2014 Recap and Photodump

I may say this every year, but this year was incredible and blessed.  I can’t even count how many happy moments I’ve had this year~~~ But I’m just so grateful for my support system and the loved ones in my life.  Through all the ups, downs, and new transitions~ I’ve had an incredible year with the ones I love most.  Here are just a few things below that I’m grateful for and that really stand out in 2014.



1.  Baby Blair

–baby blair!!  especially since it’s the baby girl I’ve always wanted!  I seriously tear up and get really emotional thinking about it.  i can’t wait to watch this little girl blossom into the most beautiful person, develop a father-daughter relationship with mike, and just really melt our hearts as she grows up.  i pray daily that’she’s be the brightest star, have the strongest faith, and love sports just like her daddy.


2. Michael Blair

–i always think about how lucky i am to have met michael blair.  we met in a once in a life time chance opportunity and i can believe we’ve been together for 6+ years now.  he is my rock, my cheerleader, the person who makes me laugh, grounds me when i’m being cray, makes me feel incredibly safe, and is seriously my favorite person in the world.  we can do nothing all day and it’s fun.  we can try new things and i get butterflies in my stomach.  when something stresses me out or makes me sad, he’s the one person who can always pull me out of it.  having mike as my partner and co-parent is incredibly exciting and i can’t wait for this new adventure we’re about to embark on.


3. New Jobs

–mike and i both got new jobs/promotions this year and we’ve been SOO SOOO blessed.  when we met we were both in our early 20s, broke/unemployed, and just finding ourselves.  together we grew our careers, started a family and became adults!  lol  it’s been a really fun financial adventure to grow together and really appreciate all that we have and are working towards.

 2 3 4


4. Fun Trips

–this year i went on a bunch of great trips with mike, girlfriends and family.  i love creating memories and doing new things!  having this support system while traveling to new places and visiting loved ones has been awesome.  i hope to continue to travel more around the world and bring my new little one for the ride.



5. Family

–being married, it’s been REALLY nice to have two families.  two groups of parents and siblings that love you unconditionally.  inside jokes, holiday dinners, and lazy weekends are so fun.  i’m incredibly lucky!!


6. Lucy Blair


–oh little sass monster lucy.  apple of my eye and love of my life.  she captured my heart from the moment we took her home and not a day goes by where i don’t melt over her.  i love her mischievous spirit and her cuddly moments.  i hope she and baby blair have the most adorable bond. <3


7. Girlfriends

–i wouldn’t be the person i am today without my girlfriends.  i can honestly say that i’m a better person through these relationships and i learn SO MUCH from all of them!  this strong support system (along with mike and my family) has propelled me forward, given me hope, prayed for me, and loved me through everything.  this sounds so cheesy but i’m a confident person because of their love and their total acceptance of who i am.  i also think that having this group has made my relationship with mike stronger.  my life is more balanced with these crazies and i can’t wait to experience more milestones, transitions, memories and life moments with these ladies by my side! xo



8. Community Group

–we’ve been in this community group for over a year and it’s been such a wonderful space to meet new friends, bond and share the details of our lives.  xoxo  it’s exciting to go through the year with the same group each week and share bits of your life, have people constantly praying and loving on you~~ i’m really blessed with this group!


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Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume


The past few months I have been searching for a few perfumes to add to my collection.  Ideally I’d have 4-6 perfumes with adorable bottles to display on my bathroom counter in a mirrored tray.  During this search I found out I’m pretty picky and non-committal to scents.  *sigh * Which makes the hunt even harder.

I found a few that I love, and this is one of them above.  I bought the smaller Roller Ball style so I could try it out for a few weeks before committing to the larger bottle.  So far I really love it.  It’s a light airy scent that has a bit of depth to it.  Perfect for winter/fall I think. =)

Here are the four I want to add to my collection below….(I esp love the marc jacobs bottles! lol)

PicMonkey Collage3

and here are three that I already own and like…

PicMonkey Collage4

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Merry Christmas 2014


i hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday with their families and loved ones!


The Blairs

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SG Community Group

This last week we had our community group’s annual white elephant party.  This is always a hilarious night of gag gifts, great food, delicious drinks and lots of fun new memories.  I love this group so much and I can’t wait for all the fun 2015 will bring!


1418846067628 PicMonkey Collage

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Annual White Elephant Christmas Party

Every Year, my friends and I have a big themed Christmas Party with a fun (often drunk) white elephant exchange.  I seriously look forward to this every year and try to think of creative/funky gifts to give out that hopefully people fight over.  This year the presents were fun and people were taking shots left and right trying to steal!  lol

The best part of this annual party is dressing up, spending time together and sharing new memories/jokes.  With our busy schedules it’s so hard to get everyone together on the same night, so this AWECP is still quite special. <3

 Here are pics from our fun night.  I didn’t take very many so these are stolen from other people.  LOL


Gorgeous party decor~~



drink cups with our names and unique hashtags.  lol


korean catering…SO CLUTCH.  i wish i could eat this everyday…

20141220_193038 20141220_193050 20141220_193056

kisses under the fake mistletoe ball with a selfie stick!  LOL


don’t mind my fattness =(

IMG_2211 IMG_7004 IMG_9259 image

Group Shots with the selfie stick!



IMG_2945 IMG_20141221_152914

LOVE these guys!! xoxo


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Baby Blair Swag

Now that I know Baby Blair is a SHE…there are SOOO many ridiculous things I want to buy!!  Not practical items…but just very adorable~ can’t live without pieces.  LOL  This is my little girl wishlist from Nordstroms below!  I think i’m just instantly attracted to anything pink, soft or girlie!


PicMonkey Collage

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

PicMonkey Collage2

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

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Weekend in Vegas with MYVEGAS


soo there is a game you can play on your phone and through facebook called “My Vegas”.  you basically play and win gold coins, which you can later redeem for real things like hotel rooms, dinner, drinks, free play, show tickets, even a WEDDING!  I’ve been playing since last May and earned enough gold coins for 2 separate trips to vegas.  COOL RIGHT?!

Here are some pics from my first trip this last weekend. =)  We went with friends and ate our way through the strip. =D


tasting at the coke store~ out of 16 flavors, i think we only like 2-3.


mike and i got gender M&Ms at the M&M store! =D  For our big gender reveal that sunday.


Buffet~~ can’t go to vegas without hitting up at least ONE buffet right?!




saw the jabbawockeez!  this was my second time watching it and i have to say…i still love it.  the show is fun, light-hearted and the talent was amazing.


This was such an amazing weekend.  With all the myvegas perks and great friends in vegas~ i can’t wait for our second trip!! xoxo Hopefully we’ll have more gold coins to watch a cirque du soleil show

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New Links/Blogs I love


i dunno about you, but i’m pretty glued to my computer.  i’m always looking for things and researching different items.  Here are a few that I’m loving lately~~~

1. Pink Peonies

2. Ivory Lane

3. The Skinny Confidential

4. Picmonkey

5. Hello Bee

6.  Skinny Mom

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Baby Blair: Gender Reveal Party


Sunday night Markel and I invited our friends over for a fun gender reveal party!  We had just come back from Vegas so we were pretty rushed but everything turned out PERFECTLY.

I found a few great printables from pinterest and online to decorate the dessert table and have our friends vote for their choice~ with a fun prize at the end!



 had a little dessert/snack spread going for guests with the printables for boy or girl gender reveal~~

 20141214_180738 20141214_180751

One of my dear friends (and neighbor) put these GORGEOUS boxes together for the big reveal.  Everyone got to open their box together with either pink or blue M&Ms inside.  I think it was more special to have everyone open their own boxes with us.  I think that part was the most special~ it was more of an interactive experience where we all got to see it/experience the surprise together.  xo  Maybe it’s b/c I work in a more creative department now, but I liked that it was a tactile, interactive moment with our friends and loved ones~ where we were all opening our boxes together. =)


and then FINALLY came the big moment!  The BIG REVEAL~~~~


it’s a girl!!!! xoxoxo Pink M&Ms =D


Great moment for me and mike.  Lucy does not seem pleased.  lol


I was too emotional and cray to give a little toast but Mike gave a short and sweet one.  He mentioned “our daughter” at the end of the speech and I almost lost it.  Just hearing him say that made it all sound so REAL.  Especially since I’ve wanted a girl for SOOO long.  I really want 3 little girls (or 4…lol) so it’s just incredible to have this big dream come true.

I pray all the time that she’ll be just like mike and look like him too.  They’re going to have such a special bond and I can’t wait to see it grow.

20141214_184252 20141214_184256 20141214_184306

We did a little raffle at the end for the person who picked Girl and gave out a coffee bean gift card. <3



I’m so grateful for the loved ones we have around us and the future aunties/uncles we have!  Finding out the gender of our baby together was SERIOUSLY worth the wait.  To have people surrounding you with hugs, toasts and warm wishes really helps make this baby experience special.

I’m 20 weeks now and I have 20 more together.  HOW SCARY and Exciting at the same time.  Everyone keeps telling me to enjoy these last few months with Mike since it’ll be the last time we’re children free.  We have to watch lots of movies, go out on lots of dates, and enjoy the chance to sleep in!!


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Current Holiday Wishlist

This year for Christmas, I have a bunch of things on my wishlist.  With the new baby coming I’ve been working really hard to purge old/unused items in the home and it’s felt AMAZING.  Now that my closets, drawers and surfaces are a little more bare~ I’ve been trying to find really classic, key pieces to add that I can enjoy daily.

(side note: i usually hate to spend a lot on one item so i tend to buy a bunch of cheaper items for the same price.  but as i grow older i find that the material or quality isn’t great and a girl can only shop at F21 for so long… so after all my purging, i’m trying to consciously buy more classic items that will last a long time.  i think this will help with clutter as well as keep my home/closet timeless.)

what’s on your holiday wishlist?

PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey Collage2

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

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Christmas Tree Adventures

This past Sunday Markel and I went out to Home Depot in Marina del Rey and bought our FIRST real tree together!! =)  I grew up with a fake tree and really loved the convenience of it (no watering, no needle mess, lights came with it…etc).  Mike grew up with real trees so he always thought it was WEIRD that I wouldn’t consider a real one…lol  i can be a bit stubborn…

but ANYWAY, i finally woke up and realized… a real tree would be a nice new change to our cozy apartment.  blame it on my nesting or just the need for change…but everytime i look at our new tree i get fun butterflies and a warm fuzzy feeling. =)

Here is markel below with two options.  he was SUPER picky about the tree since it had to be “JUST RIGHT” for our place. =)  It was fun to see him scouting all the noble firs and comparing them with ones people had in their hands.  lol  We wouldn’t have minded a larger tree but there was nothing awesome left~ so we chose a tiny 3 footer this time.


When we got home we decorated our entire apartment with christmas cheer, scents and fun.  Over the last 6+ years markel and i have collected ornaments together.  usually 1 per year that we’ve been together but there have also been a few extras that are meaningful additions~~ This is the first year where we used all of our collected ornaments + some traditional red and gold ones.  I absolutely love the way our little tree turned out and I’m so excited for the holidays to arrive!

If you can see in the middle, that’s our first family of ornaments. =D  adorable~~~ Thanks Nansie!!


At the end of our holiday decorating, we (by that i mean mike) cooked the most delicious meal of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and brussel sprouts.  YUMMMMMMMMMMMM


I’m so glad it’s Friday today.  I love the weekend and all the wonderful plans ahead. =D  This weekend markel and i are headed to veegaaaas!!  last few wiiild times ahead <3

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As the year comes to an end.  Let go of all the bad, the hurt and the things that waste your time.  Look ahead to the future and plan to have the best year to come!  2015 WILL BE INCREDIBLE! <3  I know it.


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Thanksgiving Weekend Recap and Photodump

This year for the thanksgiving, the Blairs remember grandpa Cordaro and made a big Italian Feast in lieu of the traditional turkey dinner.  It was really really nice to have the entire family come together and not only cook this big meal but also share memories of the most amazing man, father, and grandpa.  He was such a sweet and gentle person~ I can totally see Markel growing up to be just like him.

Below are the meatballs that mike and his bro made.  I was official “watcher” and helped entertain them while they cooked. =D  Meat (especially raw) still makes me really sick.  you’d think at 5 months now i would be back to normal~~ but just the nausea has gone away.  nothing else.  bleh.


here was our amazing meal.  i still have very strong food aversions so i stayed away from the meat but the rest of the meal was AMAZINGGG.


not everyone can handle thanksgiving.  between all the guests and the 1/2 meatball lucy had~ she PASSED OUT after lunch.  my poor baby was all people’d out.  i love it when she’s like this, so cuddly and sweet. =) image

more pics of lucy passed out.  since mike and i were home all day for four days, lucy didn’t get her usual 15 naps in so she fell asleep everywhere and anywhere we were hanging out.


over our four day break mike and i met up with tons of people but of course, i have no pictures.  this brunch at AOC with my girlfriends was the only thing i have pics of.


i had only been here for dinner in the past and found that the brunch was just as yummy as the dinner.  i loved the patio ambiance and the gorgeous LA weather we were having.


a sweet christmas surprise!  one of the girls gives out christmas ornaments every year and this year was the cutest set yet.

image image

she gave the blairs a family of 3!  Baby Blair’s first ornament!! =D  how adorable is this baby one?  we have a mama, papa and baby. <3  thanks nana!!  so grateful for you and this christmas surprise.


i just about DIED when i saw this latte come out.  not only am i obsessed with bears, but this latte art was ADORABLE.  i wanted to order one STAT but…being preggo…i wasn’t allowed to have more than 1 coffee.  =(  GRRR  next time…


image image

after brunch we went to the beverly center and did some damage at Uniqlo and the rest of the mall.  Uniqlo is a Japanese brand that has just come to LA (i think)!  i’m not very hip with it, so i just found out about this place and upon the recommendation of my friends, bought THE MOST COMFORTABLE pants in the world.  Jeggings with more -eggings than je-.  I bought two pairs and they have been SUPER DUPER comfy with this growing belly.  I found that maternity pants with a low panel just slip off (i have no hips) and the full panel is just too much for me right now.  So the best compromise has been uniqlo JEGGINGS!!

below are just some hilarious old lady pictures we took at the mall.  we wanted to take them with santa but he went on break as soon as we walked up =(  so we just took them ourselves.  lol  ironically we all came to brunch matching so we found it more hilarious to take this awkward christmas photo together.  lol

afterwards we laughed about how embarrassing we had all become and were quickly approaching the ahjumma stage of life.  *sigh *

image image image

random pics below but this was one of the best meals i had all weekend!  after church mike and i run errands in ktown sometimes and this holiday weekend i got to indulge in my favorite rice cake soup below.  usually you only eat it on new years but this soup is one of my all time faaaves.  so it was nice to pig out on something i rarely get to have.  YUMM.


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My Current Skincare Routine

With the colder weather for fall/winter and my pregnancy changes, I’ve had to revamp my skincare routine a little.  The biggest change this season is how DRY my skin has become.  Even if I put lotion on at night before bed, I find that by morning my skin looks like it’s cracking and in desperate need of moisture.  WEIRD right?  This has never happened to me before… Perhaps it’s the fact that now I’m 30 or pregnant…or maybe it’s just the weather this year?  In any case, I’ve had to add a lot more products to my routine in order to make my skin from cracking all over the place.

skincare routine

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

The algenist products below keep the skin on my face extra moisturized without me breaking out.

The Neutrogena naturals face wash is the BEST, foamiest makeup remover ever.  LOVE IT.

The Biore Pore strips (i know…some people say it’s baaad) keep my pores small and clear.

The Clinique Turnaround cream is AMAAZING.  I’ve been using this since college and it makes such a huge difference on my skin.  I even make Markel use it 1x a quarter to keep is face baby smooth. =P

The Tummy Butter is use after the shower.  FREAKING AMAZING STUFF.  normal lotions sink into the skin and a few hours later my tummy/back/boobs are super itchy (from the pregnancy).  But this baby has a little vaseline quality to it and keeps my skin not only moisturized but a little glossy as well.  I’m doing a terrible job of explaining this one but I love the moisture it leaves behind because it soothes all the itchiness of cold weather and pregnancy growing pains.  PLUS it doesn’t get on my clothes or leave greasy stains.

The origins body oil~~ HEAVENLY.  I use it in the shower after body wash and then rinse it off with water only.  The extra oils around my growing tummy has been awesome.  This one definitely leaves your body feeling in a little oily so i gently towel off and air dry a little before putting lotion on.  I don’t use this daily but if my skin is extra tight, this oil makes a HUGE difference.  I’m sure during my third trimester I’ll be using this baby daily!

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for the first time this fall/winter it’s raining!!  not a pathetic sprinkle, but LA is actually POURING and i couldn’t be happier.  growing up in sacramento, the winters were incredibly cold and wet.  at the time i didn’t think much of it, but now that i live in LA, i really really miss it.  i miss the wood burning fire smell, the cozy sweaters, the thick jackets, and the SMELL of rain.  weird right?

well…today i get to enjoy this rain and drink lots of hot tea. =)  i hope the rain lasts all week and i get to break out some of my winter coats!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

 32bca323b687c980cf4dc4d8caa46d5e 161cc3ce6053e64626a53df39e742125


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Holiday Clutches

I can’t believe it’s already DECEMBER!!  Holy Cow where did this entire year go??  Lately, as holiday catalogs and party invites come in the mail, I’ve been really wanting the perfect holiday party clutch.  I usually just bring my smallest cross body bag, but that is seriously NOT dressy and can be a little embarrassing depending on the party.  SOOO, one of the items on my holiday wish list this year is the perfect CLUTCH!

I’m really REALLY loving the little hard case clutches b/c they fit in your hand and they’re always perfect for parties/weddings/black tie events.  Here are my top 9 faves~~ xoxo

holiday clutches


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

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