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Last Thursday my B’s and I had our monthly/biweekly wine night together.  I LOVE these weekly nights where we can catch up, talking about trashy tv, and just relax from our stressful work lives.  We started this tradition when we met in 2008/2009 and it’s been our “thing” ever since.  Which I absolute LOVE.

Let me explain…I moved to LA in 2007 and found it really hard to find a group of new friends.  I had my best friends from childhood and a few college friends in LA but we were scattered and I was looking for a community of girls (like I had in Sacramento and in College).  After a year of living in LA, I met Joiji and she introduced me to two of her friends.  From there my friends from college and these three LA friends and their other friends~~ we all became one big group of friends and one happy family. =)  There are 10 of us and even though we’re scattered around the CA and DC~ we manage to keep in touch regularly.  As a group we’ve gone through huge milestones: boyfriends, breakups, engagements, weddings, babies, jobs, trips, etc…I could seriously go on!  (here’s a previous post and pics of our last reunion!)

Fast forward to the present…our friendship 6 years ago started over these very wine nights.  Back then in our early/mid twenties we had like 3-4 events a week.  But now that’we re 29-32 and life has gotten cray, we meet up about 2x per month to catch up.  I TREASURE our wine nights because it’s uninhibited, girl time fun.  NO boys allowed. =)  Even our hubbies/boyfriends understand how sacred these nights are!  hehe

Anyway, here are pics from our most recent wine night below.  This last month we started a new tradition of clothing swaps!  Basically the girl that hosts brings out the clothes she is planning to donate and shares it with the group.  We take the clothes we want and the host donates the rest (as planned).  It’s been SUCH a fun way to share clothes over our already fun nights.

I highly recommend starting it with your friends if you can!


Lots of wine <3


This wine was my faaaaaaaaavorite of the night.  SO GOOD.



My haul!  I got so many cute flowy blouses for work and dresses for nights out <3  Thank you Joiji!


I have been wearing these goodies all week too! =)




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