAM an awesome winter break. =D

Anyway~~ i hope you’re having a great first month of 2015!  Happy Tuesday~ xp

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Baby Blair Baby Shower Inspiration Board

The baby shower date is set and I’m already thinking of the perfect way to bring baby blair into this world~~ <3  Markel and I rented a community center and reserved it for a Saturday in early March.  Now I know you aren’t supposed to throw your own shower, but we didn’t feel comfortable having our friends and family host a shower for us.  It seemed like an imposition on their time and money since Markel and I wanted a HUGE co-ed shower with lots of food and drinks.  Asking another couple or family member to spearhead that seemed selfish…so…we decided to do something nontraditional and throw our own little shindig! =D  We’re going to cover the room and catering~~ and Luckily we have a bunch of amazing friends who offered to host the games, bring desserts, be in charge of decorations, etc.

I can’t believe this pregnancy is flying by so fast~~ i’m more than halfway now and it’s so crazy that in just a few more months we’ll meet our little babe.

Here are a few inspiration pics that I found/put together for how I envision the shower.  At first I wanted to be more gender neutral party…but who am I kidding?  i can’t imagine a shower without the excessive girlie touches of pink and glitter. <3  ;P


 dedbebd96804d43463687407670a57c3 PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey Collage2

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Lucy’s DNA test…and reveal

Our little baby lucy is 15 months and this entire time we have had no idea what breed/mix she is.  When we bought her back in Nov 2013, she was SUPPOSED to be a teacup maltipoo.

1457492_10102320911102373_961966102_n 1479138_10102282099790553_2079035534_n

OBVIOUSLY she isn’t.  Her forehead started to grow out of no where and BAM…the chihuahua traits came out STRONG.  Her legs got incredibly long, her tail was super bushy, and she started to SHED!  gahhhh…

Anyway, I went through a sad period b/c I was really disappointed that Lucy shed and wasn’t what we had been led to believe.  But don’t worry…it didn’t last long.  Lucy is so sweet and cuddly~~ how could you stay mad at her??

Over the course of a year, we have thought that lucy was…1) teacup maltioo 2) malCHIpoo 3) pomchi 4) long-haird Chihuahua 5) possibly another chihuahua mix.  After guessing and joking around about it for a year, Markel bought me a dog breed DNA kit!  LOL


mailing the dna kit at the post office. hehehe  we get the results in 2-3 weeks via email.


So…in true ridiculous esther fashion, we now have to have a DNA reveal!!  muhahahahahaha  and a prize for the person who guessed the closest DNA combo.

The results of the DNA reveal were SHOCKING.  i mean SHOCKING.  Lucy was 0% chihuahua…which i would have totally bet money on.  Turns out she’s 50% Maltese, 25% Standard Shorthaired Dachshund and 25% Toy Fox Terrier Cross.  CRAZY!!


after the reveal we had to take pics of lucy with her aunties.  the uncles…were not into taking family pics with lucy.   lol


This DNA reveal was REALLY fun and shocking.  I think about it at least once a day b/c I still can’t believe Lucy isn’t a chihuahua!  crazyyy   I’m so happy to have a fun group of friends to share even the silliest of reveals with and laugh about it over drinks and dessert. =)  Lucy has the best aunties that spoil her with love and treats. <3

20150105_172906 20150105_074020 20150108_232508

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Pregnancy–24 weeks

ohhh this crazy journey with little baby blair.  i seriously had fantasies of what being pregnant would be like and NONE of those have come true.  I am not glowing, I am not walking on clouds, and my body is not embracing this change.  *sigh *  i absolutely love this little sass monster 2 growing inside of me but it has been quite the adventure.


here are some good and bad things that have been happening in the last 6 months (eek i can’t believe i’m already 24  weeks! SCARY)

1.  Morning sickness is a beast.  I had it for 17 weeks and at 24, I still dry heave at least once a day.  The nausea is gone but my aversion to certain smells and foods is ever present.  Bleh.  >.<

2.  Getting fat is not easy.  YES of course you will gain weight, of COURSE your body will change as it accommodates a growing fetus.  Unfortunately…it’s just not easy to see it all happen.  Neither are the OTHER changes.  eep.

3.  I think the old wives tale that a girl “takes your beauty” is true.  I look CRAZY, my nose has grown, and my skin is just very bleh.

4.  I have carpel tunnel, which is NOT fun.  It hurts day and night and keeps me from getting any REM sleep.  SUCKS.  Apparently it’s genetic.  My mom had it.

5.  Seeing the baby’s ultrasound at every doctors appointment makes me cry.  I love seeing her move around, grow and become a real person!  I love it when I can see more and more of her face, her body and her shape.  Even in the womb she is a terrible listener (doesn’t do what the doctor wants ever).  Let’s hope she’s not unruly when she comes out!  lol

6.  Feeling her move inside is the most incredible feeling.  It can be a little painful at times, but it’s a constant reminder that she’s healthy and strong.  I love her so much already when I feel her inside and I can’t imagine what it’ll be like to meet her!

7.  I’ve started to get some back pain, but so far it’s been bearable.  I can only imagine what it’ll be like later.  THANKFULLY mike is not opposed to going to get massages with me so that I don’t have to suffer.  and he’s been really great about giving me foot rubs and back rubs when i’m really uncomforrtable.

8.  For cravings, I wouldn’t say that I’m crazy for pickles and ice cream at 1am.  But there are some foods that I like a lot more than I did before the pregnancy… 1) sweet drinks  2) cold desserts (icee, popsicle, ice cream, etc)  3) hamburgers + french fries  4) fruit  5)pancakes/waffles

9. My feet have started to change!  I can’t tell if they’re swollen or if my feet are actually growing.  All I can tell is that some shoes are super tight and uncomfortable.  I know basically wear the same 2 pairs.  Sad…

10.  Thanks to baby blair, mike and i are going through the house weekly looking for things to donate or toss.  So far we’ve donated 3 car loads full and still have 2-3 more.  i know…we’ve got a lot of crap.  it’s been pretty exciting to declutter our apartment since we’re eager to make it baby friendly. <3  We’re also getting a few new items for the house to make it safer and easier when the baby comes.  It’s been really exciting and fun to see Mike plan our lives and home around the baby.  Makes me realize what an incredible parent he’ll be and how he’ll always put our family first. <3

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Christmas In Hawaii Part II


already the last part of the hawaii trip… it’s only been 2 weeks since i’ve been home but this trip seems SO LONG AGO. *sigh *

the above pictures are from my parents place.  SOOO pretty.  they live in ala moana and it’s like 2 blocks from the beach.

the rest of the trip was more eating and some shopping.  i picked up lots of fun things and just got to soak up every hour with my family.  since it was mainly the three of us (no spouses) it felt like the old days where we made fun of each other, talked about funny moments from our childhood and just ate ate ATE!

Poke from my brother’s office building.. it wasn’t the BEST i’ve ever had…but it hit the spot.


while i was in hawaii, baby blair was the size of a papaya!  so cray.  it was fun to have something tangible to compare her size to~~ wowzaa


20141229_18045920141229_180439  IMG_2464 IMG_2472

stadium swap meet~~ so funnn

IMG_2473 IMG_2474 IMG_2475 IMG_2476 IMG_2477 IMG_2478 IMG_2480 IMG_2482 soIMG_2485

it was fun to see hawaiian christmas decorations up in the city.  there were TONS everywhere, but this is the only clear picture i got while snapping away in the car. =(


papaya!!  my faaaaavorite thing to eat when i’m in hawaii.  my mom always buy a box from a wholesale warehouse and we eat it all week.  since it was winter time there weren’t as many varieties out but i still got my fix. <3


 last food stop of the trip: big kahuna pizza.  SO GOOD.  the cheesy bread down below was TO DIE FOR.

20141229_202857 20141229_202044

more terrible selfies.  LOL  i need to get a better handle on the selfie stick.

20141229_201056 20141229_201827 20141229_201903

xoxo this last trip was so special and meaningful.  as i embark on this new journey to motherhood~~ this was the last big trip with my family as a single lady (non-mother i mean).  i haven’t spent this much alone time with my brother and mother since… i dunno when!  maybe since my early 20s?  lol  I’m so grateful for this little sliver of time we had together and can’t wait for 2015!!   The next time I come back, it’ll be me, markel AND baby blair!  cray~~

(ps—flying while pregnant sucks.  i was about 5-6 months and my back hurt like crazy from the seats and not being able to stretch or move around much in the seats.  if you fly while pregnant just bring a pillow for your back or fly business/first class!!  i also still have some morning sickness symptoms so i dry heaved every time i had to use the bathroom and when someone smelled weird or was eating something smelly.  ughh  i mean, who brings chinese food onto the airplane and thinks it’s cool??  NO!!!  you bring sandwiches or chips that do NOT smell.  AND PEOPLE, you should ALWAYS shower before getting on a plane.  *barf *  THANK GOD for perfumed lotion, ginger candies and carbonated drinks.)

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Christmas in Hawaii Part I

This year Mike and I did something a little untraditional and split up for Christmas.  I flew home to Hawaii to see my family and Mike stayed in LA with his.  At the time we made these plans we seriously thought it made sense…but in hindsight…spending such an important holiday apart was dumb and we won’t be doing that again.  lol  It was sad not to open presents together and be together on such a big day.

Anyway…this was my final trip on a plane before Baby Blair comes into the world.  It was my own personal babymoon with my family.  Here’s a photodump of my first few days home and our Christmas at the most gorgeous park!

View from my parents place.  SOOOO gorgeous~




how my mom and brother like to spend quality time with me.  LOL



double rainbow!!  the second one is pretty faint in the pic but in person it was gorgeous~~



my ever growing bump… *sigh *


life is like a box of choc-co-lates…  hehe


got to hit up my favorite boba place =D


famous udon place called Jimbos!  SOOO goooood


zippy’s~~ best korean fried chicken, portugese sausage, and chili!

20141227_104433 20141227_104439

mama chang and i went wild and bought TONS Of pretty hawaiian dresses for baby blair.  even though she can’t wear half of them until summer 2016, it was so much fun to pick out tiny clothes and imagine her running around in a little hawaiian dress!




a little turtle ornament for markel <3 his favorite animal in the world




ugly selfies =(  i’m still a newb with this stick so all my angles are terribly unflattering… but it was very nice for my family to keep indulging me as we took selfies all over the island. =D




best shaved ice EVERRR (waiola)





this was the best find of the trip.  SOOO yummy~




Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream~ to die for


goma tei ramen… delic.  and super close to my parent’s place. <3







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Winter Obsessions

We don’t get a white Christmas in LA like many other places~ and not really even a COLD COLD winter.  But here are some of my favorite winter season moments…

1. hot chocolate


2. holiday decorations


3. cozy sweaters


4. rain


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Christmas at the Blairs <3

This post is a bit late but I was going through my winter break photos and realized i didn’t share any of our decorations!   Normally I’m not a HUGE Christmas/Holiday person but Mike and his family love the holidays so much I’m trying to be less grinch and more elf. =)  This is our second Christmas in our apartment as newlyweds and it was really fun to see our decorations expand!  Our decorations are a collection of items bought, items made and items given to us by our families.  It’s been really nice to have a mix of old and new together as we start our new family and find our own traditions together as Blairs.

After the big christmas sales, I’ve tried to collect a few pieces each year and this year I realized we had quite the spread!  Last year I got the  most gorgeous nutcrackers for our place and I was so thrilled to put them out this year for the first time. <3

AND this was our first year ever to get a REAL Christmas tree.  In the past we’ve always used a tiny fake one but Mike HATED it.  So…this year we went to home depot and chose the perfect baby tree for our home. <3  We meant to get a bigger one but there were none that were full or in the perfect triangle shape.  *shrug *  Hopefully next year we’ll be able to find a nice big 5″ tree that’s bushy and waiting to be brought home.  lol

IMG_2403 IMG_2405 IMG_2408 IMG_2415 IMG_2416 IMG_2418 IMG_2424 IMG_2427 IMG_2431After this past Christmas, I bought a bunch of cute new items that I’m excited to add to our home next year! =D  xoxo  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!! xo


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Pretty Little Things…

PicMonkey Collage

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TGIF–Happy 2015 Everyone!

                     Have you gotten your new year’s resolutions together?  Are you working on making this year better than last year?

jeremiah 29.11

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Hopes for 2015


Normally I write a list of resolutions that I want to keep throughout the year.  And…like so many others…I can never keep them.  This year I’d like to do something different and write hopes for the year~  Good and positive things I want to put into the air so that it can come true in 2015.


1.  Baby Blair is healthy and the birth/after birth all goes well.

2.  Mike and I will become even closer and more in love with each other with Baby Blair so that we may be the best team.

3.  Our new family will get to take at least 1 trip to norcal, hawaii (to see my family), or anywhere 3+ hours away.

4. Mike and I will grow in our careers and really establish a new level of responsibility, workload, etc.

5. Our family will be able to create many new memories, traditions and adventures~

6. I will get to do/try 3 new/extraordinary things this year.  Whether it be camping, going to a new destination, going to a painting class, anything!

7. To go to church every Sunday possible.  This last year was interesting since my morning sickness was so bad.  I want to get back on track and start regularly attending like we used to.

8.  To get better at Korean!  It’s been a personal goal of mine for years to get better and I feel like as we teach our baby new words, I’d like to be more proficient/fluent~ otherwise we’ll both be learning and struggling. lol


This list above involves more of my family life and less of my personal goals.  LOL  I guess that’s what it means to to grow up huh?  2015 is going to be incredible year to go down in the books.  It will be the most life changing and the most beautiful one in Markel + Me history~~ I can’t wait. =D  xoxo


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Happy 2015!!!!


Can’t wait to see what this year brings!! xoxo

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