Industrial California Art

 Mike and I had a fabulous weekend of furniture shopping in April that really re-sparked our creative juices.  We came home and reorganized furniture, threw out old decorations and tried to re-think our space and layout.  We’re working on making a few more changes but this is one fun project that Markel already made for our one year anniversary. <3  I know normally it’s supposed to be paper or whatever, but this is truly the best and most meaningful gift to receive.  A few years back he made the most GORGEOUS wine rack for me (picture here).

 We saw this california art pieces at Rejuvination in Culver City.  It was gorgeous, rustic, industrial…and something we loved instantly.  The price tag on this baby?  $400+.  YIKES.


SO…my markel being the handy dandy man that he is made this masterpiece below for only $40!  He bought distressed would and put red lights where we were from (I’m from Sacramento, He’s from Diamond Bar)~ and white lights where the major CA cities are.  This was seriously the best present I could ever ask for and I’m incredibly excited to hang this in our place.  We’re deciding where to put it in the house but I think it’ll go beautifully over the bar cart. <3  I’ll show you more when we hang it up.

Beautiful right?

We bought a new lamp shade to update the old one we had and add a new dimension of color in our boring white/blue color scheme.  Some new changes at home and old ones around the house along with Pics from our furniture shopping =)

wpid-20140406_084842.jpg wpid-20140405_211508.jpg wpid-20140405_155941.jpg wpid-20140405_153327.jpg wpid-20140405_143413.jpg wpid-20140405_143159.jpg wpid-20140405_143153.jpg  wpid-20140405_211502.jpg

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