Happy Monday

hehe just a little humor to get you through this Monday <3

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I’m not sure how I came across it, but recently I signed up for Pinchme.com.  It’s a site where you get free items in the mail and review it online.  As an avid Yelper and blogger~ reviewing free products online was a “pinch”!  I literally got it in the mail yesterday and tried it all out~  The nail polish color was bright and sparkly (perfect for summer) and didn’t smell awful like most polishes do.  The Gevalia coffee I tried this morning with Markel and that was nice.  It was too sweet for me but right up Markel’s alley since he likes sweet coffee drinks.

Overall this was a really cool experience and I can’t wait to get my next batch of free goodies!  To join pinchme.com too, click here!




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March Recap & Photodump III

and LAST BUT NOT LEAST… One special lady turned 31 this last month. =)  We celebrated at AOC with just the girls and ate our little hearts out.  Not only was the food amazing but we had a chance to gab about our lives, books, tv shows, korean dramas, and more!  I love seeing these girls and hanging out with them whenever possible.  As we get older it’s definitely harder (and our bodies can’t hang as much)~ so it’s a real treat to get to see everyone together. xoxo






and my baby lucy turned 7 months <3


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Esquisite Designs Wine Cork Hearts


It’s been about 4 years since I opened my etsy stores and I’m always so blessed when people place an order.  Just the fact the people like the product and it’s a creative outlet for me…so amazing.

Anyway, here is my latest order that I shipped out today =)


The back20140424_092120

My Etsy Stores:

EsQuisite Designs

Little Miss Esther

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Throwback Thursday

WOW…the good ol’ nlns ktown days =)

love these girls xoxo


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March Recap & photodump Part II

My March weekends were super packed.  Like 1-3 events per day.  I had to take cat naps in the car (while markel drove. hehe) to keep up!

Below is part dos of our month of funnnn~~~So much happened that this post will be mainly a photodump of fun events.

First up: Versailles!  Markel’s high school bff was in the process of finishing up his last rotation in Pharm school and so he lived with us for 6 weeks.  As a final farewell, we went to dinner at Versailles located in Culver City.  The food there is phenomenal and for the first time I was able to share some dishes and try more of the menu!



afterwards we got boba at this local place near us called 70 degrees.  The cups were a total rip off of Half and Half and the boba was decent.  20140328_202226

look at this epic fail of a pic that the owner of the boba place took below.  we had to ask another person to

20140328_20230220140328_202408 - Copy

some cool parting gifts from Dennis to us =)  wine…my faaave.  hehe

Dennis was such an incredible and respectful house guest, Feb/March was a total blast.  Markel normally comes home around 830-9pm so it was nice to have someone to play with and watch tv with after work.  I tortured him with Real Housewives, PLL, Revenge, Nashville and many many many more girlie shows =)  muhahaha  aren’t i such an amazing host??


One Saturday morning Markel and I had to go to his nephews bday lunch but he wanted to play golf with his friends before.  So Lucy and I had to kill about 3 hours of time.  First up, I went to a local brunch spot with an outdoor patio (for lucy).  This was my first time eating alone at a restaurant!  HUGE HUGE HUGE accomplishment for me.  I’m too shy to do something like this, but due to the circumstances I had no choice.  Turns out it isn’t all that bad.  I played on my phone, looked around and also had a cwazy lucy underneath me getting tangled everywhere.  The cafe was meh, but I was happy to have done something big like this on my own!  I’m ready for 30 now =D

20140329_085131 - Copy

Next up…the bday!  Markel comes from a big family and one of his nephews recently turned 16!  I feel so old that I can’t even remember what my 16th birthday was like.  *sigh *  The menu was homemade mexican food (which is my faaaaaaaaaav). 


look at how tall Jacob is?!?!  He’s only 16 and over 6ft tall.


This new hipster/nerd bar opened up in the arts district area and well…it was PACKED.  

82 Barcade: Where all the hipster nerds (and just nerds) come to congregate.  look at this line to get in!  it totally wraped around the building as well~~ cray.


Inside were hipster drinks like PBR but we kept it classy with miller light and whiskey and coke. lol


I just really like this blurry pic.  but basically bar 82 projects the most popular arcade games being played.  street fighter is a constant staple but the other two change (i think).


Our first round =)  Mason Jar thai iced tea cockatils.  can you believe it??  lol  sooooo hipster i couldn’t keep up.  that’s why i’m the lame ass who got the miller lite.


markel playing pinball in the other room.  so many pinball machines~ some super fancy and some not so fancy (aka “retro”)


the next day markel and i had to recover with a big brunch in front of the tv =)  dun worry, we shared this massive brekkie (or did we…)


My bff from college came down to Huntington Beach and had a little sleep over + a day of fun at the beach.

delicious easter cake pops!  they were all made and ready when i arrived~~


Her two cousins wanted to do a “spa day” and i was their first client.  joy huh?  this is chunky oatmeal being spread on my face.  but honestly~~ they were such great hosts and the little ones really know how to throw a raging sleep over!


we went for a late night Lee’s Sandwiches run.  I LOVE LEE’s coffees and sandwiches.  since they’re only in the OC, i can never get enough of it when i see one.  Best viet coffees everrrr.


my breakfast the next morning =P  my friend’s grandma insisted that i have two donuts for breakfast.  lol  love grandmas that push food on you!


we spent the rest of the day (which was also cesar chavez day) bike riding along hunting beach from her aunt’s house to the pier.  SO MUCH FUN.  It was a gorgeous day and i haven’t ridden a bike all year!

wpid-20140328_114525.jpg20140328_120244 20140328_12230520140328_133332  20140328_141118 20140328_141126 

Now, a little photodump of the month + lucy pics (of course) + date nights with my Markel.



Cute gifts from korea


Sunday Date with Markel in Culver City! =)  We walked around downtown CC and tried a new restaurant we hadn’t been to before.  It was aiite.  Nothing special except that the waiter sucked.  We won’t be going back to Kay and Daves anytime soon. >.<



Markle’s Parents came to visit us one saturday as well so we went to brunch in Santa Monica and walked around third  street and the farmer’s market.


look at this book!  cray… this new generation man…


I am going through a HUGE froyo phase right now and I finally got some =P  My pinkberry creation below.


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March Recap & photodump Part I

This has been on SUPER busy month.  AND I can’t believe we’re already at the end of  APRIL!!!  gahhh time has FLOWN this year.  March was a super busy month filled with friends, birthdays and lots of date nights with Markel.  Lucy has also been getting older so we’ve hit some nice milestones with her as well.  She’s 6 months and is FIIIINALLY starting to get it: peeing outside (She uses pee pads inside), not biting everything (teething phase is almost over), listening to commands (although she doesn’t know her own name yet)… *sigh *  actually, as I write this down there are many more things we need to work on. lol oh well… let me continue on with my monthly recap!

March started off with Mike’s BFF getting married (longer post about it here).  It was a lovely wedding that really showcased their families and I loved that.  The older I get, the more important family is and so to have this couple come together with their huge families was absolutely beautiful.


 Next up, Ceebs’ 31st birthday bash!  We went to this trendy new place in LA called Republique (review here).  Can’t say I would go back there, but we had a great dinner there and caught up on all of our busy lives!




Afterwards we went to 3Twenty Wine Lounge and it was really nice!  The service was friendly the decor was intimate and the wine was deliiiic.  For some reason the pic came out all smokey =(  but this wine lounge really capped off our fun night together!wpid-20140315_221130.jpg wpid-20140315_220138.jpg

My favorite little dongseng (younger brother) of all time turned 26.  I always think of him as 13/14 years old and can’t get over that he can drink, drive and have a girlfriend.  LOL


These cool wings were drawn outside of the bar.  I wanted to stand in front of it and take a goofy pic but my feet hurt and the lighting was no good. >.<  next time!!


The first part of march was also a LOT of foooooooooooood.  So much good food every weekend with friends!  here’s a quick collage of all the good times <3


Went to a super cute bridal shower at Eveleigh in West Hollywood.  SUCH A CUTE JOINT!  I can’t wait to throw a bridal shower or baby shower there in my future!


March was a tough one for me.  Deadlines were non-stop the work was non-stop…I induldged in a lot of wine/champs every night to help me relax and calm my self.  Glad that rough time is over but these are some of my melodramatic photos from that time.  >.<  LOL






ANDDDD I can’t forget that Markel and I always try to have brunch together on the weekends.  It’s a nice time for us to relax together, catch up on shows and actually talk!  Markel works SUPER late every night and so by the time he comes home he just wants to eat, veg out and go to bed.  he works too hard =(  Anyway~~ the weekends feel like date night and a lazy brunch all rolled together. <3


annnd that is the end of part I.  march flew by so fast and looking back now, it was filled with lots of food and friends.  love the little community that markel and i have created together in LA.  always a dear friend just right around the corner to help you through a tough time, celebrate a milestone or just help you laugh off a bad week. <3 xoxo

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Happy One Year Anniversary to Markel & Me! <3

I CANNOT believe it’s been an entire year since we got married in Cypress, CA.  The day was BEYOND stressful, we had a few too many drinks, and we danced our asses off. xo  That day I married my best friend and I’m so incredibly lucky!!  Here are a few (ok more than a few) of our big day! <3


Best Mother’s one girl could ever ask for <3


Our amazing support system.  <3



Here’s to many more years together as best friends, partners, puppy parents, and dare I say…real parents???  I can’t wait to see what the next 60 years bring us!

This last year Markel has been the most incredibly husband: supportive, loving, caring, encouraging and the best advisor anyone could ever have.  He’s full of love, goofiness and incredible faith.  It also doesn’t hurt that he’s both super handsome and cute as a button. <3

My Markel is seriously the light of my life and someone I can’t live without.  We have grown up together.  We met in our early 20s and experienced the best and worst of that journey.  As we enter into our 30s, we have developed a strong foundation of friendship, mutual respect and a sense of humor about ourselves (which I think is crucial).  I know we haven’t hit any of the big highs and lows of life yet, but I feel like after 6 years with this man~~ we’re ready for it.  We’re ready to fight the fight together, laugh through our tough times, eat & drink through the stressful ones, and constantly look to each other & God as we skip & dance through this fun journey called life.

This year has gone by so fast and I’ve really loved every single day of it.  I’m so excited to see where the next 60 years bring us and I laugh to think that…I’ll probably still ask for water when we’re both in bed and the lights are out; tell him I neeeeeeeed mcdonalds fries at midnight; and sneak in shopping bags when he’s not looking; and INSIST that he sit through hours of rom coms & reality shows b/c that’s how we spend QUALITY time together.  MUHAHA  And I’m sure he’ll still shake his head as he fulfills all my silly indulgences and tell me he loves me before going to bed each night. <3




(photos all by the very talented photographer: Joanne Pio)

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Throwback Thursday

Disnelyand with Markel.  First time we wore couple T’s!  hehe

(btw…since this is our wedding month, all the throwbacks will be memories with markel <3)

16343_826134148413_867145_n 16343_826134183343_6149486_n 16343_826134188333_5683904_n 16343_826134218273_8278873_n

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Lucy Blair


Apple of my eye ♡♡♡
Cuddling on the couch tonight with a giant glass of wine~ waiting for Markel to get home from work.  He works so hard for our little family.  We are so lucky to have him as the papa Blair of this clan. ♥

My giant wine glass ;P


Hump day, wine Wednesday…all reasons to drink tonight. 🙂

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Nine West Tixalated

Got these shoes recently from piperlime and I really love them.  The pointy heel and straps update any outfit I’m wearing.  I love the skinny, feminine heel and the t-straps the accessorize the tops of my feet.

Unfortunately, because my feet are on the wider side, I can’t wear them for THAT long.  Maybe just dinner with friends or to a short event.  But I still really love having them in my collection of heels~ they are gorgeous with boyfriend jeans or LBDs. =)


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A Palm Springs Affair

For my 30th Birthday, my friends and I are going to Palm Springs. =)  It’s a short 24 hour trip but I hope it’ll be a nice relaxing summer getaway for all of us.

As an obsessive planner, I’ve chosen a theme and theme colors! =)  My theme is OBVIOUSLY palm springs~~ but my version is with pink flamingos, bright green palm trees and lots of yellow to compliment the two.

 palm springs

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Flower Crowns

Is anyone as obsessed with these things as I am???  I love whimsical and carefree these flower crowns bring to your outfit and really your mood!  I haven’t decided if I want to make one or buy one (or 10)…I guess I’ll have to try someone to see which style looks the best.  I’m guessing daintier flowers and a simpler headband are more wearable than a huge stack of flowers on your head. =P

What do you think???  You into this trend too?  I’m guessing after Cochella there will be TONS of cute pictures of flower crowns on Pinterest!

Happy Friday! xo

flower crowns

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Going Out Makeup

Went to a Bar Mitzvah at the Beverly Hills Hotel and tried a few new colors.  Not sure if I’ll be using this blush again though…

I haven’t dressed up for an event like this in so long it’s nice to have a string of Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s this year. =)


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Throwback Thursday

First Laker Game with Markel <3  Can’t believe that was 6 years ago!


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Target Haul

I stopped by Target the other week and picked up a few fun items/refills.  I’ve been trying not to get any beauty products because I have so much at home I need to use up!

This wallet below is my biggest prize possession. =)  I had a tiny red wallet before that barely fit anything.  It was great for fitting in clutches but a nightmare for normal day-to-day needs.  So I bought this wallet/clutch from Target.  Not only is it incredibly spacious for all my cards/money/change but it fits my fat cell phone too!!  So if i’m on the go I can just grab this wallet/clutch and be on my way. =)  OH, and the quality of this wallet was surprising.  usually the inside will be a really cheap fabric inside but this entire wallet is made of the faux leather so it’ll last longer and be more durable. xoxo


This is my favorite nail polish remover.  No serious reason why, but I like how my nails feel after and the smell is more pleasant than the other ones.  Plus if you buy this at Target it’s only 97 cents!


And last but not least, Hair Dye!  I found this Gernier brand that is specific for lightening dark hair.  With summer just around the corner, I’m going lighter!  Normally I buy 3 boxes of dye but since I cut my hair, I think 1 box will be more than enough.  As much as I regret cutting it, there have been some perks~ like using less product and my hair feels a lot healthier!


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Old Navy Shoe Haul

I picked up these new pairs of shoes from old navy this weekend. =)  They were adorable and perfect for summer.  I don’t know about you, but I always go through flats pretty quickly.  They either get worn out or just plain nasty.  I used to invest in expensive flats but found that they still turn out the same in the end: gross.

So…I started to buy flats from old navy, asos and sample sale websites to mix it up more often for a fraction of the department store prices.  Here’s my newest haul.

Check out shoes from Old Navy!



Even little Lucy Blair was loving them. <3  hehe


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Lightening Up

When Markel and I moved into our apartment, we rushed into a lot of things.  We rushed into decorating it, we rushed into putting boxes in every crevice of storage (b/c we didn’t have time to unpack) and we rushed into buying furniture.  One year later, Markel and I looked around and realized we weren’t happy with how we had been living.  We slowly went through the closets and tossed items we didn’t need, found places for forgotten treasures and just re-evaulated our STUFF.  We took all the wall decorations in the house, removed nick-nacks from the shelves and decided to start over.

Currently all of our things are in the white/blue family.  It is really matchy matchy and not exciting.  So Markel and I decided to slowly add more pattern/texture/color dimensions into our place and go slowly.

One example is the lamp shade below.  We bought a new shade for an old lamp from Marke’s parents.  It is a very very small step, but it has really helped already!  The new shade is modern and gives a new color dimension into our boring white/blue color scheme.

I’ll show you slowly as we find new treasures for our home!  Hopefully over the next year we’ll add some exciting pieces. =)


The Before Lamp Shade


Markel being silly


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Metro Choice by Sephora by OPI


Love this nail color!  It’s a grayish brown and purple mix.  Perfect for this winter to spring transition and really fits in any fun or professional setting. 🙂


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Throwback Thursday

From Anna Bear’s Wedding in 2010!

75616_10100107424622023_5118393_n 75715_10100107424671923_1904050_n 148549_10100107434262703_1374664_n

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