duuuuuuuuuuude have you seen these???  ok i know it’s weird, but i’m OBSESSED with curved floor lamps.  i had one in my apartment a few years ago but it belonged to my roommate who took it with her when she moved out.  *tear *  ever since then…i’ve been obsessed and trying to search for a cool one.

mike and i are slowly buying new furniture for our current living room and we have our eye on a new couch, a new lamp, and possibly a new oversized chair to complete our living room.

here are some lamps that i’m loving right now~~

12100 Artiva-USA-Adelina-Arched-Brushed-Steel-Floor-Lamp-P16232503img-thing Contemporary-Living-Room-with-Metal-Curved-FLoor-Lamp floor-lamps-2361583 what do you think?  love them too??

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