“Diamonds are a girls best friend.”
― Marilyn Monroe

Wedding season is upon us and I am seeing TONS of engagement rings in my pinterest feed.  Do I get tired of it?  HELLS NO.  I love looking at engagement rings and wedding bands.  It’s so fun! =)

SOooo I know that the pear shaped diamond is NOT popular.  But I love them.  (previous post here)

I was on pinterest recently and found SO MANY beautiful rings…I’m not sure what it is about them…but the shape is so unique and fun.  I especially love the double halos around the pear center stone.



Another Look that I am really loving lately is when women pile on a ton of thin diamond bands on their ring finger (with or without the engagement ring).  I think it would be cool to buy one band for every kid you have or every member of your family.  Here are some examples I’m digging.


LOVE these next two pics of bands below.  I DIE over this idea of wearing three that are made of different colored08eee3a258b058be12773b63e63a0b2c 9b18e383b61f6f706877b54d4e7d0a68

cute right?


ANOTHER look I’m REALLY loving for Future Esther (like 10th anniversary Esther) are these massive Eternity bands below.  I like seeing moms with their kids who have simple diamond bands on and no engagement ring.  It’s a sign of maturity or motherhood.  *shrug * not sure what exactly but I’ve always loved these sparkly bands. =)

(these eternity bands are a from harry winston *$$$$$*)


(all pictures from pinterest)

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