My Favorite 4 Things In My Home Right Now

our house can get super crazy and have lucy fur all over it, but there are a few things around the house that always brighten up my day.  is that the same for anyone else?  here are my top 4 right now…


1. small apothecary jars

–bought these babies at marshalls for my candy table at our wedding.  afterwards, i just washed them out and put cotton balls and q-tips inside.  i love how elegant and chic they look on my counter.  something about the clean glass, simple contents, and classic apothecary shape.  *Shrug *  LOVE IT THO.

(i experimented with these by putting nail polish bottles inside but it was such a pain to pull out the ones i wanted to use, so this was a much better idea)


2.  mirrored boxes


–these are on our credenza and we kinda hide them underneath tons of mail and bags that we bring in each day.  our credenza has turned into a “catch all” for all of our things at the end of the day.

BUT they still shine through and just look so pretty. =)  I haven’t put anything in the boxes~ for now they are just shiny boxes on our credenza.  If I could have it my way, I think I’d have mirrored furniture all over our apartment!


3. little owls errrrwhere



4. my $1.50 duster.  SO easy to dust around the house and it also looks super cute too!

IMG_1535 IMG_1536 IMG_1537

Random…but those are my favorite items in my home right now. xoxo

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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Weekend Recap and Photodump

This past weekend mike and i met up with so many friends, but of course…i only have food pics to show for it.  *sigh *  The last month or two we’ve been laying low so to have a weekend full of plans really made it feel extra longgg.

Friday-Saturday mike’s bff from college came and stayed with us for a night.  He and his gf were going to a wedding on Saturday and it was really really fun to catch up, drink and kick back at our place.  The last time he was over was before the wedding when our apartment was just boxes and we were both stressed/frazzled.

For brunch Saturday, we went to Larchmont Bungalow~ one of our all time fave places to eat.  The portions are huge, everything is healthy (alright, healthIERR) and they make such gourmet coffee and desserts!  We were really excited to bring our friends here so they could try the tastey dishes!




the rest of the day markel and i sat our butts down, relaxed and caught up on a new show called “Blacklist”.  We heard so much about it but hadn’t had the chance to see it, so we started and it was surprisingly good.  It ain’t no Game of Thrones, but it’s a really great network show that we plan on adding to our tivo to watch during the regular season.


little lucy took this time to catch up on sleep~~i love it when she curls up into this tiny ball!


Sunday we met up with two dear friends and went to Bay Cities in Santa Monica.  I hadn’t been here in years and our friends had never been, so it was the perfect lunch date!  The sandwiches at BC are SOOO good~~ the ingredients are fresh, the bread is amazing, and the pasta is BOMB.  If you haven’t been you totally have to check it out!  parking is kind of a pain, but it’s worth the trip.  The deli is inside an italian super market and it feels like you’re in europe.  all the treats, drinks and store items are italian. xoxo


these pics below i just had to post.  i did something really surprising this week that i NEVER normally do!  i wasn’t feeling good and the ONLY thing i wanted was korean food.  so i went to Galbi King on Sawtelle & National~ and ate by myself!  It felt really liberating.  I ordered my one dish, took my time eating it, got some seconds on the side dishes and then went home. =)  I rarely do anything like this on my own, so it felt really good to knock this one off my list.

(unfortunately the food is NOT good there, but at the time it really hit the spot.  PLUS the waiters are really nice and attentive…so i can’t give them a bad review on yelp)


kimchi soon-dubu


anywayyy thank GOODNESS it’s THURSDAY!!  only one more work day until the weekend!!  mike and i already mapped out a chill friday night so we’re exciiiiited. <3 xoxo

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Current Obsession: Metallic Shoes for Fall 2014

I keep seeing these babies everywhere: blogs, magazines, on celebs…and I LOVE IT.  love the idea of having a metallic pop of color on my feet this fall/winter!  My fave three are the hunter boots, the valentino bow pumps, and the pink kate spade shoes.  so purrrrdy.  xoxo

metallic shoes for fall

1 \ 2 \ 3 \ 4 \ 5 \ 6 \ 7 \ 8 \

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Lucy Blair Turns 1! (A Doggy Dohl and Birthday Affair)

Today my sweet sassy fur baby turns 1.  We got her 10 months ago (right before thanksgiving) and seriously fell in love with her at first sight.  We should have known then that the next year would be filled with sassy, funny, and really loving moments for our lucy bear.  Since I already post so much about her, here are some pictures from our little birthday party we had for our babe.


Since she is our one and only fur baby, we had a little “dohl” for her.  I know this is only for REAL babies, but I just couldn’t resist getting lucy a little hanbok and setting up a korean-ish head table! =D

20140921_193910 20140921_193937

how cute is her little outfit??  i ordered it from ebay a few months ago and although lucy hates to wear it, i just can’t resist!!  she can wear it every new year’s day too =P

20140921_194322 (2)

for lucy’s 100 days we got her this doggie bone mini cake but she wasn’t that into it.  this time we got her a tiny bone cookie instead.  she didn’t LOVE it, but is eating it slowly so i guess that’s a win?  ms lucy is super picky, which is why for her birthday we didn’t do very much…

20140921_194347 (2) 20140921_194435 (2)

lucy at her “head table”. =P  so adorable right???


i stood on the side with treats in my hand which is why lucy has crazy eyes.  she’s so focused on the treat!  LOL  but it was the only way to get her to sit and be still.


After all of the day’s excitements, little lucy was POOPED.  she kept falling asleep everywhere (even in people’s arms) so we took off the uncomfortable dress and let her sleep in peace.

20140921_212713 (2)

my adorable sassy monster is 1 years old today.  time has really flown by and i have to say~ as hard as it is to raise a pup~ it’s incredibly rewarding.  lucy is so snuggly, funny, cheeky, and sweet.  we love her more and more everyday and can’t wait for the next 15 years ahead! xoxo

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Life Lately…(according to my phone)

 i found these little gems on my phone that i hadn’t shared with you yet!  These pics are from August (so i’m obviously behind on sharing stuff) but seeing these brings back lots of fun august moments! xoxo

20140816_135714 20140802_212409





20140823_123233 20140823_123238 20140823_173548 20140824_191800


20140809_221155 20140814_192107

went to a fun yelp event with mike in encino and got lots of free/discounted goodies <3


sometimes markel and i buy these on a whim and this time we made $25!! =D


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Current Baubles


recently, i’ve noticed that i always reach for the same necklaces and bracelet.  i like the simplicity of the smaller chains and the ink stones of the bigger chunky necklace is so feminine.  the bow bracelet i’m just over the moon about.  it’s so simple, girlie and fun!

necklaces: f21, banana republic, jessica matrasko

bracelet: banana republic








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Weekend Recap and Photodump

This past weekend was…pretty dull…and HOT.  LA is going through a crazy heat wave right now and our apartment has no a/c.  eek.  just some ceiling fans that blow hot air around… *sigh *

I was feeling sick for most of the weekend (including Friday, bc I didn’t go in) so that probably made the weekend even calmer.  Mike was out of town until Saturday so it was just me and lucy bear.  She was such a good puppy.  She slept next to me all weekend and didn’t complain about a thing. <3



Saturday I had to go pick up Mike from the airport and afterwards we made a pit stop at Home Depot in Marina del Rey and picked up a little lawn kit for Lucy.  Right now she is pee pad trained and while that’s great and all…it just gets messy and stinky.  We currently have a patio that we don’t use and thought it would be the perfect place to start training her to use the grass instead of the pads!  Home Depot had a ton of grass options (and faux grass options).  We ended up going with real grass but ones that were already packed into nice containers.image

We let Lucy sniff around and walk on the two grass options (as you can see below).  The one on the right made her sneeze the entire time she was on it, so we went with the left pallet.  I thought the grass on the left was prettier anyway, so it worked out for us!  It’s called “Korean Grass”.  lol

btw…random but lucy has allergies!  so weird right??  she was sneezes all the time and we asked our vet about it~ turns out they can have allergies.  we give her a tiiiiiny half dose of baby benedryl and she stops sneezing.  cray.


here’s lucy’s new pee pad area.  snazzzzy right??  we weren’t sure how many pallets of grass to get, so we are starting off with 2.  i think 4 might be nicer for her, but we’ll see how this experiment goes.  right now i let her smell it and walk all over it everyday but she has yet to pee there.  i’m sure we’ll get there in a week or two.

this new “pee pad” area is nice for a number of reasons. 1) we live on the fourth floor so it’s much easier to take lucy out for potty breaks. 2) no pads to clean up or purchase 3) no more smell!  We had the pee pads next to our master bathroom but it was just…ugly and gross.  when we started lucy on the pee pads we weren’t sure how long we were going to use them and i think now is a good time to stop.  she’s almost a year old and she is old enough to make the transition.  PLUS if there’s ever a problem (like she’s sick or there’s lots of rain), we can use a back up pee pad in the house.


on sunday (the hottest day of the weekend i think), mike’s parents came over to play.  we braved the heat and went to venice beach/marina del rey area to walk around and grab dinner at C&O trattoria.  This area was POPPING.  people were whizzing by in their bikes and tons of people were walking around with surf boards and wake boards.  totally a scene from the movies.




*sigh * and now it’s only Tuesday.  I hope this week flies by and it’ll be Friday soon enough!

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A Birthday Affair


Celebrated a birthday last night for one of my small group members (and fellow leader).  It was filled with great food, dessert and home infused vodkas. 🙂

Breaking up the weekend with great company and conversation was so fun.  Really brightened up my week!


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Weekend Recap and Photodump

This past weekend was really chill and uneventful.  I spent most of the weekend catching up on sleep and playing at home.  It’s so rare to have a weekend with nothing to do~~~ <3

Here are two fun things that I did outside of the house though~~

1. We celebrated Lil Jon’s Bday!  He’s the baby of Mike’s group and he just turned 27!  He is mike’s bffs cousin and also one of mike’s good friends.  I love this family sooo much.  They’re all incredibly kind, warm, welcoming, and they KNOW how to have fun!





birthday boy got his face smashed with cake from his uncle and cousins.  LOL  best way to celebrate. ^^


ended part I of the night with a few games of flip cup in the backyard.  i LOVE LOVE LOVE this game.  i have magic fingers to balance the cup in one go! ^^



little baby whisperer over here~~ lol  mike’s pretty scared of the “soft spot” so he’s extra careful not to move when baby olivia is in his lap.  LOL ^^


Part II of the night was spent at Piano Piano in claremont.  SERIOUSLY so much fun.  It’s a bar with entertainment, singalong music and lots of fun drinks.  The entertainment is obviously~ the 2 pianos below.  They sort of battle each other while people put in requests (the higher the tip, the faster the other person wins), they do really crazy birthday announcements, dares, and the pic below is a contest of which piano player could get the most bras on their side of the room.  At 30, i was pretty shocked by some of the crazy things people were willing to do for free shots and a few minutes of fame on stage.  LOL


pics with the birthday boy and the group!




someone was having a lot of fun <3



After one night of fun and a morning of sleeping in late~~~ I went to a late lunch with a friend to brain storm on a really fun up and coming project!  ^^  details will hopefully be coming soooooon~~


we ate at sycamore kitchen.  LOVE this place.  Below items: ginger limeade, italian chopped salad, and Turkey Sandwich (tasted like a holiday sandwich).  SOO YUMMY.


and of course a little lucy photodump.  we spent a lot of time inside this weekend and she was my main squeeze on the couch and in bed. <3



*sigh* and now it’s monday folks.  the weather has been gloomy today and i’m so relieved.  the last few weeks have been unusually hot and humid.  bleh.  i want fall to hurry up and come.  seeing sweaters and boots in all the stores right now has me itching to wear mine!

i really hope for a quick week so i can get the weekend started!!

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TGIF Inspiration


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Weekend Recap: Labor Day Weekend

Besides our camping trip, the rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, running errands, and spending time with friends.

on our way to the camp site, our group stopped by the malibu pier and spent a couple of hours hanging out and soaking up the sun!  it was a beautiful and hot day~~ you can’t really see it but the beach was super crowded (and so was the pier).

20140831_122342 20140831_121609 20140831_121722 20140831_121731 20140831_122319 20140831_123049 20140831_122541

seeing this made me want to go fishing.  i haven’t been since i was in 4th or 5th grade.  it’s been way too long!

20140831_122908 20140831_122915

we made a pit stop at jack in the box so we could sit in some air conditioning.  look at these hilarious pictures of little lucy blair.  she’s been getting SO SASSY and bold these days, especially when it comes to food.  YES this is a french fry in her mouth below.  She sat in my lap and slowly she put each paw on the the table.  then she began to to SLOWLLYYY inch towards the food while stopping to look around.  FINALLY she got a fry.  not only were we done eating but we thought it was hilarious so we let it happen.  we couldn’t believe how smart this little monster was!


acting non-chalant about getting both her legs on the table~ trying to look around.


smelling the cup and realizing it wasn’t food… LOL


 After Malibu the weekend was super chill…. I filled two etsy orders and ran lots and lots of errands with Markel…  Wish the weekend were longer~~~ but I’m so excited for the upcoming fall holidays!!!  Halloween, Thanksgiving, CHRISTMAS~~  I get a 2 week winter break and I can’t wait.  Markel and I are gonna try to take a quick trip to Hawaii to see my folks and big bro! xo

wine cork orders <3

IMG_2064 IMG_2076

 Little Lucy Photodump of Course =)



Happy Thursday Everyone!!  The weekend is almost here again! =) xo

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Camping in Malibu


This past labor day weekend Markel helped me check off one more item on my summer to do list! =)  Mike and I went camping at Malibu State Park with friends and our little Lucy Bear.  We went Sunday to Monday and beat out a lot of the holiday weekend traffic.  There weren’t that many tents and it left us feeling like we were in a much more secluded spot.

I hadn’t been camping since I was little so this was a real treat!

 Below, Mike is cutting fire wood for our bonfire at night!  I think this was his first time doing this so he was really psyched.




our goodies.  more food/snacks than we really needed for our 24 hour trip.  lol


mike and i JUST got these tommy bahama chairs from costco and we LOVED them.  They not only recline to be flat, but they fold up easy with lots of compartments and can be worn as a backpack!  my only request when getting chairs was that they have the backpack wearing ability (so easy when you’re carrying other things in your hand).  i can’t wait to use them at the beach, picnics, movies in the park and our future camping trips!


in the afternoon we went on a hike that was really pretty and tame.  Since there weren’t a ton of visitors it was really nice to have some peace and quiet. <3

IMG_2093 IMG_2096

Lucy Bear isn’t used to so much walking/adventure.  So we gave her breaks in the backpack or we carried her over the rockier/uphill terrain.

Can you see her displeased face?  lol  She was REALLY unhappy about the dirt b/c it made her sneeze and she hated laying on it.  We called her  a “city dog”.  ^^  hehe

IMG_2099 IMG_2111

once we got to the watering hole, it was insane.  SO MANY PEOPLE.  These groups brought entire kitchens of stuff and looked like they were going to be there for the day.  We couldn’t find a spot to even lay out so we just watched a for a few minutes and left.  The boys wanted to jump off the cliffs with everyone else but the line was cray and the water looked dirty~ so they just dipped their feet in to cool off.

IMG_2114 IMG_2117 IMG_2120

After the hike Ms. Lucy was very displeased.  She couldn’t find a comfortable spot to hang out so we let her chill inside the tent.  Only comfy blankets and warm conditions for our “city dog”. ^^  My old coworker bought her this adorable eddie bauer jacket and it was PERFECT for this trip.  lucy got REALLY cold as soon as the sun was setting and once we put this baby on her she stopped shivering.

This is lucy hiding from the cold


our little bear all warm and bundled in the tent


for dinner we cooked chicken and made tacos.  SO FREAKING DELICIOUS.  The tacos were plain but totally hit the spot!



Our traveling buddies.  =)  Evan is mike’s bff from hs so it was really nice to spend the weekend together with their adorable baby girl, Olivia.


Some sunset/scenary pics


isn’t our tent adorbs?  it was the perfect size for our little family of three. <3




after dinner we played bocci ball~ but the ground wasn’t very even so after three games everyone gave up.


our poor lucy bear hated the dirt so she stayed on this chair.  she wanted to run around and smell everything but the dirt made her sneeze too much.  it could be b/c she’s a tiny dog (4lbs) so her nose is much closer to the ground?  i dunno…


while we made s’mores and hung out by the fire, our baby slept all wrapped up in a serape.  poor thing, the half hike for her REALLY tuckered her out.  even after we got back, for 48 hours straight she wasn’t the same.


this idea below i got from pinterest!  we took lint from the dryer, stuffed it inside a toilet paper roll and then wrapped it in paper (we only had tissue paper…lol).  It was SUCH great kindling!  Mike was really skeptical but this baby burned pretty slowly and gave the wood next to it time to catch on fire.  I only made one for this trip but I totally plan on make 3-4 for the next one!

IMG_2180 IMG_2184

For the evening, I set up a little S’mores station.  I saw so many different ideas on pinterest of what kinds of s’mores could be made, so eeryone was able to make their own!  I think the most popular were the oreo s’mores.  YUMMMMMM


me making s’mores for people.  mike and i had VERY different approaches to cooking the marshmallow just right~~ but in the end, i swear both were delic!

IMG_2185 IMG_2189

it’s so hard to see in this pic but there are hundreds of stars.  it was SUCH a beautiful sight!

this entire trip was so relaxing and easy.  lots of sitting, chatting, laughing…it was the perfect way to end our long weekend.  i want to go camping at least 3 more times before christmas so if anyone wants to join, let me know! =) xo


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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10 Wedding Dos and Don’ts


I know Wedding season is over for most people (end of the summer) but I feel like in Los Angeles, it’s just beginning!  Fall weddings are simply gorgeous and the weather is PERFECT.  not too hot…not too cold (but is it ever that cold in LA?).

Markel and I got married a year and a half ago and we learned a LOT of things~ both good and bad.  I keep telling mike that our second wedding (10 year anni) will be PERFECT and without any Don’ts. ;P  You can imagine how ‘thrilled’ he was about that convo…lol

anyway, here are essential Dos and Don’ts from the engagement up to the wedding day!  (from the Blairs to you)


1. enjoy the engagement period!

this only happens once and it’s such a short time.  throw a little engagement party, take your time planning the wedding, and have fun!  i personally rushed through this time b/c i felt like the wedding was the prize.  however, our engagement period was so special.  you’re both so giddy and excited to use the word ‘fiancee’ and show off your bling!

2. Hire a wedding planner (or at least a day of coordinator).

 This kind of stress is SOOO overwhelming when you have a million other things going on.  Don’t do it.  Just splurge.  It’s SERIOUSLY not worth the stress.  Mike and I talk about it all the time~ we should have paid an extra $2K-$3K to not worry about a thing.

3. Pick 5 things that are your MUST HAVEs and focus on them.

 otherwise the entire wedding process is too overwhelming.  it’s ok not to do traditional things or to not make every single thing perfect.  make sure the things you care about will be perfect.  

4. DO spoil yourselves and the bridal party.  These are your best friends and the people you want to share this important day with.

 i wish i could have splurged more on my bridal party and that’s totally something i still think about.  extra presents, pampering and time with them would have been really cool.

5. DO communicate a lot and listen to your partner.  Markel had such great ideas for the wedding but I was so focused on my dream wedding that I didn’t really listen.  After the wedding, I wished I had added more of his rustic/industrial touches that would have most definitely warmed up the wedding and reception.  (**but dont worry, we’ll add those to our 10 year anni party.  lol ;P)


6. DO NOT try to do it all.  It doesn’t work and the only person it affects is you (and the future hubs).  TRUST.

 i did SO MANY DIY projects for the wedding (hello all the centerpieces) that i overly stressed myself out.

7. DO NOT make your own invitations.  Unnecessary stress and people toss them after the wedding anyway.  There are so many simple, easy

8. DO NOT force the details.

 there were so many things that weren’t working out to fit my “vision” but i forced the venue/details/weather/etc to make it happen.  in the end…my “vision” didn’t really come through b/c of that.  had i been more flexible, i think everything would have fallen into place more organically and turned out MORE beautiful.

9.  DO NOT forget that your family is going through this wedding process too.  They’re so proud and happy to be a part of it all~ give them little jobs, responsibilities and listen to what they have to say.

i was so stressed out about everything that this was one of the last things i thought about.  not good.  i should have made it more of a group effort and process.  i think it would have made the day extra special.

and lastly…

10.  DO NOT drink before you eat.  I for sure learned that the hard way.  I was so worried about looking skinny that eating was my last priority.  But drinkings and celebrating was my first.  uhhh that makes for a bad combo.  Won’t go into details, but TRUST ME…bad combo.  not pretty when you have 140 guests around.


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All in the Family

my brother came into town from hawaii a few weekends ago and what did we do?  we ate our little chang hearts out.  it’s how we bond i think… we watched food documentaries, ate, talked about what we were GOING to eat next… it was glorious. <3

in all honesty though, it’s always so great to see him.  he’s so busy with work and running his chang holding empire (not joking…he really does have a corporation called chang holding with like 10 subsidiaries. cray.)~~ so it’s nice to get him all to myself for a weekend.  even though markel is here too, he and i still manage to do a few dinners/lunches alone and just catch up.  make fun of each other.  laugh about our past stories…and GRUB HARD.

and lucy of course loves his visits too!  he spoils her rotten and feeds her every bad thing she isn’t supposed to eat.  *sigh *


in any case, we of course took NO picture stogether.  we just ate instead.  so here’s a fun throwback to our days as littles…

65872_10100119190278553_2696716_n 150579_10100119174749673_4955801_n 156882_10100119190952203_610809_n 208962_10101242949121823_1485905616_n

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