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Weekend recap and photodump

This last weekend was much busier than most and of course…I forgot to take pictures of 90% of it all.  *sigh *  That’s Preggo Brain for you already right?

Friday Night I met up with my favorite childhood friend: ms Vivian.  She’s an actress in LA and it’s so fun to catch up with her about her new projects.  This past Friday we met up at 9021Pho in Beverly Hills (we always wanted to try this place), and it was…NOT GOOD.  =(  The spring rolls were ok, but the sweet and sour sauce wasn’t a good match.  And the Pho…….oh Lord……please just don’t get the pho.


Anywayyyyyy….the entire night was awesome just catching up.  Plus we got to indulge in Ice Cream Lab!!  I’ve always wanted to try this place and I’m super psyched we finally got to try it.  There were lots of cool combinations but I got the normal Mint Chip flavor.  The ice cream is liquid until they freeze it with nitrogen.  COOOOOL right??


comes out like THIS. =D


Saturday we played with mike’s family all day (sorry i don’t have pics…) and it was really nice to catch up and have a quiet day together.  Mike’s brother-in-law wrote a play that was being produced and it was incredible.  Really excited for him on what’s to come in his future! xo

Sunday…was BABY DAY.  of course i only have pics of food and random things…but mike and i went to 4 baby stores and tried out a number of strollers, car seats, etc, etc, ETC.  it was EXHAUSTING.  we went in knowing nothing, and now we know only a tiiiiny bit more.  one cool thing we were able to figure out tho is which stroller we’re going to get!  i tried to lift 10+ strollers and found that i could only lift 1 comfortably (which is how we know what we’ll get).  it was pretty sad how weak i was, but the weight of the stroller was really important since we live in an apartment with stairs.  hopefully i won’t have to lift the stroller up and down without mike often, but in case i do…i need to be able to lift it right?

the crazier part was trying to put the freaking car seat into the stroller and back out.  we couldn’t even get it unclipped from the carseat BASE.  *sigh *  i’m super worried about our baby and how we’re gonna get it together.  thankfully we have another 5.5 months before we have to figure that out.

in between baby stores we hit up a mexican/american diner that served REALLY REALLY good food.  it was super random and tucked away in a strip mall, but thank GOD for yelp.  markel was getting a little bit hangry during the baby shopping so we searched for a good breakfast burrito place.  if you’re in the torrance area, hit up SNAX.  really good food.  not fancy or anything, but great prices and solid greasy spoon eats.



Sunday afternoon we went to an infant baptism in Diamond Bar.  It was my first time going to one and it was such a beautiful ceremony.  baby olivia was baptized with three diffferent liquids and she really just smiled through it all. (not all babies were cool with the priest touching them…)


i didn’t want to be obnoxious and go in front of the family, so here is a back shot of the parents + godparents.


holding baby olivia after the ceremony.  the newest member of the body of christ. <3  adorbs.


afterwards there was a huge party at the meza home with delicious pesole, nachos and more.  i wanted to eat 2+ bowls of pesole but my tummy has gotten a lot smaller (although i’m gaining weight…doesn’t make sense).  ANYWAY…the meza’s often have pesole at their parties and i die each time.  LOVE that soup.

when we got home, i totally forgot i bought a box of cupcakes for mike’s family…so OBVIOUSLY mike and i had to taste test each one. =D  but 2 day old cupcakes…not as awesome.  the cake portion was dry. =(


we ended our very busy weekend with Malificent.  OBVIOUSLY my movie choice wasn’t a winner since both mike and lucy passed out the moment i put it in. =(  next time i’ll pick a more upbeat film.

but i love seeing this photo below of my family.  it’s so warm and fuzzy to be with both of them, snuggling under a big blanket.  i can only imagine how much more emotional i’ll be when we add a little baby blair to this picture below.  weekends in with the family will have a whole new and fun meaning. xoxo


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Cold Fall Night


Snuggling with my little fur baby tonight on this chilly night.


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Baby Reveal Brunch

i wrote a little about the brunch here, but didn’t have enough time to upload the pictures from that big day!  i should have taken a LOT more but i was so busy playing and talking to friends i forgot.  >.< sowy.

from the big fruit baby carriage the girls guessed the surprise. =)


how adorable are these labels??  the hostess made them and put out such a delicious spread! xoxo  so grateful to have her in my life and in baby blair’s life.

IMG_2231 IMG_2233 IMG_2234 IMG_2236

a pic of just the girls (sorry boys).  life has been getting so busy and we’re not always able to meet up as often so it’s so nice to have these little pockets of time together. <3

i’m excited to go through this journey of baby blair with a strong support group and lots of aunties (eemos) to help me figure out the “uh oh “moments in the first few months! =P



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UCLA vs Oregon

a little over a month ago our friends, markel and i went to the UCLA vs Oregon game.  I think I only go to about 1 football game a year and it’s always so fun  to come together, eat good food, and play games.  I also love the camaraderie where you can go with your group, but quickly make friends with all your neighboring tailgate parties and play flip cup or beer pong. =)

these pictures aren’t in order but i hope you enjoy. =)

Happy Friday!!


IMG_2240 IMG_2243 IMG_2245 IMG_2247 IMG_2248 IMG_2249 IMG_2250 IMG_2251 IMG_2253 IMG_2254 IMG_2255 IMG_2257 IMG_2260 IMG_2262 IMG_2263 IMG_2265 IMG_2266


THE VIP AREA!!  after the second quarter we got into the UCLA alumni donor VIP area…legit man.  not only was it all shaded, there were TVs everywhere, complimentary snacks, baller food, and just…a much better layout for watching the game.  it’s my first time there and it totally saved us all from melting to death in the heat!


After the game, mike and i tried to spend a lot of time with this little one since she was home alone for like 11 hours. =(  poor baby.  we tried to leave her lots of toys and treats~~ when we got home she was PASSED OUT and i had to wake her up.  love her to pieces.  she was SO EXCITED to have us back.  we made sure to give her lots of play time and cuddles.  The rest of the evening mike and i were like zombies on the couch.  at 7pm we showered and went to bed (before 8).  slept over 12 hours.  FELT RIDICULOUSLY good.  man…when did we get so old??


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Life Lately

I have TONS of posts that I have yet to write or update ya’ll on… life has just been so cray lately.  I’m still going through the pains of morning sickness and I have low to no energy.  My old coworker thinks this means I’m having a girl b/c she had 2 boys and had a huge surge of energy.  *shrug *  who knows… maybe it’s just the way my body reacts to pregnancy.

I sleep about 9 hours a night and it doesn’t feel like enough.  On the weekends I still need a little cat nap and on the week days I struggle through it at work.  *sigh *

Anyway…there have been lots of little things going on lately and here are just some snippets of it.

general so from SF flew down for a whirlwind work trip and we got to squeeze in dessert and sushi!


PicMonkey Collage220141102_215649 20141102_215705

my faaaavorite dessert right now~~ rita’s ice on sepulveda and pico.


tried out a new coffee shop with one of my old grad students~ cutest guy in the world.  it was so nice to catch up ^^


Friday mike and i went to his college bro’s birthday.  this was the only snapshot i could get as we were all walking.  i have no idea why but it’s so hard to get 8 boys to post together.  it’s like getting toddlers to sit still and smile.


mike and the birthday boy~~ ^^


celebrated at Wurstkuche in venice.  mike got the duck sausage with sauerkraut and said it was BOMB.  i got a veggie one (since preggos can’t eat sausage) and it was not the same… *sigh *  but the fries were delicious and so were the dipping sauces!


on the way home we saw a random pet store and spent time laughing at this fake looking real snake and baby chicks.  totally random and i can’t believe we spent so much time there, but it was a fun detour.  lol

20141107_234528 20141107_234545

saturday mike and i did something totally out of the norm~ we went to city walk.  we hung out all afternoon, ate dinner, played at the arcade, and watched Fury.  Such a fun day~ and because we went somewhere we never go/haven’t been together~~ it was exciting. =)  Fury was good and it wasn’t as crazy as i thought it would be.  For some reason I thought it would be as sad as Saving Private Ryan or something but no crying in this one.


being near universal studios made us want to check it out.  neither of us had been there in ages~~


found these adorable doggie socks.  too bad they didn’t have lucy’s mix. =(  or what we THINK she is…(pomchi)


sunday i wasn’t feeling hot (thank you morning sickness)~~ so mike and i played at home, watched tons of movies and ordered from my favorite thai place.  the BEST part of the day was this cupcake delivery from our friends downstairs.  YUMMM.  i love sprinkles!


andddd finally here is a little collage of our baby lucy.  i’m trying to take her for walks more since i’m feeling better and get her used to using the outside as a bathroom (and not her pee pads) but…i for sure need to be more consistent.  over the weekend i was also REALLY grateful for her small size.  if she were bigger (bigger than 5lbs) we wouldn’t be able to do half the things we do or even groom her properly.  With lucy we just hold her up and she’s powerless as we bath her, clip her nails, brush her, etc.  With a big lab or something…I dunno what we’d do!  thank God for little doggies.

the lower photo with the folded clothes, i don’t know what it is about fresh clothes but as soon as i fold everything, she always makes her way over and lays down in the middle of it.  maybe it smells fresh or it’s nice and warm still?  not sure… i think it’s gross and adorable at the same time.  LOL  still navigating my way through that one.

and the weather has been so cold lately that lucy is EXTRA snuggly.  normally she only likes to snuggle on her own terms but these days she lets me squeeze her and cuddle her whenever. =D  Thank YOU fall weather!

PicMonkey Collage

i’ll try to update more often!  i haven’t been going out as much or doing cool things, so that’s also a reason why there’s been lesser posts.  xoxo

happy monday ya’ll!! xoxo

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The Beginning of Little Blair Bear…

(warning…this is a long one)

20140823_102230-450x600 Well, as many of you have seen my announcement…Markel and I are expecting a little Wee One. <3  We are so excited and already reorganizing our home to make room for our little potsticker (modern family reference).  Here are some little tidbits of the beginning few months while only the two of us could know…   =)  We had gone up to San Francisco for my bestie’s 30th birthday (post here and here).  Had such an amazing trip where we got to meet three little baby boys (all different ages under 18 months).  Mike really connected with one toddler and it started our “should we?” conversation.  We had decided that this fall was a great time to start and would do so soon, but there was no solid plan in place when…the magic had already happened.  o___O  (*holy moly…God is funny right?)

My Symptoms in weeks 3-5:

Had lots of headaches.

Woke up STARVING and had to eat a hearty breakfast each day (not just fruit or cereal, but like a full dinner meal).

Typical Female Symptoms (breast tenderness, etc).

I would get waves of dizziness where I felt like I was on a roller coaster.

When I was sleepy at night I HAD to go to bed.  And when I did, I was OUT (really heavy deep sleep).

HUGE cravings for hamburgers with a fat patty and salty fries. i think about In an Out 3-4x per day, but obvi don’t eat it

Had really strong PEACH cravings.  Anything peach.  the fruit, the popsicle, peach cobbler, peach flavored drinks…WEIRD right?

everything tasted AMAZING.  i bit into a raspberry and rolled my eyes back b/c it was so good.

  I didn’t have morning sickness right away so it took me longer to figure stuff out.  But after I was over a week late on my period, Markel thought it would be safe to take a test (or two).  I had taken one from the 99 cent store two weeks earlier but that came out negative.  Not sure if it’s the quality or the fact that I wasn’t far enough along…  Anyway, Markel thought the 99cent store one was a joke and went out to buy a “legit” test.  I took it as soon as I woke up the next morning.  The positive line was BARELY visible, which was super confusing and put us both in a shock.  I figured I could wait another week and take the second test that came with the box…but come on…WHO CAN WAIT??  So I took the second test about an hour later and the positive line was stronger but still not a solid line.  At this point i’m super excited and taking pictures of lucy and the test (pic above), while Markel went into “quiet stress mode” in the corner.  It took him 2 full days to process the news and start making logistical plans about our future (which is how he functions): how the baby room will be set up, who will take care of the baby, how much we need to save per month now, etc etc etc ETC.  *shrug *  I immediately thought of buying cute baby shoes, adorable onesies, checking out nursery decor…all the IMPORTANT things about preparing for the baby.  lol The next Monday, I went to Kaiser to get a firm confirmation.  oh mann…. that was quite a doozy.  I tried to send Markel a funny, lighthearted text…(“Mike, You ARE the father!”) but I think we were both pretty freaked out/shocked/in disbelief…to really laugh about it.  lol   

When we went in for my first ultrasound appointment, and the doctor told us we weren’t as far along as originally thought.  So when I thought I was in week 8, I was actually a little past week 6.  So instead of expecting Blair Bear in April, he/she will be coming in May! 

The first appointment was really nerve wracking for both of us.  We were scared, nervous and excited to see our little bean for the first time.  There were lots of different angles that the Doc showed us but the one that made my heart skip a beat was when I saw the heart beat for the first time.  It looked like little arms fluttering around.  SUPER CUTE.

My Symptoms in weeks 6-8:

 oh the morning sickness… this really killed me.  it was a mix of morning sickness and really really bad indigestion.  (For those who don’t know, morning sickness feels like a hangover all day.  a little wrong move or imbalance and you feel like puking.  the only comfortable position for me is laying down.)

ice cold water, ice cold sparkling water, hot mint tea, and ginger candy have been life savers.

 peeing every 20 minutes. NO JOKE.  i might as well have moved my office into the bathroom.  it was ridiculous.

at about 8.5 weeks got zofran (anti-nausea)~ totally saved my life.  didn’t take the nausea away 100% but i was functional and able to work.

My Symptons in weeks 9-15:

morning sickness…morning sickness…and more morning sickness.  bleh.  markel has been SUCH A CHAMP.  he really took over all the house chores and lucy chores.  sadly i couldn’t (and still can’t) stand the smell of lucy, her food, her treats, or her pee pads (*barf).

at about 11 weeks we went into for a second ultra sound and it was INCREDIBLE.  i think it really hit us that there was a B A B Y growing inside of me.  not only did baby blair look like a real baby, but we got to see it move around, stretch it’s arms and legs, and wiggle its butt. =)  s/he looked like s/he was dancing.  it was SOOO COOL.  and might i say…this babe has gorgeous calves.  =P  we both couldn’t stop staring at the pics when it was over.  the rest of the week, all i could think about was this baby inside of me and really started to pray and dream about this little ones life.

since then I had a first trimester sonogram check (that went well) and now i’m just waiting for my next appointment or 2 to find out the sex of the baby!  At week 14.5/15 My belly has officially popped out and I’m excited to fee the first kick!  I heard it feels like butterflies inside your stomach at first. =)



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Happy Halloween

This last halloween was super chill.  As I saw my instagram/facebook feed show pictures of people having the time of their lives in the cutest costumes…this new preggo lady had to take it easy.  Wonderful friends came over and we ate, played and carved pumpkins!

Here’s a little photodump of the fun night. <3

Lucy was getting teased with cheeto puffs.  Much to the surprise of my friends, Lucy was quick and grabbed em when they weren’t looking or paying attention.  lol




Lucy was really digging the pumpkins before we started carving.  BUT once she smelled the guts she stayed FAR away from all of us.  LOL


How sad is my pumpkin??? =(  Markel went to 3 different stores but none of them had normal pumpkins so he brought this bad boy home.  The checkout boy told him NOT to carve it…but of course we did.  LOL

Next year I’ll have to remember to buy pumpkins in advance.




Our final pumpkins!  We gave out prizes to the best 2 pumpkins and it was for Charlie Brown and the Angry Bird. =) xo





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Announcing the baby news to our Parents & Friends

To give our parents the good news, we thought a lot about how to say it.  Since this was our first, we wanted to do more than just call.  There were a TON of really great ideas on pinterest for baby announcements (which we did to announce it to the world), but for our parents~ we decided to send little surprises in the mail.  My parents live in Hawaii and Mike’s parents live just outside palm springs.

Here are the two little packages we sent off =):

For Mike’s parents we sent a little Harvard Onesie.  Harvard is Mike’s alma mater and the University still holds near and dear to his family~ so we knew right away this would be the perfect surprise.  We found this onesie at The Coop website (the store where you get your Harvard gear in Cambridge).  SUPER adorbs right??


BUT it didn’t arrive on time =(  So we did the next best thing and wrapped tiny baby toms into a box for his parents to open!

For my mama (my dad was away in Korea at the time), we sent her tiny crocheted booties with a personalized note.  I wanted something really small and cute that would surprise her in the mail.  It would have been nice to send her a little Hawaiian outfit (dress or shirt) but we didn’t know the sex of the baby, so that didn’t seem like it would work.  Same thing with a Korean related outfit~ without knowing the sex we wouldn’t be able to buy an outfit.

I found these little booties from etsy (store here) and fell in LOVE with these little buttons on them.  They  normally come in the organza baggies but I asked that they come in the box with a personalized message (which the plain booties do) so that when my mom opens the package she can open a box (not baggie).

il_570xN.589414374_hyqb il_570xN.643670199_f6e4

il_570xN.647292632_tpumHow cute are these???

BUT it was an utter fail…my mom thought that someone was trying to sell her shoes and she threw it away.  LOL  *sigh *  I should have just called her and told her the good news or warned her that I was sending her something.  hahaha  oh dear…

Well I’m happy to announce that each set of grandparents were floored and incredibly excited for baby blair coming in May 2015.   My mom is already calling daily to make sure I’m eating right, not going to “bars” at night and keeping the baby warm (which means no shorts, skirts or dresses and underwear that covers my belly to my knees).  *shrug * Maybe some old Korean wives’ tales?  lol  She also tells me to wear only elastic so that my baby has room to breathe and grow.

For my close group of girlfriends, we had a bit brunch.  My friend threw me a little morning party and made the most adorable decorations so that I could “announce” the baby in style. <3  How thoughtful right?!  I haven’t posted about this brunch yet but will do so SOOON!


I can’t wait to find out the baby’s sex and REALLY start getting the house together!  So far we haven’t bought a single thing  since we’re not sure what the sex is…I find out in December! =)  Only 1 more month away! xoxo

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