DSLR vs Mirrorless? Nikon vs Canon vs Samsung?

For the last 2 months, I have been OBSESSING over which camera to buy.  For my 30th birthday this year, I have made the decision to get a nice camera.  Little did I know that “nice” has many definitions and price ranges.  I looked at tons of websites, asked friends who owned “nice” cameras and also did some research through pinterest and my favorite bloggers (who talk about their cameras).

I had such a difficult time choosing between mirrorless vs dslr because I wanted to use this camera for different things.

1) I wanted a light and “nice” camera to keep in my purse (mirrorless)

2) I wanted a nice video camera and camera to shoot our life memories (dslr)

3) I wanted something I could use easily (mirrorless)

4) I wanted this camera to last forever (dslr)

SO…Basically I was stuck and whenever I asked for help~ I always got conflicting answers.  To make things even more complicated, Markel’s company could get me a mirrorless samsung camera for wholesale price which would have been a bargain/steal.  *sigh *  Too many choices.  Plus all the techy camera lingo was super confusing and made me feel even more clueless and unable to decide.

Here are the Five Cameras I was looking at:

1. Canon T3i


2. Nikon D3200


3. Samsung NX 3000


4. Samsung NX 30


5. Sony NEX 5


After ENDLESS back and forth research, camera testing at a few different stores, and asking even MORE people what they thought…I decided to go with the Canon T3i.  Yes it would be bulkier than the mirrorless cameras but it would be a great starter DSLR.   A purchase that I wouldn’t regret and I would use in the future. =)

Here are some helpful cheatsheet photos and links below from Pinterest that were REALLY HELPFUL when I was making my decision.  Pinterest photos/cheat sheets helped break down the language and explain things more objectively.  Since it too me a while to figure it all out, here are the most helpful ones below. =)d5e3a9b84f9f3bdc822ed9160a637949 dslr-lenses-telephoto-prime-lenses-wide-angle-kit-lens


Here are more links to help you with your search:


Choosing the Best Cinema Camera/DSLR for Video

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