Lucy Blair: Apple of My Eye

i know…you guys can’t get enough of lucy blair pics right???  neither can i!! =)  here’s a little update and photodump about her~~

AFTER spading:

-she loves to tear up paper.  it’s ridiculous.  (u’ll see the pics below)



-she no longer humps mr. panda (i’m sure he’s grateful).

-she no longer tinkles when she’s excited (much to our relief)

-she barks now (before it was a weird cry/whinny/whisper bark)~ markel is very unhappy about this new development, b/c it wakes him up at night.  i always sleep through it.  haha

-she is nosier than ever.  smells everything, needs to see everything.  i think it’s adorable~ markel…not so much.  especially when he’s eating dinner and she’s on his shoulder trying to smell it. lol

-Her appetite is through the roof these days.  She’s putting a little meat on her bones right now so it’s exciting to see that.  Lucy is still a super picky eater but at least she’s eating more of her dry dog food!

-she is sassier than ever.  nuff said.

-we’ve been doing more doggie play dates.  so far lucy has been the submissive/passive one in all of them.  she hides underneath the table or on the couch or on a chair.  i guess it’s not fair that she’s smaller then them all by a lot…  She also watches them as they play with all her toys and eat her snacks =(  she was a really good trooper though.

20140822_215929 20140824_142912 20140822_210448

-lucy is still leash training.  this one is totally my fault, but she always has to be on a leash b/c she doesn’t walk next to us.  I give her too much leash freedom i think.  so for now…i’m trying my best to keep her on a short leash and take her on walks everyday after work.

IMG_1904 IMG_1915

-i gave lucy a haircut at home (with scissors) and it did NOT end well.  Markel and to shave lucy so that her bald spots and uneven hair were less visable.  >.<  eeek…sorry lucy!

-lucy is still the pickiest eater alive but now enjoys watermelon!  huge plus for us!

20140719_082619 20140719_142855 20140731_073236

this is the ugliest pic of lucy but she has been doing this thing where she leans up against you like she’s a person.  it’s freaking adorable.  she’s resting her elbow up on mike’s leg right now.


-she LOVES to cuddle mike at night.  it’s the most adorable sight to see in the mornings or when i come home late at night and they’re all snuggled.  note: markel does NOT choose to snuggle.  lucy just finds her way into his nooks and finds a warm spot to sleep in (mainly around his head and arms).  he always wakes to find her cuddled up to him. lol


Next month my little fur baby turns ONE!  I’m super psyched and even prepared a little party for her (and head table).  YES i’m totally a crazy puppy mama but i don’t care.  I love lucy to death and she only turns one ONCE right?

xoxo Happy Weekend Ya’ll!!

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Hans’ Flirty/Dirty Thirty…


this weekend, one of my besties turned 30.  the night was filled with good food, drinks, and LOTS of dancing (90s and present).  lol  It was such a wonderful night and I’m grateful we all got to spend it together. <3  Many of us have been childhood friends and it’s just so amazing to grow up together, go through big milestones together and have a strong support system all around us.  xoxo

Happy 30th Hans!

IMG_2020 IMG_2024 IMG_2030 IMG_2032




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Ava Turns 1!

This last Saturday Markel and I went to another Dohl (first birthday party) for baby Ava.  It was actually at the same place we went to Carter’s Dohl last week (post here).  The food, decor and activities were REALLY fun and it was awesome to see baby Ava reach such a pinnacle age! xo


isn’t she the most adorable baby everr??  i loved her headtable and the gorgeous sparkly gold letters~~~20140823_134854

little A just sat and stared at the items.  it was adorable.  she let out a sigh too when people kept trying to push her to crawl.  LOVE it.  such an adorable face!


below is the dohljabi game where the little 1 year old chooses his/her own fate.  By picking a paintbrush, she’ll be an artist, by picking up string, she’ll have a long life, etc.  Little Baby Ava picked up money so she’ll be super successful! =)


singing happy birthday to the princess of the day. <3


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Anaheim Meat Packing House

 20140823_174957 20140823_174959

I have been wanting to checking this place out since it opened in May!  I heard such amazing things about it and well…I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to try PopBar (a gourmet popsicle place).  Anaheim Meat Packing House (AMPH) was smaller than I expected but it was REALLY adorable.  There was so much thought put into seating, decorations, photo-ops, and fluidity of the space.  LOVED everything about it!

My bestie from SF came down for a visit and we took her handsome nephew (little E) to AMPH.  He was SUCH an amazing little as we pigged out on food and desserts!  Here’s a little photodump of our day trip.


IMG_2012 IMG_2013

IMG_2014 IMG_2011 IMG_2005 IMG_2000

Pina Colada Pop! (pineapple bar, white chocolate drizzle dipped in coconut shavings.  SERIOUSLY tasted just like it!)


IMG_1991 IMG_1990

IMG_1996 IMG_1997

IMG_1989 IMG_1981IMG_1977 IMG_1976 IMG_1975 IMG_1974

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Banana Republic: Shimmer Chic Floral Necklace

i’m obsessed with my new shimmer chic floral necklace.  i’ve worn it a few times and gotten so many compliments!  It’s seriously perfect with any casual or formal outfit.  I plan to make it my fall statement piece. <3

it’s 40% off right now with the banana sale going on!  Just us BRFALL =)


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Fur & Leopard


when markel and i first started decorating our home together, we had one battle i lost: throw pillows on the couch.  i wanted 100, markel only let me buy 2. =(  BUT i’m happy to report that after 1.5 years in our apartment…i was FINALLY able to convince markel that we ABSOLUTELY NEEEEEEDED three more pillows for the couch.  hehehe

i like the mix and match combo of pillows below and i SWEAR that it’s more comfortable to sit on the couch (with the pillows supporting your back).


the three new additions below: fur and leopard



Even Lucy Blair loves to sleep on them! =) xo


**ALL PILLOWS on our couch are from bed, bath and beyond! =)

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Banana Republic Haul Fall 2014

BR is having a huge 40% off sale (use code: BRGET40) and I used it buying some cool fall accessories!  Just a few little things to freshen up my wardrobe this fall. =)

PicMonkey Collage

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Target Haul: NYX, Revlon, and Maybelline


Target is now selling NYX makeup!!  *halellujahhhh*  I absolutely LOVE NYX products.  The items are clearly great quality but for half the drug store price.  Here’s my full haul below:

NYX Highlighter and Brow Liner

NYX Butter Gloss

NYX Matte Finish Spray

Revlon Photoready Foundation

Maybelline Pumped Up

Maybelline Liner



i bought these items about 2 months ago and i seriously use them ALL regularly.  this is probably the first haul in a while where i can say that’s true.  the nyx lipglosses go on smoothly just like the revlon lip butters from last year.  the nyx eyebrow pencil is awesome (but you have to sharpen it daily…one con).  this pump up colossal mascara is AMAZING~~~ totally makes me look like i have fake eyelashes on.  i like to put on 3 coats and one cool trick is not putting the wand back in, in between the coats.  so basically it dries a little and makes the formula thicker as you put on the layers.  finally, the NYX  setting spray…I LOVE.  it totally keeps my makeup in tact for the entire day (sweaty or not).

i got all these items from target but i think you can get these from any drug store or beauty store! <3  hope you love these products as much as i do!

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Camping Fashion Ideas

For Labor day Weekend Markel, lucy and I are going CAMPING! =)  I”m really excited about this since I haven’t been camping since I was little.  This is going to be q quick 24 hour trip to ease my way in.  We blocked out 2 weekends in sept/oct to go a few more times with our little monster as well~~ i figure we can rough it more and more as i get use to it all.

Rather than looking at camping equipment, I’m totally researching what cute outfits to wear and bring. MUHAHA i’m sure my survival instincts are on point right?  LOL

Here are some cute camping outfits I found on pinterest. =D

cdfa9b05566e306015d2e11af1557cf8 7f0439aac4aabbdba422945a99ab4fdf 048e53e69875439dc565ea645df41076 b1a7dcab03035572b346b7509ef68eb5 5e0380cb9d605cf6ce03576797bd2505974754ce082985b951d1ce89cbaaeea8

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Top 5 buzzfeeds you have to read

it’s friday afternoon…and i’m sure many people are counting down the minutes till 5pm.  here are some really fun links to help you pass the time. <3

From BuzzFeed (best site EVERRR)

1. 21 photos that prove every guy you know is wearing the same thing

2. 21 magical burritos across america that you need to try

3. 42 people you won’t believe actually exist

4. 24 things “Friends” taught you about being single

5. How College Kids Imagine Their Thirties


and for you animal lovers…

18 dogs that want you to keep your voice down

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Sole Society Wish List for Fall 2014

i really love this site and the items that i’ve gotten here in the past.  great material/craftsmanship AND the prices are so reasonable!  here are my favorite items for fall.  i can’t decide which ones i want…and if i buy them all mike will kill me… *sigh *  so here’s my wishlist until i decide what 2-3 (mayyyybe 5) i can get. =P

Sole Society

(*new shoppers even get a 10% OR 20% off coupon*)

solesociety wish list for fall 2014

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How To Organize Small Spaces


Mike and I moved into our apartment together almost 2 years ago.  It’s a spacious 2 bedroom/2 Bath that came with a ton of storage space.  However, in the time that we’ve been here, both of our parents moved out of the area and we had to bring home all of our childhood mementos.  That left our storage spaces and extra closets full of yearbooks, trophies, stuffed animals and other little things we weren’t ready to let go of yet.

Since then I’ve had to get really creative with the available space and store it all in a functional way! =)  We have a little closet in our bathroom that we haven’t been utilizing very well.  I kinda just kept random storage items in there~ but I totally re-did it to make it work for me!  (uhh i mean us…)

Check out my creative ways below to keep clutter off the counters and floors!


 –this adorable organizer is from anrthopologie.  it’s actually for eggs, but i thought it was the most adorable way to organize rings. <3  (it also helps that i can tuck this away in a drawer or put it on top of the counter for decor)


i got this jewelry box in Korea back in 2002.  love it to death but haven’t found many uses for it.  recently i started to put more fine jewelry in there (and the baubles in the egg carton) to keep things separate.  (i keep this baby tucked away in a drawer so it’s off the counters, but still in a pretty little box for when i need it)

jewelry box

ohh and then there’s this thing…the most heavenly organizer!  i keep all my earrings, bracelets and watches in here.  it’s double sided and hangs in the closet so it’s the most practical, space saving, easy to find organizer for my accessories!

 jewelry organizer

so i put a lot of thought into putting my necklaces on these nails in the closet.  for some reason i hated the idea of having them hang on ugly nails, have the necklaces spread out…and i dunno…i was just really resistant.  BUT now that it’s done, i’m so in love with the results.  not only can i actually SEE what necklaces i own, but it’s so much easier for me to get to it.  before they were on a little hanger made for necklaces and i found that i was only wearing the top 3-4 that were easy to get to on top.  Now it’s all organized, pretty, and REALLY easy to find when i’m on the go!



again…i was unsure about hanging these on nails, but they were taking up SO MUCH SPACE in my little closet.  so i hung the hate on nails and put the small baseball caps underneath the big sun hats.  PERFECT way to store these babies and not loose their shape!






This was one thing i had to have when i moved in and it saved my life.  Putting purses on the ground or in the shelf above the rack of clothes in the closet took up a LOT of space.  I mean…what girl doesn’t have a dozen or more handbags right?  Putting them on this hanging rack on the back of the closet door totally freed up tons of space and made it easy for me to find what I was looking for!  it’s not pretty to look at, but i’m so happy at how easy it makes my life!



organized in pretty little boxes & Sunnies that are pretty and easy to find.  i LOVE LOVE LOVE how these drawers came out.  I love putting my makeup, accessories and sunglasses in drawer organizers so that it’s really easy to access~ but it’s all tucked away when i close the drawer!  for me in the past, organizing makeup was really hard.  it’s not always pleasing to the eye and i couldn’t figure out a way that was functional AND aesthetically pleasing.  so putting all the clutter into these drawers not only made it easy for me to get ready in the morning, but it helped keep my counters free of all this clutter! =)



i also put lip glosses and nail polish into old gift box tops!  i don’t keep these babies on the counter (b/c i’m trying to go for a clutter free countertop) but they’re really easy to access (under the makeup drawer) and I can see everything in one quick snap shot!  before i threw the nail polish and lipsticks in separate baskets but it was hard to find exactly what i wanted.  i would always use the same 2-3 things on top and it was just annoying.  soooo…what better way to use the birchbox boxes that I get than to organize my accessories and makeup!?!


Put Toiletries in Pretty Apothecary Jars for Decor and Functionality!


now that my bathroom is all nice and neat, i hope i can extend that trend into the rest of the apartment!  i’ll share pics with you if that ever happens…lol  most likely another year will pass by before i get the energy to tackle it all.

anyway, happy thursday!  hope you all have fun weekend plans coming up! xo


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LOVE LOVE LOVE Leopard lately.  Always have, but I feel like I’m falling back in love with it again.  Here’s a dress I got from ASOS that I am really loving.  The material is thick (but not hot) and it was perfect to wear on a hot summer day.  Paired it with a pretty neon necklace I picked up from Target last year.

This is seriously the first time I’ve dressed up for an event in a LONG time.  Wore heels and EVERYTHING!  I was telling mike that when we first met/started dating, I lived in heels and loved dressing up.  But the last year or two I got lazy and only wore things that were loose, comfy, casual.  I’m ready to go back and start wearing cuter outfits again now that it’s summer and actually get some use out of my heels!  (they just sit in my closet collecting dust…sad…)

IMG_1670 IMG_1676

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Movie Night in the Park


I wrote a summer list of things I wanted to accomplish this year (post here) and last Thursday Markel, Lucy and I tackled one! =)  We watched Born To Be Wild in the Marina Del Rey Park.  We went with my bestie from college and it was SOO FUN: wine, picnic basket of goodies, blankets, and just giggling with people you know (doing something new for the first time)…always so much fun. <3

AND the best part is that this was the second time this summer I was able to use my serape!! =D  My current OBSESSION~~~ (post here and here)

IMG_1641 IMG_1649

 How GORGEOUS is the scenary here?  While we were munching on our picnic spread, we saw the sunset over the marina and just died.  simply gorgeous.

IMG_1654 IMG_1655 IMG_1657 IMG_1658

here are some more fun pics from our night! =) xo

**special thank you to markel for always indulging in my in my “goals”. he always helps/supports me fulfill even the simplest of goals.  Hugs. xo



Lucy catching some rays during golden hour <3





the next one is August 29th and I really hope i can make it out to one more in LA before the end of the summer! xo

happy hump day! xo

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Nail Hack: Does Pam Spray Dry Nails?


 have you seen the countless pins on pinterest about how pam spray can dry your nails instantly???  i was so curious i tried it out for myself…and i have to say…not sure i’ll ever do it again.

what you need:

pam cooking oil

base coat

top coat

nail color (i couldn’t decide which polish so i had three out)



you basically paint your nails the way you normally would: basecoat, 2 coats of nail color, top coat.  Then instead of sitting still and waiting for your nails to dry, you spray your nails with pam cooking oil.


my favorite nail polish remover below.  under $2 too!


this is THE BEST basecoat/top coat polish.  the hard as nails formula leaves the manicure like a gel mani~ no chipping, no cracks.  it’s AWESOME.

IMG_1258 IMG_1263 IMG_1276

after my i put on my top coat, i went and sprayed PAM over my nails over the sink.  my hands were really greasy and well…i didn’t think the PAM spray did all that much. apparently, it takes a few minutes for the PAM to set.  so when i went to  wipe and wash the greasy oil off, it messed up the nail polish.  what’s even more annoying is that it left little bubbles on the nail polish b/c it didn’t mesh well with whatever formulas i was using.

my conclusion would be NOT to use PAM spray and to just apply a quick dry coat on top.  the greasy spray really bothered me and i hated the feeling of it.  i might try it again to see if my first experience was just a dud.



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Carter’s Turns 1!


This weekend a huge event took place…mr carter lee turned 1!  so beloved by his family and parade of eemo’s (aunties), we all came to celebrate this huge life event. =)  i’m excited to share these pics from the wonderful day. <3


beautiful aemy manning the guest book. =D

IMG_1701 IMG_1702 IMG_1703 IMG_1704 IMG_1705IMG_1713

our ladies <3




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August Birch Box



I LOVE getting my birchboxes each month.  This was my second one and it was filled with all sorts of goodies.  My favorite were the BB cream and the atelier cologne.  I can never find perfume that I love and I’m too lazy to go from place to place looking for one.  which is WHY i love sample perfumes that you get in these boxes or from the mall.  I get to try a bunch of different kinds for a few days until i find the right one. <3


What was in my August Birchbox:


Acure Organics–Brightening Facial Scrub

Atelier Cologne–Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue

LAQA & Co.–Sheer Lip Lube Pencil-Menatour (purple)

Marcelle–BB Cream Golden Glow

Supergoop!–Forever Young Hand Cream with Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 40

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Bag Lady

It’s no secret I love piperlime.  It’s the one site that I get everything from: shoes, purses, clothes, dresses for special events, etc.  As summer is closing, I’m craving a new designer bag (or three…) for my wardrobe this fall.  Here are my top 9 pics:  =)

bag lady

1 | 2| 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |8 | 9

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