Friday Funday…sometimes…

Today was one of the most intense days of work that I had in a LONG, LONG time… Not only was it the second day of school, but it was New Student Orientation (which I organize and lead) AND our Fall Reception for 50+ people (which I coordinate and organize).  *sigh *  It was…to say the least…so stressful I’m surprised I didn’t pop with anxiety as 50+ people waited 30  minutes for the late catering and while the other 15 people I planned lunch for DIDN’T get to eat for an additional 30 minutes.  *GRRRR*

ON top of that…I had 2 interviews, had to move 10 soda Bottles + 76 bottles of wine, had a 3 hour meeting, and well…over 100 emails just piling up in my inbox.  WOWZAAA  Even when I would rush to the bathroom for a pee break, I’d come out to a hallway full of people waiting on me.  *sigh *

ANYWAY…during the midst of all this craziness, disaster, and interruptions~ I saw this Email From Markel and almost melted.  My stress completely dissipated and I genuinely smiled for the first time at 2pm.  Here’s the email:

                                From Markel, Subject: I love you

                               I am guessing you are super stressed out right now so here are a few
                                quick jokes to help you get through the day.

                                1) Once in an insane asylum an inmate screamed out I am George
                                Washington. “How do you know?” someone asked. The inmate answered ,
                                “because GOD told me.” Just then a scream came out from another room
                                “I did not.”

                               2)  A man telephoned the airline office and asked, “How long does it
                               take to fly to Boston?” The clerk said, “Just a minute…” “Thank you,”
                                the man said and hung up.

                                Love You I hope your day is going well

How Super sweet is that???  After reading the email, I felt like…this work craziness was just that.  WORK.  I stopped worrying, stopped freaking out, and for a few moments…really enjoyed the reception, the food, and the company.  =)

Oh…and for those who think these jokes are too cheesy….well call me MRS. CHEESE =P  I LOVE me a good cheesy joke.  They make me laugh the hardest.  teehee xoxo

Happy Friday Everyone!!

It’s Carmageddon part II here in LA so I plan on spending the weekend catching on errands, books, and ME time <3

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