Announcing the baby news to our Parents & Friends

To give our parents the good news, we thought a lot about how to say it.  Since this was our first, we wanted to do more than just call.  There were a TON of really great ideas on pinterest for baby announcements (which we did to announce it to the world), but for our parents~ we decided to send little surprises in the mail.  My parents live in Hawaii and Mike’s parents live just outside palm springs.

Here are the two little packages we sent off =):

For Mike’s parents we sent a little Harvard Onesie.  Harvard is Mike’s alma mater and the University still holds near and dear to his family~ so we knew right away this would be the perfect surprise.  We found this onesie at The Coop website (the store where you get your Harvard gear in Cambridge).  SUPER adorbs right??


BUT it didn’t arrive on time =(  So we did the next best thing and wrapped tiny baby toms into a box for his parents to open!

For my mama (my dad was away in Korea at the time), we sent her tiny crocheted booties with a personalized note.  I wanted something really small and cute that would surprise her in the mail.  It would have been nice to send her a little Hawaiian outfit (dress or shirt) but we didn’t know the sex of the baby, so that didn’t seem like it would work.  Same thing with a Korean related outfit~ without knowing the sex we wouldn’t be able to buy an outfit.

I found these little booties from etsy (store here) and fell in LOVE with these little buttons on them.  They  normally come in the organza baggies but I asked that they come in the box with a personalized message (which the plain booties do) so that when my mom opens the package she can open a box (not baggie).

il_570xN.589414374_hyqb il_570xN.643670199_f6e4

il_570xN.647292632_tpumHow cute are these???

BUT it was an utter fail…my mom thought that someone was trying to sell her shoes and she threw it away.  LOL  *sigh *  I should have just called her and told her the good news or warned her that I was sending her something.  hahaha  oh dear…

Well I’m happy to announce that each set of grandparents were floored and incredibly excited for baby blair coming in May 2015.   My mom is already calling daily to make sure I’m eating right, not going to “bars” at night and keeping the baby warm (which means no shorts, skirts or dresses and underwear that covers my belly to my knees).  *shrug * Maybe some old Korean wives’ tales?  lol  She also tells me to wear only elastic so that my baby has room to breathe and grow.

For my close group of girlfriends, we had a bit brunch.  My friend threw me a little morning party and made the most adorable decorations so that I could “announce” the baby in style. <3  How thoughtful right?!  I haven’t posted about this brunch yet but will do so SOOON!


I can’t wait to find out the baby’s sex and REALLY start getting the house together!  So far we haven’t bought a single thing  since we’re not sure what the sex is…I find out in December! =)  Only 1 more month away! xoxo

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