Mexican Serape

My Mexican Blanket has arrived!  WAHOOO =)  It  didn’t arrive in time for my friend’s birthday (click here and here)~ but I’m excited to use it this summer!  one of  my summer goals (post here) is to go to an outdoor movie and this would be the perfect blanket to bring. <3  even our little lulu loves it. =)



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End of Summer 2014 Goals

I cannot believe it’s already the end of July.  WHERE did the summer go???  I thought I was going to do 100 new things this season, but of course that never happened.  So I made 3 goals from now until October 1st that I hope to accomplish.  3 should be easy right?

summer 2014

1. bike at the beach

–mike and i have bikes on our patio and they are literally dust collectors.  they’ve been out there for so long that the tires are all nasty now and need to be replaced.  i went bike riding with my bestie in huntington beach back in april, but id like to ride my own bike.  one that i bought 5 years ago and still have only ridden less than 5 times.  >.<  eek  i even have a nice basket that we can put lucy in!

2. watch an outdoor movie in LA

–ive lived in LA for 7 years now and i haven’t been to an outdoor movie!  what the hell right?  this summer i hope to see AT LEAST one.  there are tons of places in LA that are famous (cinespia and hollywood cemetary) but since i live on the westside i think markel and i will go to the park in marina del rey.  we got a new serape that i’m dying to use!

3. go camping with markel and lucy!

–i went glamping last summer with the besties and it totally sparked my “outdoorsy” side.  i put that word in quotes because i’m not REALLY outdoorsy.  it just made me want to go camping for 24 hours with mike  & lucy on the beach.  something chill with a little spice of adventure.  (and clean facilities for showers/bathroom usage.  hey…there’s a reason why i went GLAMPING last summer instead of camping! lol)

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Comedy, Drinks and Flag Football

if you saw me and markel this weekend, you would have thought we were 24 again.  WHEW.  we partied every single night and really made the most of the entire 2.5 days.


a group of us went to the comedy store in hollywood.  we normally go to The Laugh Factory but this time we decided to spice it up!


the laugh factory typically has about 3-4 comedians and the show is 1.5-2 hours long.  that allows for 2 shows per night.  the comedy store, on the other hand, only has 1 show with 8-10 comedians.  not my favorite way of setting it up.  that means you have 3-4 REALLY FUNNY comedians sandwiched in between BAD ACTS.  eek.  *shudder *  some were really painful to watch.  the regulars knew this and totally bounced after the last funny comedian.  as newbs we had no idea and sat through the rest of the awful line up.  eek.  My favorites of the night were Jeff Garlin, Andrew Santino, Stephen Rannazzisi, Steve Simeone, and Ali Wong.  ALL SO FUNNY.  Ali was probably my favorite.  Raw and Hilarious.


my gfs and i layed out by the pool, drank michelladas and soaked up the summer sun.  felt so good.



in the evening, i hit up 2 birthday parties in ktown and downtown





we were bad and didn’t go to church .  >.<  well…mike actually worked while i slept in.  eep.

but it was a day of firsts and great food!

Wako Tonkatsu in Ktown

–BEST tonkatsu.  the outside crust is soo freaking flaky and delicious


Go Get Em Tiger on Larchmont

–new cafe on larchmont.  amazing sweet tea lattes and the pastries looked bomb



one VERY important part of sunday was markel’s first day playing



absolutely gorgeous day in santa monica


ms lucy blair watching intently~~ dogs weren’t allowed on the field but we didn’t know so they were nice enough to let her stay this one time.  lucy was SOOOO well behaved, it was amazing.  we were really proud of her!


markel’s team won (thanks to him, not kidding) and the entire league went to cabo cantina in brentwood to celebrate a fun day.  everyone was so incredibly friendly~ it was really fun to meet new people and do something out of the ordinary.  this team and this season is markel’s new thing, so it’s exciting to share it together and make new friends.


the drinks ended with rounds of beer pong mixing teams and groups.  as you can see below, i was NOT markel’s partner.  >.<  he never pairs up with me.  I SWEAR I’M NOT BAD!  (at least i don’t think so…)



we ended a really fun night and weekend with ice cream at mcdonalds <3  i haven’t had one of these babies in sooooo long.  i felt like a kid again.


and…now it’s wednesday.  one perk of having a late weekend recap is that the week is halfway over and the weekend is about to begin! =)

xoxo happy hump day ya’ll


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Little Lucy Blair Update




Little Lucy got Spaded on July 3rd and is now all recovered and cone-free.  I read online that her behavior would change after surgery~ reduction in energy, aggression, urination, wandering…etc.  FALSE.  This little monster is more hyper and harder to calm down.  *sigh *  She’s also shedding like a mo-fo right now and I’m brushing her 2x per day AND still using the lint roller everywhere AND vacuuming 1-2x per week.  i can’t keep up!  it could be that she’s shedding her winter coat, but this is insane.  i find her little hairs errrrrwhere.

SO CRAY RIGHT?  we thought we’d get a calm little pup but she’s got 2x the energy now.  i come home and will find that she’s ripped up papers into a billion little pieces.  something she never did before.  we had to go through the house and move things so she couldn’t get to any paper, envelopes, shopping bags, etc.  AND she’s starting to dig up the carpet… *doh *  re-puppy proofing the home has not been fun.

ANYWAY, this whole post is just to show you more pics of my little monster and show you my faaaav feature about her~ her snaggle tooth!  she has one on each side, but one is more prominent than the other.  muhaha so adorbs. <3






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Every Girl Needs Some Sparkle: Sequin Outfits Ideas

i love sequins.  sequined clothing, makeup, nail polish, table cloths, home decor items…anything that sparkels and glitters is TOTALLY up my alley.  everytime i go to a party or shop for an outfit, it’s the first thing that catches my eye.  if i could wear sequins to weddings and baby showers, i totally would!  lol (watch out friends!)

as i get older, and my trips to the club and vegas get fewer and farther between…i wear sequins less and less. >.<  this last weekend i sold my all sequin bachelorette dress and i felt like it was a total end to an era.  *sigh *  anyway, this is a little photodump of gorgeous sequin outfits i found on pinterest that i love.


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c5ad708324e041efd8b064daf6115df6 (1)

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Current Obsession: LC Lauren Conrad Myth Framed Round Sunglasses

i don’t know if round sunglasses on a round face work (probably not…) but i’m obsessed with these sunnies!  i think they’re so cute.

they’re so fresh and boho for summer.  LOVE LOVE

AND THE BEST PART??  these babies are only $15.99!!


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Weekend Recap: Movies, Cocktails and Lucy Blair

This last weekend was productive and unproductive at the same time.  I stayed home all weekend with Lucy Blair and caught up on non-essentials: movies and magazines.  I don’t know about you, but I always have a list of movies I’ve been meaning to watch and a stack of magazines I’ve been meaning to read.  So what did I do this weekend?  Tackled those two lists. =)

It felt really odd though…like I should be running around doing stuff, but instead I was watching movies, reading magazines, and cleaning house on my blogs.  lol.

Here’s what I watched!


–good and suspenseful with LOTS of blood.  I am a huge Tom Hardy fan <3


Old Boy (The American Version)

–better than i thought it would be.  i think the korean version is more twisted which i like) but the american version is great for people who haven’t seen the original.


World War Z

–better than i thought it would be with a clever solution at the end.


The Host

–i went back and forth a lot on this one, to see if i should really watch it.  i’m glad it did though.  interesting and beautiful.

images (1)

Tiger Eyes

–growing up i read all the judy blume books and was excited to see this movie had been made.  i think if i were still a teenager, i would have loved it.  watching as an adult, it was not great.  lol  BUT one thing i really loved was that this took place in new mexico.  mike’s family is from there and i recognized a lot of the beautiful culture and pottery. =)

MV5BMTQ5NDg2ODkyMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTEwNjM0OQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_ (1)

Sex and the City (the movie)

–it was an easy movie to watch while resetting the house and eating dinner on friday =)


What other things do you do during a really low-key weekend?  make cocktails of course!

IMG_1062 IMG_1063

pics of our baby lucy <3


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5 Summer 2014 Must Reads

ever since i got my kindle, it’s been so much more fun to read.  i can pop the kindle into any purse and read in line, during my lunch breaks, and at the pool. <3  and one cool thing about having amazon prime (besides the 2-day shipping) is that i get to check out books for free in their library!  you can only check out 1 book at a time, but it’s a sweet perk. =)  plus i think books are cheaper on the kindle if you buy through your amazon account too.

Here are my top 5 recommendations for the summer:

1.  I’ve Got Your Number


2. Gone Girl

download (1)

3. Night Road



4. I’ll Be Right There

download (2)

5. If I Stay

download (3)


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pretty little things…

ever see photos that are artistic, pretty and fascinating?  this is a completely random post but i thought i’d share some pretty little things. <3

007ad6b174b81d6f8198e6d7d895bc69 08e9713019cb03b71162be69d6c6d319 53cc7cb2c302fa42261b30910977d24d 592beaf40914a8bc43aa1b2e3b52e0a9 8126c5cc82d3bed573f0f73a76ed1f48 c85d6aee480c1ca5f5f6ffbcef240b7f d172fe50c4621fcc7dd47b6fa313eb08

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My First Birchbox Is Here!

I got it in the mail yesterday and was SUPER psyched!!  I got a 6 month subscription to birchbox for my 30th birthday and I couldn’t be more excited for this present.  I LOVE beauty products and experimenting with different things.  What better way to do it than with Birchbox!? =D

It comes in this really cute box (the inside has a pretty pattern as well~ for you to use for something else)


wahLA~~ my samples!!



In My Box:

Cynthia Rowley Black Eyeliner

Evologie Stay Clear Cleanser

Number 4 Hair Super Comb Prep & Protect

Supergood Anti-Aging City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30

Harney & Sons Fine Teas (organic green tea with mint & roobios chai)

can’t wait to try these babies out this weekend!  This is such a clever idea to try different products out there without having to buy the full size.  I’m really intimidated by department stores, beauty stores, and drug stores when they have rows and rows of shampoo or face lotion.  I stick with what I know and I keep buying that one thing.  The next six months will be SUPER cool since I’ll get to try tons of products out there without the intimidation of too many choices.  WAHOO!  Get your first birchbox today! =)

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Current Obsession: Peasant Tops

i’m not sure what got me into this…but all i’m looking for these days is 1 amazing bohemian peasant top.  i love the casual, comfortable look they bring to jeans or shorts.  *shrug *  not sure if this is weird but i’m diggin it!

here are some i found that i love…


1. anthropologie 2. forever21


3. nordstrom 4. forever 21

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A Birthday Affair: Geoffry’s and Malibu Wines

this past weekend my friends and i celebrated one special girl’s 31st birthday. <3  we celebrated the morning/day with friends at a really relaxing, beautiful brunch at geoffry’s in malibu.  it was my first time there and i fell instantly in love with the place.  seriously.  it overlooks the ocean, the decor is gorgeous, the service is impeccable (and ya’ll know how much i value service), and the food was phenomenal.  i can’t wait to go back there again!

afterwards we went to malibu wines (one of my favorite activities in the summer) and spend the entire afternoon chit chatting, hanging out and celebrating our beautiful friend.


our day started with this adorable man.  baby carter is seriously the cutest baby EVER.  my ovaries jump a little when i held him.  LOL


can’t have brunch without bloody mary’s right?!


our incredible brunch!  i didn’t get to shoot all the dishes but everything was delicious.

IMG_0765 IMG_0766 IMG_0767

ladies who brunch + baby carter


me and markel!  i realized that we don’t take enough pictures together.  so this was my first attempt to take more.  our smiles are hella awkward.  we’re both not morning people so we needed at least another venti before taking this shot.  lol


our spread after a big brunch.  we’re a bunch of fatties.  hehe


the beautiful birthday girl blowing out her candles!

IMG_0786 IMG_0788 IMG_0789 IMG_0790

our first of many cheersies!

IMG_0793 IMG_0796 IMG_0797 IMG_0798

SOOO gorgeous here right?? i wish i could have ever event here~ i especially love the bands that come and play.

IMG_0800 IMG_0803


i wanted to take a cool fashion shot but felt really uncomfortable, so this pic below captures my nervous energy (and i like that).


hehehe being silly with markel

IMG_0820 IMG_0824

what was left of our day <3  seeing these bottles felt like old times!!  even as we all get older, it still feels like we’re 24 again when we get together.  the boys do their thang and the girls do theirs <3  love it.  these days we’re all so busy that it’s hard to get together as one big group.  so it’s nice to come together for something so special.

i say it all the time, and i say it again…i’m so blessed to have this amazing group of girls in my life!


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colbie cailat Try music video

so beautiful and powerful.  colbie cailllat’s “try” video is chillingly beautiful.  i love the different women she chose to sing and how they take off their makeup and hair.  very empowering for all women.

i was a women and gender’s studies major in college and i always find moments where i forget what i learned, why i loved it, and who i am.  i’m embarrassed to say that i get caught up in life, beautiful things, material things and what society expects of women.  watching this video made me feel beautiful just on my own.  extra pounds, crazy hair and all.

happy monday!  last video of the day, i promise! =)


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Chandelier by Sia Music Video

i’m obsessed with this song.  i think it’s just the catchy tune and the unique sound of Sia’s voice.  the video is pretty cray, but i like that too.  lol  i hate the nude leotard, but LOVE the dancing.  hehe please enjoy.  happy monday ya’ll!

Chandelier by Sia music video

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Happy Monday!

ahhh another monday.  the weekend was ridiculously hot and my non-air conditioned apartment suffered quite a bit.  but nothing a little ice and ice cream can’t fix. <3

markel and i had a really fab weekend out and about~ those posts are coming later  this week =)  for now, here are a few weekend teasers!


wpid-screenshot_2014-07-12-22-19-20-1.png IMG_0788 IMG_0829 IMG_0837 IMG_0835 IMG_0843




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Current Obsession: Serape Blankets!

i am SOOO into serape’s this summer.  i have no idea where the obsession came from but i love the bright colors!!  I don’t want a serape to use as a traditional blanket.  I want one to use as a picnic blanket, beach blanket, or table cloth at a party.  It’s such a beautiful piece that transforms any room/place!

i wanted an aqua colored one or a hot pink one like the ones below…but markel bought a multi-colored one instead >.<  it comes in the mail today or tomorrow~ so hopefully it’ll be just as beautiful as the ones below!

54c0c9a76149603aa3c2656656dffd4e  lifestyleserapedestination-wedding-tequila-bar

Get a pretty one here: Lulu & Georgia or Amazon

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Fourth of July Weekend Recap

This fourth of july weekend was tamer and quieter than the weekends in the past.  Our little lucy bear got spaded so mike and i had to spend most of our time at home with her.  we spent the long weekend with friends, a little family and then mike and i cleaned the apartment from top to bottom.  felt REALLY good to go through the house throwing things out and cleaning spots we hadn’t cleaned in a while.  even had a chance to steam clean the carpets too since the weather was so hot.

(*mike and i try to steam clean once very two months b/c of lucy.  not that she’s dirty or anything, but i have a weird thing with carpet and i feel like it’s always dirty.  so when we got lucy i vacuumed more religiously and stepped up the steam cleaning from 2x per year to every other month.  since lucy sheds, it also helps pick up the hair and keep people from getting allergy attacks.)

Thursday morning…poor baby had no idea what was COMING!  before the surgery~ sleeping peacefully


immediately after the surgery~ soaking wet from her own drool >.<  it was SOOO sad picking her up from the vet’s office.  she was shaking and let out a tiiiiiny cry when i picked her up. =(  seriously broke my heart.  lucy bear looked defeated and miserable.  *tear *

i dunno about you guys but i am really really into friendly service.  even if the quality of food/clothing/whatever isn’t as good, if the service is phenomenal i’ll keep coming back.  with the vet i went to, i liked them and they were polite…but they weren’t AWESOME at customer service.  they didn’t show a lot of tenderness and care with lucy, they didn’t indulge me with comforting words, and they were quick to have me leave.  i won’t crucify them on yelp (yet) because i want to go back to them one more time before i make my final decision.  but…i want a vet who will be really friendly to me, get to know me, show lots of love and affection to lucy~~ and just make me feel comfortable.  i was so nervous bringing lucy in for her spading appointment that the rushed interaction with the doctors and staff left me feeling…worse.  i did ask a lot of questions, but it’s because i’ve never gone through this before.  i’ve never had to take care of a sick dog or give it two different kinds of medicines.  and when lucy came out soaking wet in her own drool i ALMOST lost it.  WHAT THE HELL…why was she drooling this much and why are you all shrugging about it like it’s no big deal???  the vet told me lucy would be able to walk out of there no problem.  but when i went to pick her up she was in so much pain the office assistants told me to be careful with her.  uhhh that’s very conflicting information…

markel will roll his eyes about this paragraph above and this next comment…but i TOTALLY believe in boutique vets now.  i would much rather pay more for a vet that indulges me and pampers us (me and lucy).  a vet that will take his time to explain things to me, make sure i’m ok, make sure LUCY is ok.  even call and check in a day or two later.  (am i asking too much??? lol)

now the scary part of this whole thing?  don’t you think i’m going to be even CRAZIER with my babies???  eeek…. run and hide ya’ll, helicopter mom is coming you way!


i felt so bad for her i wiped her down with a clean cloth and took the cone off.  she was soooo lethargic from surgery and pain that there was no way she was going to lick anything down there.  normally lucy has so much energy and is a bit mischievous.  so seeing her lay in one position (b/c she couldn’t move) was heart wrenching.


SORRY FOR THOSE NON DOGGIE LOVERS…moving on…my rant is over now =P


markel and i stayed in for dinner and tried a new pizza place by our house called The Coop.  people in our area RAVE about it and well…it was just aiite.  NOTHING compared to Mulberry Pizza.  If you haven’t heard me say this enough…Mulberry’s is THE BEST pizza.  dare i even say, the best in the world??  lol  no but really, mike said mulberry’s in LA was better than anything he tried in NYC this last time around.

(posts about the pizza here and here)

oh right…back to the coop…the crust was really chewy and tasted a little like it wasn’t fully cooked.  i dunno… it was ok.  i probably won’t ever go back, but i’m glad i tried it.


meatball sub was good too.  not the BEST, but good.  better than the pizza.  >.<


moving on… for fourth of july we had friends come over for some good ol’ southern comfort food with a mexican flair!  cooking at home and entertaining is something markel and i love to do.  it creates such a fun, positive atmosphere.  when markel and i first started dating we threw dinner parties all the time.  now that we’re old and grumpy (only half kidding) we entertain way less… i hope to pick that fun habit back up tho.  this is the summer to play and really enjoy the longer days!  am i right??

IMG_0625 IMG_0627

poor lucy blair had to watch us eat while she was recovering in her cone.  normally she’d be jumping up and down trying to get  a bite. =(  that’s how you KNOW she’s sick!!

some sad (but hella cute) pics of lucy bear.  i feel like you can see all her emotions in her eyes.

IMG_0616 IMG_0620

After dinner the four of us went to the grove (love that place) and saw How to Train Your Dragon 2.  REALLY cute, laughed a lot, but i still think #1 was better.  Anyone else out there agree with me??


brought back sprinkles cupcakes for the adults and the puppy too.  she didn’t like the frosting (AT ALL) but loved the cake. =)


at the end of the night on fourth of july, we lit up 2 sparklers and tried to take cool photographs.  as you can see below it didn’t quite work out.  we weren’t twirling the sparklers fast enough~ but then when we tried to twilr them it wouldn’t go fast enough.  *sigh *  it was super fun trying tho.  with the sky lighting up with fireworks everywhere, it was nice to do something new on our roof with our dear friends and neighbors.

IMG_0641 IMG_0646 IMG_0651 IMG_0655 IMG_0656

how cute is lucy bear?  she was sleeping during the crazy netherlands vs costa rica world cup game on saturday.  i was seriously on the edge of my seat until the very last goal in the shoot out!  eeeek.  gooooooooo netherlands!!


how GORGEOUS is del mar, the weather and the sunset??  this was the view from our fanshy dinner at il fornaio in del mar.

IMG_0684 IMG_0688

GORGEOUS RIGHT??  i could NOT get enough of the view.


the blair clan <3  eating dinner to celebrate mama and papa blair’s 29th wedding anniversary!  cwayy~  it was so nice and relaxing to have dinner together and chit chat.  <3  del mar is GOREGOUS and i’m completely smitten.  i rarely tell mike that i could live in a certain city (he thinks i’m a bit of a snob)~~ but del mar is on my top 5 short list.  i LOVED it there and would move in a heartbeat!


and i just HAD to include this one.  mike grows out his beard every now and then and when he decides to finally shave it off, he likes to do silly things like this below.  he never keeps it but he likes to walk around the house being goofy.  hehe


anywayy….this was a LONGG post and i hope you had an amazing long weekend as well.  the best part about late posts like this is that the weekend is already here! =)  WAHOOOOO~~~

Happy Thursday Everyone!!

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